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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 335 Bahasa Indonesia

Belphegor had a history with Lucifer, an unpleasant one to be exact. It was because, during the everlasting war against Lucifer’s siblings, Belphegor didn’t participate at all and only sent demons to aid Lucifer. The only reason was that he was too lazy and he wasn’t a demon that fancied blood and death by his own hands.

During the war, one of Lucifer’s siblings approached him and persuaded him to turn his back on Lucifer. Although Belphegor didn’t participate in the war, his loyalty was only to his creator, Lucifer. Lucifer listened to their conversation and decided to forgive him for his unwavering loyalty.

Lucifer couldn’t hate Belphegor for his laziness because the way he thinks and the way Lucifer thinks were so similar. Belphegor helped the other Demon Kings to conquer the worlds they invaded thanks to his strategy, and so Lucifer made him his most trustworthy companion.

In the original story, even when Lucifer was in dire need of help, Belphegor didn’t help him at all even though he was the last Demon King that Lucifer had. He died in his bed and a sword in his throat while holding the dice that Beldathiel had left behind. He knew that there was no way to turn the situation around because all the Gods had put everything on Asmond and his team.

“You have the ability to change fate? That’s indeed a terrifying ability to have, but why are you so willing to tell me this information?” Belphegor asked.

“Because I don’t really hate the demons, and your existence is necessary,” Mykel answered simply. “You already know that she’s going to kill all of you with these humans with abilities after he got all the souls of his siblings,” Mykel explained.

“You knew how odd and suspicious this situation is. Telling him to invade the worlds, but then she brought Gods to fight all of you by using the humans. Do you really think it’s over when he thinks it’s over?” Mykel asked with a smirk and arms crossed. “She, who singlehandedly defeated all of you, would let it be when there’s a being that could threaten her?” Mykel scoffed with his eyebrow raised.

Belphegor stood there silently as Beldathiel, Glasya, and Zherlthsh who just came looked at those two talking so seriously.

“What are they talking about?” Zherlthsh asked.

“Who knows,” Beldathiel lied as she stared at those two. She looked at those two talking, and no matter how she looked at it, Mykel looked like Lucifer whenever he came to meet with her father to talk.

“Anyway, sister. Did you get a lot of skills from Uncle?” Zherlthsh asked.

“Yes, quite a lot of them, and now I have become a human again since I’m interested in becoming an Awakener,” Beldathiel answered. “I’m glad that Mykel gave you a lot of skill as well, Glasya,” Beldathiel looked at Glasya and held her hand.

Glasya looked at Beldathiel’s hand, and it was the first time for her to be touched by Beldathiel. Although it was touching, she was still depressed about what had happened earlier.

“Right now, at this moment forward, we only have each other. We all have cut our ties with the demons and our world. So, let’s stay together and have each other’s backs, okay?” Beldathiel said as she looked at Glasya.

Zherlthsh looked at Glasya and remembered how she treated her and Vixelleth badly because they were the youngest. But, since Beldathiel said it, there was no reason to hate her, especially after hearing Asmodeus tried to kill her.

“I know how it feels, to be unwanted,” Zherlthsh said as she put her hand on Glasya’s left shoulder from behind. “But I guess you already know about my relationship with my father,” Zherlthsh chuckled nervously.

Glasya showed her sour smile and nodded her head.

Mykel smiled as he watched as the three of them were so close and seemed to have bonded deeply.

“Mykel Alester, are you perhaps…” Belphegor paused. “Nevermind,” Belphegor continued as he turned his head to look at what Mykel was staring at.

“Zherlthsh the abandoned child, and now Glasya the unwanted child. I don’t know if you’re helping them, or are you the reason why they’re like this,” Belphegor said.

“To answer that, what do you see when you look at Beldathiel now? Whatever came to your mind, that will be the answer,” Mykel replied as he flicked the cigarette butt.

Belphegor looked at Beldathiel and smiled more than he had ever seen her smile in his entire life.

“As I said earlier that your existence is necessary, and that’s because I will need their helps to fight him, and also her,” Mykel said as he tightened his gloves. “I will protect them and make them strong, that’s for sure,”

“An ability to change fate… This is going to be interesting,” Belphegor said. He then flew away without making any sound and went unnoticed.

Mykel watched Belphegor leave as he walked back.

“So? Should we start hunting the demons?” Beldathiel asked with a smile.

“I feel like have been through this before,” Mykel said as he chuckled softly.

(In the Empyrean World)

Luciel was staring at Lucifer sitting on his throne with Asmodeus bowed his head to the floor. She heard everything and was quite shocked to see him angry like that.

“This will be your first and last warning, Asmodeus,” Lucifer stared down at Asmodeus with his head resting on his right fist. “This is our only chance, and if any of you try to do something stupid, I will not hesitate to replace you,” Lucifer said.

Luciel furrowed her eyebrows and stared at Lucifer from the corner of her eyes.

“Luciel, since you’re here. I have a task for you, and I know you will be happy to do this task,” Lucifer said as he kept staring at Asmodeus. “You will be going down to one of the worlds that we invade. You can go all out and kill every single one of them,” Lucifer continued.

“When the breakout happens? Where to?” Luciel asked.

“Yes, there’s a small world called Aersland. Go there and kill them all because they’re going to be a threat to the demons if we don’t finish them off now,” Lucifer answered.

Luciel’s heart stopped beating for a second when she heard Aersland. She started to breathe heavily, but then she closed her eyes as she tried to calm down.

“Yes, father,” Luciel answered calmly and didn’t show any expression.

“Good, I want everyone dead and you have to make sure to kill all of them immediately,” Lucifer stood up and walked down the stairs. “There’s a matter that I need to discuss with the kings and I will be away for a while,” Lucifer said, and then opened a portal to Gehenna.

“Can I ask when? Doesn’t Mykel have been clearing the towers lately? Do we even have a chance to invade?” Luciel asked out of curiosity.

“It was what he proposed to me after I gave him what he wanted. He’s not going to clear any towers and let the breakout happens. That’s why this is our only chance, and I don’t want you to fail, Luciel,” Lucifer said as he stood in front of the portal with Asmodeus and looked at Luciel over his shoulder.

“Yes, father,” Luciel answered as she looked down and was baffled by the answer that she got.

Lucifer and Asmodeus entered the portal and closed the portal behind them. Luciel immediately fell to her knees as her hands trembled.

“Mykel? Why?” Luciel asked as she breathed heavily.


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