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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 327 Bahasa Indonesia

“So you know about this as well,” Lucifer said as he stared at the apple in his hand. “But I shouldn’t be surprised, and instead, I will take that opportunity,” Lucifer tossed the apple to Mykel.

Mykel caught the apple and took a bite of it. Flashes of images of consequences of actions that Lucifer created to remind his creation. An apple that was given to each one of his creations as the unwritten rule to live by once in their entire lives. It was so delicious that whenever they remembered how delicious it was, it reminded them of the images.

“That’s the only reason why I’m here, and I’m not going to take my words back. So, you can prepare once you’re allowed to invade the worlds,” Mykel answered as he threw the apple because he didn’t like it.

“You said that, but you sent her to the tower. I’m curious is what you said is true or not,” Lucifer replied as he looked down.

“Let her be. She won’t be able to do anything since I turned her into a human. She lost a lot of her power,” Mykel answered.

“How interesting. You do realize that she’s one of mine, right? Anyway, I will do that since I’m not bothered by it, but I can’t guarantee you if Luciel decided to go down there and kill her,” Lucifer said and stared at Mykel in the eye.

“Fair enough, but that should be fine since she’s mine now, and I can bring her back to life. Let the siblings do whatever they want,” Mykel replied as he stared back at Lucifer, and then warped away.

Lucifer chuckled as he shook his head.

The morning sun was about to rise, and everyone was still asleep. Mykel went to the Ralius World where Nexus, Lexus, and the rest of them were staying. They didn’t want to go back to their world yet since Mykel ordered them to.

Lexus heard a creaking sound, and his eyes immediately wide open as he jolted from his bed. It was Mykel who stood in the middle of the room with smoke coming out of his body.

“Good that you’re awake. I need you to do something for me,” Mykel said as he sat down on the sofa.

Lexus was still trying to process why Mykel was there and why smoke was coming out of his body, but he nodded his head with understanding.

The sun rose on Earth, and everyone was still lazily laying on their beds. Jeanne and Nagy on the other hand, they were chilling in the living room watching whatever was on TV.

One by one, everyone woke up and walked around the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The atmosphere was still awkward because of Sven and Lillith. They honestly had no idea why Lillith was so harsh on him, and it wasn’t really the first time she had done that. The only one who knew the reason why was Agnez, but she didn’t tell the others why.

Mykel unlocked the front door and entered the suite. Everyone was nervous about the vacation that he mentioned.

“Everyone is awake?” Mykel asked as he sat down and lit his cigarette.

Everyone was gathered in the living room, and they all didn’t say anything as they looked at Mykel smoking his cigarette.

“Lillith, Agnez, get your weapons and come here,” Mykel said as he put off the cigarette in the ashtray.

They both looked at each other and then walked toward Mykel. Before they could ask anything, Mykel and the two of them warped away, leaving everyone behind.

The moment they arrived at their destination, the first thing they heard was.

“Fire!” A man’s voice could be heard through the megaphone.

Agnez and Lillith blocked all the bullets with their hands and dodged them like it was nothing. Mykel on the other hand, was unharmed because humans or any mortal beings couldn’t harm him.

“This world called Orinca. The world where Lexus and the others live,” Mykel said as he watched the two of them dodging the bullets, kicking the grenade, and blowing up the missiles that were flying toward them.

“This world has a unique trait. There are billions of Awakeners that exist in this world, and if you kill them, you gain XP based on their levels, and also you will get random skills that they possessed,” Mykel explained as he took a few steps back.

“Now that you know the basics. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest, and do whatever you want in this world. This world is all yours,” Mykel said, and then warped away.

Agnez and Lillith looked at each other, and they made the same exact expression. A huge grin on their faces, as they activated [Harmony]. They both charged through the tight defense with tanks and heavy machine guns all over them.

Mykel came back as he fixed his blazer.

“Now, Rozan, Gerrard, come with me,” Mykel said as he wiped the dust off his left sleeve.

Rozan jolted from the sofa, and then hurriedly walked toward Mykel. They both warped away, and the others felt nervous about where they were going to be sent.

Mykel brought Rozan back to Eil World to retrieve the magic book as he had promised.

