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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 351 Bahasa Indonesia

“Everyone is fighting while I’m just doing nothing up here,” Jeanne said as she carefully looked down. The dark clouds almost made her unable to see anything below them. “Should I just go down and help them?” Jeanne talked to herself.

It was cold up there because of the sudden change in the weather, and not to mention the dark clouds made her unaware if there was anyone coming up there. She kept looking down and thinking about whether she should go down there or not until she suddenly got a chill down her spine.

Jeanne turned around and saw Kiersha was already there, watching her in the distance.

“I don’t like this situation at all. Bring me down,” Jeanne said to the crow, but unfortunately, the crow didn’t understand what she was saying. The crow could only listen to Gerrard’s order.

“I’m sorry about this, Gerrard,” Jeanne said, and then she stabbed her secondary sword at the crow’s back. It was enough to make the crow start flying around and down at a high speed. It almost made her lose her footing but managed to grab onto the crow’s feathers with both hands.

Kiersha followed Jeanne from behind, and she flew faster than the crow. Jeanne didn’t have any choice but to fight Kiersha in the air. She pulled out the poison from her pocket and took a deep breath since she believed she would regret her own decision.

Jeanne emptied the test tube and then activated [Harmony] as she drew the Soul Catcher sword. She could feel her chest being squeezed, and she was barely able to breathe. She then realized that everything moved so slowly that the crow seemed to not move his wings at all.

Jeanne ran as fast as she could, and the moment she was right on the bird’s tail, she jumped as high as she could toward Kiersha. She held her sword with both hands as she jumped really high and far. The moment she was in the range of Kiersha, she thrust her sword at her. But Kiersha suddenly stared her in the eye and blocked her attack with an ice barrier that suddenly appeared in front of the blade.

The ice barrier wasn’t a match for Jeanne’s sword, and not to mention, she moved almost at the speed of sound. The barrier shattered no matter how many layers that Kiersha created to stop her. The sword then stabbed Kiersha’s right chest, and it slowly but surely pierced through her chest.

Beldathiel and Glasya who were fighting Nephilim and Nefarath in the sky got hit by the shockwave from Jeanne’s sword clashed with Kiersha’s ice barriers and body. They got thrown away quite far, and then they all looked up to see what had happened above them.

They saw Kiersha being pushed down by Jeanne, and they both were falling faster than the speed of sound, breaking the sound barrier. They couldn’t believe it at first, but knowing how powerful Kiersha was, they weren’t worried about her at all.

“What’s your name, human,” Kiersha asked as she stared Jeanne in the eye. She wasn’t bothered by the sword inside her chest. Although she wasn’t bothered by it, she kept glancing at the sword and seemed to be confused.

Jeanne didn’t bother to answer Kiersha’s question and kept pushing her sword deeper into Kiersha’s chest. In fact, she didn’t understand anything Kiersha said since the time moved so slowly compared to the usual.

Kiersha chuckled with a mischievous smile. “Do you think a mere sword can hurt me?” Kiersha asked as she held the blade with both hands. “I’m not a mortal who has flesh, bones, and blood,” Kiersha said as she gripped the blade with both hands, and steam was coming out of her hands. But then she felt an immense amount of pain run through her whole body.

Kiersha was surprised as she immediately removed her hands from the sword. She was surprised about what had happened and about the sword being unaffected by her [Hellfrost]. She knew something was off about the sword since the sword should have been affected by frostbite the moment it touched her body. She then tried to grab Jeanne’s hands, but Jeanne pulled her sword and jumped off of her body since they were about to hit the ground.

Vixelleth was slowly losing to Lilith, but thankfully Kiersha landed right next to Lilith and the shockwave threw Lilith away from her. Vixelleth was surprised to see Kiersha had a hole in her chest, but it was closing quickly since her body was made of ice.

Kiersha stood up and the serpent was preventing her from hitting the ground with his body. She was unscratched thanks to that since the serpent’s body was fluffy and soft.

Vixelleth didn’t want to fight Kiersha since she was no match for her at all. She flew away before Kiersha noticed, and it appeared Kiersha wasn’t even bothered to fight Vixelleth because she was interested in Jeanne.

Kiersha looked around, but she couldn’t find Jeanne anywhere until she heard screeches and growls from inside the tower. She immediately flew into the tower, but it was already too late because all the demons got slaughtered with blood covering the walls and ceiling.

“It’s over,” Jeanne said as she started to sweat and the drawback of taking the poison started to kick in.

“What’s over?” Kiersha asked as she blocked the exit with an ice wall.

Jeanne quickly turned around, but her head started to spin, and dizzy. She grunted as she held her head, and then her heart felt like being stabbed by hundreds of needles.

The effect was still active, but the pain started to get worse and worse. Jeanne didn’t have time to dwell on the pain, so she dashed forward with the sword reading in her hand.

Kiersha created dozens of layers of ice walls in front of her to stop Jeanne. She could feel the ground shaking as the sound of ice cracking could be heard in front of her.

The moment Jeanne broke the last ice wall, she was started by the serpent’s mouth wide open right in front of her. The serpent sprayed acid on her face, but she managed to block it with her gauntlets before it hit her face. Unfortunately, the acid was stiffening her gauntlets and the frostbite started to swallow her both arms.

“You’re quite strong for a human, but this ends here,” Kiersha said as she slowly walked toward Jeanne. Jeanne couldn’t move her arms at all and got stuck together while the serpent slowly wrapped his body around her legs.

Jeanne tried to free herself, but it was impossible because the serpent was too strong for her legs. She looked at her arms, and the frostbite quickly moved up to her shoulder, and down to her body. She knew she had no other choice but to let herself be killed, and hoped Mykel would bring her back to life since it was the only way for her to escape.

Kiersha looked at the sword and knew it possessed a powerful energy and power that she couldn’t handle. She tried to freeze it one more time, but again, it was unaffected by it. She had never seen a sword like that, but it had similar material as Luciel’s sword.

The insidious frostbite had already reached down to Jeanne’s toes, and her head was the only part that she could move. Kiersha watched as Jeanne’s face got swallowed by the frostbite, and so she kicked Jeanne’s body, and it shattered into pieces.

The sword was on the ground, but she was thinking about what she should do about it. She stepped on the sword and slowly pulled it closer to her. The serpent was slithering around her body again and slowly wrapped around her hips and chest.

“What’s with this sword…” Kiersha slowly leaned her body down to look at it closely. Suddenly a foot was coming right onto her face, but she managed to dodge it. She was surprised that Jeanne came back to life, unscratched.

Jeanne hurriedly grabbed the sword before the serpent could spray acid on her again. Jeanne slid right in between Kiersha’s legs and used the sword to break the ice wall to escape.

“You’re really a slippery one,” Kiersha said as she turned around and saw the hole on the ice wall.


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