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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 292: Kingdom of Ice. Bahasa Indonesia

293 Chapter 292: Kingdom of Ice.

“This one should be the last of them,” Vincze said as he pulled his spear from the creature’s body, and then let the body melt into water. “Although they don’t look like a demon, they don’t have anything inside their thick ice body, huh? Do these creatures have souls or spirits, Jeanne?” Vincze asked.

“Nothing. I see nothing coming out from their bodies, and I don’t feel anything as well when I kill them,” Jeanne answered as she shook her head.

Asmond was dealing with the creatures on the left side with his team, and even though they didn’t struggle, Roxanne and the others got their weapons dulled. The thick and sturdy skin of the creature was scraping the blades, so they had to be careful or they might break their weapons.

The notification appeared, and they had just cleared the sixteenth floor. The portal appeared right on top of the glacier where Agnez pointed at it before.

On the seventeenth floor, they could only see ice and snow with mountains in the distance. Although they were surrounded by ice, the mountains in the distance had no snow or ice on it which meant not everything in Braspati World was covered in snow.

After hours of exploring the glacier, they found a small village with so many igloos. The village looked abandoned and there was nothing for them to take.

“What’s the point of saving the world from demons when the world itself has no survivor left,” Sven said as he came out of the igloo.

“We don’t know if there’s no survivor, and it matters because the demons can use the world they conquered as their new home. We can use this world like how Barika and his people use Bumi as their new home,” Vincze answered.

“Incoming!” Glen shouted in the distance.

Everyone went to see what Glen saw. They saw the same ice creatures again, but this time they were a bit different because they had legs. The creatures were three times the size of Gunnar.

“Finally, I’m sick of this place already,” Sven said as he swung his scythe.

They fought for an hour and a notification appeared the moment Asmond killed the last one. The portal appeared in the middle of the village, and they all immediately went into the portal.

“Another ice, huh?” Rozan asked as he looked around.

“I think we should go there,” Nagy pointed at the wind that blew up into the air from somewhere underneath the ice.

They all looked at the visible wind that Nagy pointed at. Rozan flew up to check what it was, and then he landed with a mild shock expression on his face.

“It’s a giant hole, and I couldn’t see the bottom of it, but I can see a path for us to go down there though,” Rozan said.

They decided to go and check the hole that Rozan mentioned. It was indeed a big hole as Rozan said. They looked so small compared to the hole, and they saw the spiral path in front of them.

The deeper they got, the colder and darker the path was. Asmond’s team struggled to handle the cold, and Asmond had to use [Magic] to warm them up. They were more worried about their weapons because they wouldn’t be able to fight with the condition of their weapons.

“That looks like a gate made of ice, doesn’t it?” Gunnar asked as he stood in front of an ice with a carving on it.

“There’s a gap that we can walk through over there,” Jeanne said as she saw the source of the wind blowing.

Gerrard and Rozan went to check the gap, and then they walked in while the others waited outside. It didn’t take long until they both came back, and they hurriedly walked back to the group.

“You won’t believe what we just saw, come on!” Rozan said.

They followed Rozan and Gerrard from behind and entered the gap in the gate. They were dumbfounded by what they saw. It was a kingdom of ice where everything was made from the glacier.

“This place is massive! How the hell did they make this thing?” Rufus asked as he looked around.

“I think they carved the inside of the glacier and made it like this, but still, it’s impressive and it would take decades to make it this big,” Arum answered as she checked one of the buildings around them.

“Are you sure about that? Because some of these buildings are made of stone or some sort, only covered in ice,” Roxanne asked.

“Yeah, I’m not sure either, but I believe they did carve some of the buildings,” Arum answered.

While they were thinking about what had happened to the place, Agnez approached them.

“Let’s spread out and check every building in this place. We might find someone or something,” Agnez said to Asmond.

Asmond nodded with understanding, and then they went their separate ways to look around the kingdom of ice. Agnez sent Gerrard and Nagy to the castle in the further area of the kingdom to check if there was anyone alive.

“The buildings look abandoned to me, and there’s nothing inside as well. I think they gathered somewhere safe since we all can see those holes in the walls that might be made by those creatures we fought,” Rozan said.

“You can go and find the buildings that seem suspicious to you,” Agnez said.

“Alright, I’ll be right back,” Rozan replied, and then flew away.

Gerrard and Nagy were heading toward the castle, and they noticed there was a brick road underneath the ice. Gerrard was about to say something, but then Nagy grabbed Gerrard’s hand and pulled her to the side. They both were hiding behind a wall, and Gerrard started to hear people talking in the distance.

“Is this what we have left?” The voice of an old man asked.

“We still have a few left, but we will have more food in two months,” Another old man answered.

“Oh? Fresh meat is coming?” The first old man asked.

“Yes, there will be plenty of them,” The second old man answered.

Gerrard took a peak and saw the two old men walking toward the castle while they were holding a sack in their hands.

“Looks like we found something, let’s follow them,” Gerrard said quietly.

Nagy came out from the corner, and then looked at the top of the castle.

“Can you bring us up there, Gerrard?” Nagy asked.

“I can, but we should check the building that those two came out from. We might find something in there,” Gerrard answered as he pointed his thumb over his shoulder.

They both walked into the building where those two old men came from. They saw a spacious room the moment they entered, and it looked like a storage room. They then walked deeper into the building and saw sacks hanging on the rope.

“Those are the same sacks that those two old men were holding,” Gerrard said as he approached one of the hanging sacks.

“What’s inside it? Food?” Nagy asked as she walked toward Gerrard.

“Yeah, it’s meat, small pieces of them,” Gerrard said as he checked the inside of the sack, and then showed it to Nagy.

“What kind of meat is that? They look so small. Chicken?” Nagy asked.

“Not sure, maybe a goat, lamb, or deer?” Gerrard replied as he shrugged his shoulders.

(At the same time on the other side of the kingdom)

Rozan found a big building away from the rest, and he landed right in front of it. He looked around and made sure nobody was near him as he released a wind barrier to make sure that he was alone.

Rozan entered the building, and it was so dark inside. He lit a fire on top of his staff and saw piles of skeletons. He then decided to check one of the piles because he was curious since there were small skulls among the rest. He accidentally kicked the bone on the ground and hit the pile.

Rozan was grimacing as the loud clacking sound of piles of bone hit each other. He then saw a lot of small human skulls on the ground, a lot more than the big skulls.

“Oh shit, looks like we found another baby eater here,” Rozan said as he pointed his staff at the piles around him.


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