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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 341 Bahasa Indonesia

“How’s your research, Nagy?” Jeanne asked as she walked into a room filled with plants and herbs. She was covered in sweat and out of breath.

“It goes beyond my expectations,” Nagy answered as she wore a black mask to cover her mouth and nose. “You shouldn’t come here exposed like that, Jeanne. This whole building is filled with poisonous plants that could kill you by making a contact with your skin,” Nagy said as she looked at Jeanne only wearing a white t-shirt and shorts.

“If I die, I will tell Mykel and blame you for it,” Jeanne answered jokingly, but Nagy took it seriously. “I’m just joking!” Jeanne said as she chuckled and looked at the bottles with different colors of liquid inside.

Nagy was busy cutting the plants carefully and then grinding them together. Jeanne looked around and stayed quiet because she didn’t want to bother Nagy, but at the same time, she was curious about what Nagy had been doing.

For the past three weeks, Nagy had been experimenting and hunting for poisonous plants. She then decided to grow them herself and got herself a new skill called [Botany] that made it easier to grow the plants she planted. Not only that, she also got an upgrade skill called [Poisoner] from [Poison Resistance] after drinking a lot of deadly poisons and playing with them.

[Poisoner] skill not only made Nagy have a higher resistance to poison, but it also gave any poison or venom a benefit to her body, and was deadlier if inflicted on the enemy. Since she had been dealing with poison and processing it, she got herself another skill called [Brewery].

“So, you said you got a skill called Brewery that allows other people to get a benefit from everything you created? That also means the poison you made?” Jeanne asked as she watched Nagy squeeze the juice from the plants.

“Yes, that’s why I ask you to come here so I can test it out. I’m too scared to ask anyone else to be my test subject since they might die instantly from drinking this,” Nagy said as she put the juice into a test tube.

“It’s okay, I can handle this. Is that the one?” Jeanne pointed at the test tube.

“Yes, you can drink it all,” Nagy offered the test tube to Jeanne.

“So, what’s the effect of this one?” Jeanne asked.

“It will give you an adrenaline rush and significantly increase your heart rate. You can see things in slow motion and help you react faster,” Nagy answered.

Jeanne hummed with understanding and then drank all the poison inside the test tube. The effect was immediate, and her eyes and heart started to throb really fast. It was a different experience than using the Soul Catcher Sword and [Harmony] combined. It made her feel alive and pumped up.

“Wow, this is…” Jeanne coughed. “Amazing, Nagy…” Jeanne kept coughing.

“Here drink the antidote just in case,” Nagy offered another test tube.

Jeanne emptied the antidote, and she immediately sighed in relief as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. She still couldn’t believe that Nagy could make a masterpiece like that, and not to mention that she had dozens of different types of poison.

“Honestly, the effect was only sixty percent since my Brewery skill is still level three. Once I reached level five, you can get the full benefit of the effect. Once I reached level ten, then it will double the effect,” Nagy said as she looked at her Brewery skill.

“Wait, since this is a poison and you have Poisoner skill, doesn’t that multiply the effect by a lot?” Jeanne asked as she cleared her throat.

“Yes. Currently, my Poisoner skill is level six, and it gives me sixty percent of the benefit of taking poison and venom myself. So if I drink that, I almost get a hundred percent of the effect, and without a drawback,” Nagy explained.

“Wait, so if level ten Brewery doubled the effect of the poison, and if you have level ten Poisoner. Doesn’t that mean you will get four hundred percent of the effect?” Jeanne asked with her eyebrows raised.

“Yes,” Nagy nodded and Jeanne could tell she was smiling underneath the mask.

“You’re amazing Nagy! I’m so proud and happy for you!” Jeanne hugged Nagy from behind. “Ugh! You smell bitter! You need to take a shower before you leave. I will go and take a bath now, also let’s eat lunch together,” Jeanne immediately leaned her head back from Nagy, and then walked away.

“Okay, I’ll be there,” Nagy giggled as she continued to brew the poison.

(In Leowa World)

“Is this it?!” Rozan said as he stood at the shore and stared at the sea. His eyes were wide open and a huge grin on his face.

A small shadow slowly went to the surface of the water, and the moment it almost reached the surface, it froze the water with its coldness. A tiny dragon broke through the ice and went up high into the sky which was only as big as a human palm.

“That’s cute,” Shelly said as she walked to the shore and watched the dragon release a cold breath.

“I managed to pass the crucial phase, and this is better than I expected,” Rozan said as he looked at the dragon with translucent skin. “Come here, Echo,” Rozan shouted, and the dragon slowly descended.

The small dragon landed on Rozan’s palms, and it tried to bite his fingers, but since the dragon didn’t have sharp teeth, it only tickled him. He gently rubbed the dragon’s back with his index finger while Shelly watched with a smile.

“I know that you have finally mastered your Alchemy skill, but how many dragons are you planning to create?” Shelly asked as she looked at Rozan. “You need to understand that each one of them needs special treatment or they won’t listen to your order,” Shelly said with a worried expression.

“Don’t worry, Master! I know how to take care of them, to be in fact, they won’t disobey my words!” Rozan said with a grin on his face. “Come, Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta!” Rozan shouted as he activated his [Beast Summoning] skill.

Four dragons as big as Rozan appeared right in front of him. Four of them had different colors. They were black, red, gold, and blue. All of them were roaring as they sat down and wiggled their tails and flapped their wings.

Hera gave Rozan and Gerrard her Exclusive skill [Beast Taming] after she watched them experimenting with their [Alchemy] skill. Shelly had become Hera’s [Recipient] as well and got the same skill as them.

“Now, all of you. This will be your new sibling! Her name is Echo and protect her at all cost!” Rozan said as he showed Echo to the other dragons.

All the dragons stood up and walked toward Rozan to sniff the newly created homunculus that he made. They all accepted their new additional family, and it was enough to make Rozan happy.

“Alright! It’s time for your treat!” Rozan said as he rubbed inside his pocket. “Here, catch!” Rozan threw five gemstones into the sky, and all of them immediately flew away to eat them.

“Don’t worry, Echo. I have something specially made for you, here,” Rozan said as he showed small gemstones as big as pebbles. Echo ate them and it slowly made her grow bigger a bit and made her skin slowly turn white as snow.

“I’m curious where did you get that idea of feeding those Homunculus gemstones? I’m quite surprised and amazed that you can do something like that,” Shelly asked as she watched the dragons play with each other.

“Ah, that’s when I saw Agnez ate gemstones back then. I didn’t know why, but after doing a bit of research about demons, their powers came from magic. Since these Homunculus are basically demons, so I thought that this would be the best way to make them stronger,” Rozan answered as he let Echo fly and play with her siblings.

“Although it’s nice and all, I’m wondering if they have a limit on how much they could grow. If they’re limitless, then isn’t Homunculus the best?” Rozan asked as he looked at Shelly.

“Yes, that’s what I’m worried about. If they don’t have a limit, that means their hunger for power can’t be satisfied. You need to be careful because one day, these gemstones won’t be enough for them, so don’t overfeed them,” Shelly replied as she looked at the dragons.

“Yes, Master. I know that much and I’ll be careful,” Rozan answered.


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