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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 319 Bahasa Indonesia

“I hope we are not too late to save them,” Nexus said as he watched the smoke start to cover the glass dome.

“Even if we are not, once we got there it’s going to be late. I will find a way, you guys stay here for a moment,” Rozan said, and then flew up high.

Rozan looked in the distance and saw projectiles flying around. It looked like a beam or lazer, and they were shooting at hordes of creatures. He then saw a building with a helipad on top and thought it would be a nice spot for them to be at.

Rozan looked down and lifted everyone up with wind magic. Lexus and Nexus were surprised and a bit scared by it, but they tried to stay calm.

“Gerrard, do you see that helipad? Bring them there. I’m not good enough to make them fly there,” Rozan said as he pointed at the helipad.

“I see it,” Gerrard replied as he nodded his head. “Everyone, hold onto me,” Gerrard said as he looked at them.

Rozan put them all together, and once they grabbed Gerrard’s arms and shoulders, he teleported there. Rozan then flew to the helipad as he gave support from above by dropping ice shards to kill the demons.

A man was busy using the railgun to kill the demons and then saw the ice shards bombard the demons. He looked up and saw Rozan showering the demons with them nonstop.

“Everyone! Look!” The man shouted.

All the soldiers in full exoskeleton armor looked up at the sky. They were in disbelief but felt relief and gratitude to whoever it was for helping them. They then saw Rozan diving into the middle of the hordes, and they were surprised as they questioned him.

Rozan threw wind to the ground like blades and slaughtered the demons with it. The moment he landed, he stabbed his staff into the ground, and the ground around him started to sink as the earth spikes skewered the demons.

“Damn, I love magic!” Rozan said as he lifted all the earth spikes up into the sky, and then dropped them back to the ground, killing hundreds of them instantly.

“Who’s that person? Do we have someone like that?” The soldier asked.

“No, they’re from another world,” The other soldier answered. “Inform the Admiral. We are saved,” He continued.

Lexus and Nexus watched Rozan in action, and they were terrified by how powerful he was. They thought if Rozan came to their world, there would be no more war because of fear.

“By the way, Gerrard. You have a bow, why don’t you use it?” Lexus asked.

“I could, but these arrows are specially made to withstand powerful fire. If I use them up here, I can’t get them back, and I don’t want to waste it,” Gerrard answered.

“I see, no wonder it has no wood on your arrow, just full steel,” Nexus replied.

Jeanne looked in the distance at where the people were defending themselves from the hordes. She unsheathed her sword as she walked to the edge and looked at the crowds of demons below.

“I’m going down, you guys should find your way to the fortress. I will meet you guys with Rozan,” Jeanne said.

“Are you sure you will survive from this height?” Lexus asked.

“It’s not a problem,” Jeanne said with a smile as she turned around.

Jeanne jumped down but grabbed the edge of the platform and hung onto it. She swung herself back and forth and then threw herself onto the building’s wall. She was free falling and the moment she was about to hit the wall, she stabbed her sword into the wall. She slowly descended as Lexus and Nexus watched her from above.

“What an amazing gal,” Nexus said as he shook his head in disbelief.

“You don’t want to hit her, she belongs to our boss. She only loves him, so don’t bother to try,” Gerrard said.

“What do you mean? So God Mykel is in a relationship with her?” Lexus asked.

“It’s more like she offered herself and decided to become his. It’s a bit complicated,” Gerrard answered as he looked at Jeanne landing in the middle of the horde like Rozan.

“Is Miss Agnez as well?” Nexus asked as he looked down and saw Jeanne decapitate and mutilate the demons from one to another like flashes of lightning.

“Yeah, and there’s more,” Gerrard nodded his head.

“So, basically all of them?” Nexus sat next to Gerrard and listened to the sound of screeches down below.

“Not all of them, but most of them. Honestly, I’m not even sure,” Gerrard chuckled softly. “Anyway, we should get going and introduce ourselves to them,” Gerrard said as he stood up and drew his short sword.

Jeanne swooped the hordes as she ran toward Rozan who was busy killing the demons.

“Rozan! You need to block the roads! They keep coming and there’s no end to them!” Jeanne shouted as she dodged and cut the demons in half.

“You’re right. Sorry, I was having too much fun because they’re so many of them and there are so many things I wanted to try,” Rozan replied as he created a wind blast and cut the demons in half. “I will block the path now, you take care of the rest,” Rozan said as he flew away to check where the demons were coming from.

Gerrard, Nagy, Nexus, and Lexus managed to enter the fortress undetected by demons. They looked around, to find a soldier, and found a group of soldiers resting on the side of the road.

Before they could show themselves, they saw a middle-aged man in a uniform with a blue cape on the back. He wore a similar hat that Agnez wore and had a rapier hanging on his waist. They could tell immediately that person was the one in command, and so they walked to the street to introduce themselves.

“Excuse me!” Gerrard said as he raised his hand and waved at the man.

All the soldiers pointed their guns at them, and they were holding the same weapon they found in the station.

“We are friendly! We are here to save your world!” Gerrard said as he raised his hands, and the others were doing the same.

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes, but then suddenly the ground shook, and saw a giant wall made from earth raised from the ground. Everyone looked at it as if they were looking at a miracle.

“Is that your friend’s doing?” The middle-aged man asked.

“Yes, I believe so,” Gerrard answered with his arms still up in the air.

“How many are there? Friends of yours?” The middle-aged man asked.

“A hundred of us at least, and we also have a Go-” Before Lexus could finish his sentence, Gerrard covered his mouth.

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes again and felt suspicious of them. But, it wasn’t his main concern, and as long as they were there to help him defeat the creature, it was more than enough.

“Thank you, for coming to save our world. Let me introduce myself, my name is Geller, and I’m the Admiral of the forty-six colony,” Geller said.

“I will let you introduce yourself once this is over. For now, I will need your help to fight those creatures,” Geller said as he looked at them.

Gerrard nodded his head with understanding, and then followed Geller to the top of the wall.

“Why everyone stops firing?!” Geller asked with a confused and furious look.

All the soldiers turned around to look at Geller and then gave him a salutation.

“Th-the demons have been defeated, Admiral,” One of the soldiers answered.

“What? That’s impossible!” Geller said as he hurriedly walked to the edge to see the situation. Once he saw it with his own two eyes, his eyes trembled in disbelief and terrified by what he saw. “Who killed them?” Geller asked.

“That woman, Admiral,” The soldier answered as he offered the binoculars to Geller.

Geller grabbed the binoculars and looked at Jeanne standing on top of a huge pile of corpses. She was watching Rozan block the path as she sheathed her sword, and then she turned around and looked at Geller in the eye coincidentally.

“Is she your friend as well?” Geller asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes, she’s our friend,” Nagy answered.

Geller was surprised and started to chuckle in disbelief. Before he could process what had happened, the giant earth wall got split in half by something. He was startled and shocked when he heard the cracking sound.

“What happened?! Did the Hormoid manage to break through that wall?!” Geller asked.

Geller used the binoculars again, and this time he saw Agnez walk through the gap in the earth wall. She was holding Dainsleif and saw Rozan floating above her and appeared to be yelling at her because she broke the wall.

“Those are…” Geller said.

“Yes, that’s the rest of our team,” Gerrard answered as he nodded his head.


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