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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 369: 368: A Dream. Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel looked at Lucifer in his own body, and he was quite surprised that it would be possible. Not only did Lucifer’s body look strong, but he also had six wings on his back, and he also repossessed his own skills.

“So you’re able to live on your own now as long as the skill is active,” Mykel said as he looked at the skill on the screen.

“Unfortunately, no,” Lucifer answered as he looked at the screen in front of him. “I can’t go so far away from my soul which is still inside your body or I will be immediately forced back to your body’s side. There’s this notification in front of me and giving me the warning,” Lucifer said as he read the warning.

“I see, and you can’t kill me either because if you did, your soul would die with me. This is similar to forming a pact,” Mykel replied as he closed the screen, and then sat down next to Lyneth. “Anyway, you should go back, I don’t want anyone to know that you still exist,” Mykel continued to treat Lyneth.

Lucifer was appreciating his new body for a few seconds and then went back inside Mykel’s body. They started to hear each other’s thoughts again, but it wasn’t as bad as before because they were no longer panicking.

The starry night covered the night sky, and it had been a while since Mykel had sweated excessively. His battle with Lucifer couldn’t be compared with this, but that’s also because his battle with Lucifer only lasted for a few minutes.

“That should be enough,” Mykel said as he slowly got up from the bed, but then Lyneth weakly grabbed his right hand.

“Mykel?” Lyneth asked as she slowly turned her body toward Mykel. “Is that you?” Lyneth opened her eyes, and her eyes were red. Her vision was so blurry that she had partial blindness.

Mykel didn’t say anything, but he removed his blazer and went to bed so he could sleep next to her. Lyneth on the other hand, she knew what Mykel smelled like, and it was enough to tell that it was Mykel who lay next to her.

“I had a really beautiful dream,” Lyneth said quietly as she put her right hand on Mykel’s left cheek and gently rubbed it. “I saw a small child, a girl. Maybe five or six years old,” Lyneth stared blankly.

“A girl?” Mykel asked as he put his right arm under her neck and carefully put her head on his chest. “What was she looked like?” Mykel gently stroked her hair.

“She looked exactly just like you, but a girl,” Lyneth chuckled in disbelief. “She had short red-brown hair and brown eyes just like me, but her face was like yours. Her gaze was so sharp and her smiles, just like you,” Lyneth smiled.

“She was really pretty for a small girl,” Lyneth said. “She was clinging onto you and always asked you to carry her in her arms. She loved to wrap her arms around your neck, and you carried her even if she didn’t ask for it,” Lyneth continued as she tried to remember the dream she had.

Mykel chuckled because he couldn’t imagine himself in that kind of situation.

“What else did you see?” Mykel asked.

“It wasn’t only images, we also talked. She was really sweet but so mature for her age. She’s like a princess,” Lyneth answered and she couldn’t stop smiling. “There was one time when you called her, her name, Mykel,” Lyneth said as she looked at Mykel, and she slowly got her vision back.

“Her name?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows raised and stared Lyneth in the eye.

Lyneth hummed as she hugged Mykel so tightly. “Elena,” Lyneth said.

“That’s a really good name,” Mykel replied.

“I like that name as well. Should we give that name to our daughter?” Lyneth was so excited that she almost forgot that she was sick.

The moment she raised her voice, she immediately coughed and it hurt her whole body as if she was being poked by needles. She groaned, but Mykel hugged her as he gave more energy into her body that lasted for hours before she finally fell asleep.

“(Mykel, where are you?)” Beldathiel asked, and she sounded like she had just woken up.

Mykel opened his eyes when he heard Beldathiel’s voice, and it was morning already. He looked at Lyneth, and she was sleeping so soundly.

“(In Dimiourgia. Is everyone else awake?)” Mykel asked as he slowly sat up and got off the bed.

“(Yes, they’re all here with me. The reason I talk to you is the power in my body. They’re back, I can feel it. Did you do it?)” Beldathiel asked.

“(No, it was Luciel,)” Mykel answered as he grabbed his blazer and put on his loafers. He looked at Lyneth and touched her body to check if she was alright. She had gotten a lot better, and so he warped to meet with Beldathiel.

Mykel appeared in Beldathiel’s room, and all of them were lazing on the bed since they had just woken up. He just stood there as Beldathiel, Vixelleth, Glasya, Agnez, and Zherlthsh were staring at him with lazy eyes.

“Looks like everyone is fine, but you shouldn’t be lazing around here. Zeth, Vix, Glasya, you should go and help Edith in the office,” Mykel said. “You can go back to the suite, Agnez,” Mykel continued.

Zherlthsh opened a fire portal to Edith’s office, and they all entered the portal except for Beldathiel who was left alone in the room with Mykel. She then laid down on the bed and hugged the body pillow.

“Now that you got your Sloth skill back, you become lazy again, huh?” Mykel asked with a smirk.

“I just miss my bed and I’m still a bit tired, that’s all,” Beldathiel answered with a smile and eyes closed. “Since you’re still here, then that means you have something to say to me, right?” Beldathiel opened her eyes a bit and looked at Mykel.

“Yes, I need you to do something for me,” Mykel answered as he sat on the bed. “I need you to convince Luciel,” Mykel said.

“Convince her? Convince her on what?” Beldathiel slowly lifted her body up, and then Mykel helped her up. “Speaking of her, where are Nefarath and the others? Did you put them in the dungeon?”

“I will tell you when we are there. Also, your other sisters are back in Gehenna. They were here before, but Luciel took them all back a few days ago,” Mykel answered.

Beldathiel squinted her eyes with suspicion, and then Mykel warped to the Empyrean World with Beldathiel. When they arrived, they both were shocked when they saw the Empyrean World had been turned into heaven.

“(I never thought she would turn this place like how it used to be,)” Lucifer said.

“Is this the Empyrean World? The real Empyrean World?” Beldathiel asked as she walked to the edge and looked at the sea of lavas turned into clean water. The ruined floating islands were recovered with living animals and rivers on them.

“Yes,” Mykel said as he looked at the repaired palace. “Looks like she’s not around here. I know where she is, let’s meet her,” Mykel continued, and carried Beldathiel in his arms. He then showed his six feathered wings on his back and spread them out wide.

Beldathiel was dumbfounded as she kept staring at the wings on his back. She looked at Mykel and she was right about her guts that something was off about him.

Mykel told Beldathiel everything without hiding a single thing. She wasn’t shocked by it since it was her idea in the first place, and she was glad that Luciel got what she deserved.

Mykel landed on one of the islands where the nine divinity thrones stood tall in front of him. Beldathiel turned her head and saw Luciel standing in the middle and stared at them without moving a muscle.

“Luciel,” Beldathiel jumped down and saw the six translucent wings on her back.

“Beldathiel,” Luciel said as she looked at Beldathiel from over her shoulder. Angra took a peek from Luciel’s shoulder and stared at Mykel.

“I heard you’re being stubborn,” Beldathiel said as she saw Angra fly past her and land in Mykel’s arms.

“From who? The guy who always did things in his own way?” Luciel asked with a smile.

“Not really. Everything is my idea though, and Mykel listened to me,” Beldathiel answered.

Luciel furrowed her eyebrows and judgingly stared at both of them. “Really?” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes, really. And now, I will make you listen,” Beldathiel smiled as she yawned and stood in front of Luciel. “But, let’s sit down first. I’m too lazy to stand up,” Beldathiel walked past Luciel and sat on one of the thrones.


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