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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 316 Bahasa Indonesia

[The second World, Eil.]

[Free Eil from the Second Demon Lord Bartoth’s army!]

“Huh? A futuristic world? This is the first time we see a world like this,” Rozan said with his eyebrows raised. “I thought we will see another world coated in gold,” Rozan continued as he rested his staff on his right shoulder.

“I don’t think this whole world isn’t meant to be a place for a human to live in,” Nagy said as she pointed at the sky.

Everyone looked up and saw the stars and planets moving very slowly behind the giant dome of glass. The whole place was protected by it, and its purpose so anyone that lived in that world could breathe air.

“Wait, we are in outer space? How the hell is this even make any sense?” Sven looked around and could hear the ambient sound of space.

“Well, one way to find out. Let’s explore this place first, and we can see a city in the distance, so we should find something,” Agnez said as she yawned.

They followed the road and noticed something about the Eil World. Everything looked massive, even the road that looked like a highway was ten times bigger than the normal four lanes.

The closer they were to the city the quieter it became, and their footsteps started to echo. It started to feel eerie and the cold wind started to crawl on everyone’s nape.

“Looks like this city is abandoned,” Jeanne said as she looked around, and then unsheathed her sword to check if there were spirits wandering around. “No spirits either, then that means it’s really abandoned,” Jeanne continued.

“Yeah that’s that, but don’t you think this whole place is a bit eerie? I don’t know why but everything looked so massive in here, even the buildings are three to four times bigger than normal buildings,” Gunnar asked as he looked up.

While they were looking at how big the city was, they heard a loud odd screeching in the distance. They all looked in the direction where the sound was coming from, and it sounded like something had taken over the city.

“It’s coming from the tunnel, let’s check it out,” Agnez said as she stared at the massive tunnel in front of her.

Nexus and the others were looking at each other. They all looked so nervous, and since it was their first time clearing a world, it didn’t matter what their level was. Everything they knew was nothing compared to the real trouble inside the tower.

“It’s okay to be scared, it will help you gain the skill you need,” Nagy said as she looked at Nia who walked next to her.

“Huh? What kind of skill are you talking about, Miss Nagy?” Nia asked.

“Mind Stability. It will help you become more stable, that’s if you don’t have it. If you already have it, then this will be a good opportunity to raise it,” Nagy answered.

“I do have that skill, but it’s still level 2,” Nia answered.

“Did you get it from doing it or did you get it from killing people?” Nagy asked since she already knew about the situation in the Orinca World.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember,” Nia answered as she stared at her own status screen. “If that’s the case, then I will ask Gladis to find me the Aces that have Mind Stability skills,” Nia continued.

Nagy was surprised by Nia’s response because she thought Nia was an innocent girl like her. Turned out she was nothing like what Nagy thought she would be, and she started to feel uncomfortable engaging in another conversation with her.

Lillith watched Nagy slowly distancing herself from Nia, and she couldn’t help but tease her.

“What’s wrong? You’re scared of her?” Lillith asked with a smirk on her face.

“Not exactly. I don’t think they’re just different,” Nagy answered as she walked next to Nagy.

“What makes them different than me and Agnez? I think we both are similar to them though,” Lillith asked again.

“I know, that’s why I need to observe them first, then I will know what kind of person they are,” Nagy answered as she tucked her hair in.

Agnez suddenly stopped walking and slowly drew her sword. “Something is up ahead, and it’s coming toward us,” Agnez said quietly.

Everyone drew their swords, and suddenly Gerrard shot a fire arrow into the dark tunnel. They saw the arrow fly quite far, and then they saw hundreds of creatures that crawled on the walls and ceiling. They didn’t look like demons. They were like monsters in sci-fi movies. A human-like creature with a skinny body, eyes wide open, and a giant mouth, their legs, and arms were longer than their bodies.

“Fuck, those are aliens, not demons!” Rozan said as he pointed his staff at those creatures. He then released waves of fire toward the creature, but they were immune to fire.

Thanks to Rozan, those creatures started to become aggressive and started to crawl toward them so quickly. They barely had time to react, but thankfully everyone was already in a position where they had each other’s backs.

Mykel was at the far back near the exit of the tunnel. He then looked over his shoulder as the creatures stealthily crawled into the tunnel without making any noise.

Edith turned around and immediately drew her daggers, and rubbed them together to spark the [Hellfire]. She then went to fight those on her own without the others realizing that the creatures were trying to ambush them.

Although Edith was so tiny compared to those creatures, she didn’t fear them at all and fought them up close. Mykel watched her butchering and burning the creatures and made the rest of them flee out of fear.

Edith suddenly dropped her daggers as she blankly stared at nothing. Mykel was curious and decided to approach her. He saw Edith’s eyes were blank even though he was standing right in front of her.

“Edith?” Mykel asked, but suddenly a single tear ran down her chin.

Edith snapped back to reality, and she started to gasp for air. She then grabbed Mykel’s arms so tightly, and she looked scared and worried about something.

“A vision?” Mykel asked.

Edith nodded her head repeatedly as she tried to regain her composure.

Mykel looked at the others who were still busy dealing with the creatures and decided to bring Edith somewhere else. He didn’t want anyone to listen or see Edith’s sudden breakdown.

Mykel brought Edith into the nearest building and saw a chair near the entrance. He carefully put her on the chair, and then he went to his knees and looked up at her.

“What did you see?” Mykel asked quietly as he held Edith’s hand.

“The beginning,” Edith answered as her hands were still trembling. “When it all started. I saw it,” Edith continued.

“Tell me,” Mykel said calmly.

“We were in the apartment, everyone, including Miss Lyneth, Miss Vix, Miss Zeth, Miss Beldathiel, Miss Glasya, and there seemed to be more of them. You were standing right in front of us, and you had a sorrowful expression,” Edith explained in her trembling voice.

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows because he would never make such an expression. He believed that it was an act, but he was curious why he would do that in the first place.

“You said something to us, you were apologizing and said that he had to do this. We were all so confused, but then you burned the whole city, everyone in the city had turned into ashes right before our eyes. We saw flames blazing everywhere from the glass wall in the apartment,” Edith continued, and she looked terrified.

Mykel squinted his eyes as he got more confused when he listened to Edith’s vision.

“When you did that, the sky turned black, everything was so dark and we all fell to our knees as something powerful descended from the sky. I didn’t know what it was, but even Miss Vix and the others were terrified of it. You ordered all of us to leave, and the ones who did leave were Miss Vix and the other demon princesses,” Edith stared blankly at the floor.

“So Gunnar and the others stayed behind, with me?” Mykel asked.

Edith nodded her head.

“Something else happened after that. The flames got extinguished, and we couldn’t use our skills at all, including you, Mykel,” Edith said. “You said something about Goddess of All, and you said she came for you,”

Mykel started to understand the vision and thought that he might do all that on purpose, to lure Mara. Still, he couldn’t understand why he would do that just to lure Mara. He could do something more simple if he wanted to attract Mara’s attention.

“Then, Asmond and thousands of Awakeners came, they were all there to kill you. We fought, without skills, and we died, all of us. It was similar to the vision that I had back then with the same end where you were taken by giant hands,” Edith continued.

“I see, I think I understand everything now,” Mykel said as he stood up and looked at Edith. “There’s no need to be worried about. I will be fine, and all of you will be fine as well,” Mykel gently put his hands on Edith’s cheeks. “I promise,” Mykel smiled gently at Edith.

Edith looked a bit confused, but she felt a bit of relief when Mykel said that to her.

“Everyone is waiting, let’s go back,” Mykel said as he offered his hand.


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