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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 297: Favor, punishment, and repayment. Bahasa Indonesia

298 Chapter 297: Favor, punishment, and repayment.

“Looks like your team struggles a lot from this. I don’t think you should join us for the next tower clearance,” Mykel said as he watched Asmond walk toward him to meet with his team. “You should make them spare weapons, like how everyone in my team prepared them,” Mykel continued.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about it as well, and I’m planning to give them proper equipment before we can go to clear another tower. So, as you said, I don’t think I can join you for the next tower clearance,” Asmond answered. “By the way, Mykel. How are you going to share the chests?” Asmond asked.

“You can take all of them since you’re the one who killed Marion. So, help yourself,” Mykel answered with a smile. “If there’s nothing else, I will be going to the next tower now,”

Asmond nodded and then watched Mykel walk toward Agnez and the others.

Mykel and his team left the tower with so many reporters waiting for them outside. Since they had been neglecting it for so long with the media, Mykel decided to let them get what they wanted for once.

“You guys deal with them. Once you’re done, just go straight to the Beelzebub Tower,” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette.

“Huh? Where are you going?” Agnez asked.

“I’m going to meet with someone, and I don’t know if it’s going to take a while or not. I will tell you later,” Mykel answered as he walked down the stairs and walked through the crowd.

Mykel warped to the Empyrean World, and the first thing he saw was the apple tree. He stared at the apple above him, but then a sword was pointed at his neck from behind.

“How did you get in here?” Luciel’s voice could be heard from behind.

“Don’t you think I fit here? In this place?” Mykel slowly turned his head and stared at Luciel from over his shoulder.

Luciel still couldn’t get rid of Mykel’s face whenever she saw it. It always reminded her of Lucifer, and the way he talked and moved was similar to him as well.

“Answer my question,” Luciel said as she put the sword on Mykel’s neck. It was so sharp that Mykel didn’t realize that she had already made a small cut and made his neck bleed.

“Before I answer that question, tell me where Lucifer is at? I’m here to talk, and I need clarification about the deal we made. I want to know if he’s still interested in the deal or not,” Mykel replied.

“He’s not here, now tell me how you got here and you should leave,” Luciel answered.

Mykel smiled as he raised his eyebrows.

“Not if you can’t catch me,” Mykel said as he activated [False Daemon], and then he flew away.

Luciel didn’t hesitate to activate the [False Daemon] as well and flew toward Mykel to catch him. She was trying to catch up to him, but he went further away the more she looked at him. She then lost sight of Mykel and tried to find out where he went, but she had no idea since the Empyrean World was so big that it felt like an ant living on earth.

Luciel suddenly heard a loud thumping sound in the distance. She squinted her eyes and realized where the sound was coming from. She then flew toward the sound with her hand holding the sword so tightly.

A giant crater that turned into the tallest mountain with a big surface in the middle could be seen in the distance. The mountain with waterfalls around it and made a river circling inside the crater.

Luciel landed, and she saw Mykel standing in the middle of some sort of a temple. He stared at the nine seats in front of him, and each one of them had a different shape and color. Seats that were too big for Mykel to sit on.

“The nine divinity. When was the last time he came here, Luciel?” Mykel asked.

“How do you know this place,” Luciel asked, and she sounded so pissed.

Mykel stared at Luciel’s [Character] story, and he realized that she couldn’t stop thinking of him as Lucifer.

“You already know the answer, and that also answers the question that has been bothering you. The answer is right in front of you,” Mykel answered as he turned around to look at Luciel in the eye. “Look me in the eye, and tell me what you see,” Mykel said.

Luciel was staring at Mykel intensely, and before she could say a word, the sky turned bright. They both looked up and the first thing they saw was a giant sword as big as the mountain falling down and pointed at Mykel.

Both Mykel and Luciel flew away to avoid the impact, and the sword destroyed the whole place, including the nine seats.

“Mykel Alester, what’s your business here?” Lucifer asked as he slowly descended and touched the handle of the sword. The sword slowly shrunk and became a normal sword in his hand as he landed.

“It’s better if you keep this place protected so nobody can listen to us first,” Mykel answered as he landed on the remaining platform.

“I already did the moment you set your foot in my world. So, tell me why are you here?” Lucifer replied.

“It’s about our deal, I want to know if you’re still up for our deal or not. Though I already know the answer since you have put yourself in trouble that you can’t escape, I want to hear it from your own mouth,” Mykel answered as he walked toward one of the seats. “You still remember what I said after I left this place, don’t you?” Mykel asked as he leaned on the chair and at Lucifer in the eye.

Lucifer didn’t move a muscle as he stared back at Mykel.

“Or should I say it again that I’m you, and you’re me? We both are the same, but we have different conscious,” Mykel said with his eyebrows raised.

Luciel was petrified when she heard it, and she immediately looked at Lucifer who seemed unsettled by it.

“Of course, you still don’t believe me, and that’s up to you whether you believe me or not. But, that’s the truth,” Mykel said as he looked at both of them. “Luciel, you’re the only person who can see the resemblances between us two. Do you think I would know about all this?” Mykel asked as he pointed his hands at his surroundings.

Both Luciel and Lucifer noticed it already, about the crater. The origin of Lucifer and his brothers that ruled over the Empyrean World. The place where the nine of them gathered around and watched over the souls. The place where Lucifer grew sick of it for a reason and toward his brothers and sisters as well.

“Should I remind you about those unpleasant memories as well?” Mykel asked.

“That’s enough. I don’t need to hear anything else,” Lucifer said. “You’re here for the deal? And you just want to hear it from me personally, is that it? Then I will say it,” Lucifer continued.

“Yes, the deal we had is still on, and there’s no need for you to remind me why I give you the answer,” Lucifer answered. “Now that you got the answer, you should have something else to tell me, isn’t it? Some kind of compensation for troubling you,” Lucifer asked.

“Yes, but not really compensation. I would rather call it a repayment, as a partner” Mykel answered with a smirk. “Just stop bothering me and my people inside the tower,” Mykel said.

“That, I can’t do,” Lucifer answered as he shook his head. “The deal that I made is to lure you in and broke the unwritten rule so she can punish you for eternity and keep the balance,” Lucifer explained.

“And if you don’t do that, you will be the one who will be replacing my spot, is that right?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised.

Lucifer didn’t say anything and slightly nodded his head.

“If that’s the case, just don’t bother me, just for the last four towers. Let them clear those four towers up to the twentieth floors, and then you can do whatever you want to them,” Mykel said. “You should be able to persuade her with your sweet talk,”

“What will I get in return for doing that? You’re asking me a favor here,” Lucifer asked.

Mykel chuckled as he nodded his head with understanding.

“Of course, I will repay you back, but we will see once I got what I wanted,” Mykel said as he looked at Lucifer with a serious expression. “I will do something, to her. So, what do you think? Is it good enough?”

“Let’s see what I can do,” Lucifer said, and then he flew away.


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