“There are a few things that I want you to listen to me carefully about this magic book,” Mykel said as he grabbed the magic book buried under the podium of an altar. “This book is a vessel of Bartoth’s soul. Whenever he died, his soul will go back inside this book. All the knowledge that you will receive from the book, you have to use it carefully,” Mykel said as he showed the book to Rozan.

“I see, then was it him, the Breeder?” Rozan asked.

“He was the homunculus that swallowed the woman’s body. The woman was just another vessel for him, and those Awakeners that saved this world, they did an experiment since they were fascinated by the knowledge. But they ended up getting fooled by Bartoth through the knowledge. They turned themselves into Hormoid since they knew they were limited by their mortal bodies and protected the Breeder closely,” Mykel answered as he stared at the book.

“Now it’s yours, and you can learn the content with Shelly. As long as you two use it carefully, and even if one of you got swayed by it, either one of you can stop the other from getting corrupted by it. So, make sure that won’t happen, but Shelly would be there to stop both of you if that happens,” Mykel said as he tossed the book to Rozan.

Rozan caught the book as he nodded his head with understanding.

“Now, let’s meet with Shelly,” Mykel said, and then warped to the Leowa World with Rozan and Gerrard.

Mykel went back to the suite and looked at Jeanne and Nagy.

“Come,” Mykel said.

Jeanne and Nagy looked at each other as they nodded their heads. They both walked toward Mykel, and the three of them warped away, leaving Gunnar, Sven, Vincze, and Edith.

Jeanne slowly opened her eyes and looked at the beautiful world she was in. She looked around and the first thing she noticed was the hair and the eyes of the people who walked around her.

“Wait, is this…” Jeanne said.

“Yes, Aersland. I promised the Emperor and Hilde to bring you here. This is the world where you belong,” Mykel said as he looked at Jeanne. “For you, Nagy. In every powerful world with no flaw, there’s always a dark secret that they hide deep down. Ask Hilde about the assassination of the fifth Emperor, you will learn a lot about forbidden art that they forbid to use because it’s unneeded anymore,” Mykel looked at Nagy.

They both nodded with understanding.

“Now, enjoy your vacation,” Mykel smiled and then warped away.

“Now, Gunnar, Sven, and Vincze. You three come here,” Mykel said as he stared at Sven.

Sven gulped as he walked toward Mykel with Gunnar and Vincze. They then warped away.

They were surprised and dumbfounded by the Yggdrasil Tree that grew right around them. They had no idea where they were, but the place they were in looked like heaven.

“I heard that one of you whined about being mistreated,” Mykel said with his arms crossed. “With that being said, I have prepared great teachers and warriors that will teach you mentally and physically,” Mykel continued as he looked up into the sky.

They all looked up and saw six big birds were flying above them, and when they got closer, they realized those weren’t birds, but humans. Six Valkyries landed around them with spears, shields, axes, and swords in their hands. Stood tall, looking down on the three of them like they were some kind of pest.

Mykel had asked a favor to Freyja since she was the first Valkyrie. She owned them, and she was the one who commanded them into battles.

“I introduce you to the most powerful Valkyries. Brunhild, Randgrid, Sigrid, Kara, Hildr, and Skeggold. They will be your masters, they will not hesitate to kill you, and you will learn how to fight even if it means death. Don’t be scared to kill them because they will come back to life immediately,” Mykel said with a serious expression.

“Have fun,” Mykel chuckled as he warped away.

Mykel went back to the suite, and it was only Edith left in the room. She looked a bit nervous, but Mykel smiled at her as he shook his head since he knew what she was so worried about.

“Don’t worry. I won’t send you away since you have your daughters to take care of. In exchange, I want you to run the Guild Association, with these ladies’ help,” Mykel said as he snapped his fingers.

Beldathiel, Vixelleth, and Glasya appeared right behind Mykel.

“I will bestow you this, and this. I want you to be my assistant both in here and in the tower, Edith,” Mykel said as he [Modify] one of Edith’s skills with [Magic], and gave her [Limit Break].

“These ladies over here will teach everything while you’re working,” Mykel said with a smile.


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