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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 283: Urdt, Second Demon Lord of Mahazael. (2) Bahasa Indonesia

284 Chapter 283: Urdt, Second Demon Lord of Mahazael. (2)

“You’re a demon princess!” Urdt said as he slowly backed away. “How?! How are you here and why are you here?!” Urdt asked as he raised his sword to protect himself.

“A mortal, especially a human. To think someone like you become someone like me, it’s disgusting. Do you think I will allow a lowly being like you to get whatever you want because you think you have become a demon? Don’t make me laugh!” Mazikeen said as she kept staring at Urdt in disgust.

Urdt wasn’t a fool who would challenge an archdemon because he knew the difference in power and strength. He was in fact thought that he superior to any demon lord because he could grow strong. But he never, not even once, thought he would be a match for someone like Mazikeen.

“Please! Have mercy, your excellency!” Urdt said as he begged on his knees.

“I’m no God who shows mercy and forgiveness,” Mazikeen said as she scratched Urdt’s face with her claws. “I’m the demon of chaos, and I will do whatever I want even if that’s to fight Mahazael himself!” Mazikeen said as she choked Urdt who was screaming in pain.

“Lord Exima?! Lord Exima!” Asmond’s voice could be heard in the distance behind the thick purple smoke that covered the whole hall.

Mazikeen clicked her tongue, and then she threw Urdt to the back of the room. She then let Agnez take over her body again before Asmond noticed.

Agnez took care of the Abyss Knights which used to be Zlettkrieg and White Knights. She killed all of them, and nobody knew she had taken care of all the problems.

Urdt landed on the ground, and when he got up on his feet, he saw Mykel smoking his cigarette and guarding the door.

“Don’t bother thinking of leaving,” Mykel said with his sharp gaze, and it was enough to intimidate Urdt.

“Rozan! Now!” Jeanne shouted as she ran toward Urdt.

The floor turned into spikes and impaled Urdt’s body. Dozens of spikes were pierced through his body, and it made him unable to move his body except his head and fingers.

Jeanne jumped so high, and then she pointed the Soul Catcher sword down at Urdt’s head. She stabbed Urdt right on top of his skull, and then pulled it out, but she noticed something was wrong with it.

“He has no soul?” Jeanne asked as she stared at her sword. “That’s not possible. Did he leave his body the moment he got cornered?”

“What’s wrong, Jeanne? Did we do it?” Rozan asked as he walked toward Jeanne.

“Something isn’t right, Urdt’s soul is missing,” Jeanne answered as she looked at Rozan.

Everyone looked around and couldn’t see where Urdt’s soul went. The hall was a bit too dark to look for something that was translucent until they heard laughter from above.

“Why didn’t I think about this before,” Urdt’s voice could be heard from the ceiling.

Everyone looked up and saw Urdt floating in the air in a black robe that covered his whole body. He kept laughing, and it was impossible to attack him because he could easily fly away.

“With this plan, I can finally complete my form,” Urdt said with a smile as he stared down at Exima who was still struggling to fight off the curse.

Brynhilde looked at Exima and Urdt back and forth. She then realized something and immediately informed everyone.

“Don’t let him possess Exima’s body! Prevent him from entering her body and protect Exima at all costs! If he possessed Exima’s body, that also counts as combining all the souls together. He will achieve his final form if that happened!” Brynhilde said.

The moment Brynhilde said that Urdt was already on his way to possess Exima’s body. He flew so quickly, and Jeanne who was on the other side of the hall, immediately activated [Harmony] so she could reach there in time.

Agnez jumped and was ready to swing her sword, but Urdt used wind magic to push her all the way back. She was caught off guard, but there was nothing she could do since she was in the air.

Alberta created a holy barrier to protect Exima and to stop Urdt, but Urdt was too powerful. He broke through the barrier and Brynhilde missed her attack. Jeanne was also a second late because Urdt already possessed Exima’s body.

Exima screamed her lungs out, and she was screaming in pain, but slowly it turned into laughter. Everyone was panicking and didn’t know what to do, except for Lillith.

Lillith looked at her [Sentient Control] skill, and decided to try it on Exima.

“She’s still resisting, but not for too long!” Brynhilde said.

Lillith suddenly pounced on Exima’s body and used her legs to lock Exima’s arms as she sat on Exima’s chest.

“Agnez, hold her legs! I want to try something!” Lillith said as she held Exima’s head with both hands.

Agnez held Exima’s legs as she stared at Lillith with curiosity, but she didn’t say anything and did what she was told.

Lillith took a deep breath as she activated [Sentient Control] on Exima. She was reading all of Exima’s memories as she tried to ease her mind. It felt normal and nothing new about the skill. She thought that she didn’t do it right until she got sucked deeper into Exima’s consciousness.

Exima opened her eyes, and she looked a bit surprised when she saw Lillith on top of her. Exima’s body and consciousness were being controlled by Lillith, and she was surprised to see herself from someone else’s perspective.

While Lillith was fascinated by her own skill, a massive pain in her head started to appear as if someone was trying to break into her head. Her whole body started to feel the pain that Exima was dealing with.

It was an unpleasant feeling for Lillith because she had never felt something like that in a very long time. It reminded her of when Mykel used his [Tyranny] skill on her, but with extra pain all over her body.

“Please, kill me!” Exima’s thoughts went through Lillith’s head.

“Kill me,” Lillith said using Exima’s mouth. “Please, kill me!” Lillith continued as she looked around.

Jeanne knew that she was the only one who could do it and end it once and for all.

“No! I can purify her and maybe I can lift the curse on her as well!” Alberta said as she walked toward Jeanne.

“I don’t want to live anymore, I have been living for too long, and I’m longing for my death. This is my only chance to finally be free,” Exima’s thought said, and so, Lillith repeated what Exima’s thought said.

“You don’t understand! If you’re killed with that sword, your soul will not be free!” Alberta said as she stared at Exima and pointed at the Soul Catcher sword.

“I don’t care, I just want to die. Kill me!” Exima’s thought replied.

“Kill her,” Mykel said as he looked at Exima.

Jeanne looked at Mykel and then nodded her head with understanding. She swung her sword and pointed at Exima’s chest. She then stabbed her so fast that Exima almost didn’t feel anything.

Exima slowly turned her head toward Mykel, and showed a gentle smile, as if she was showing her gratitude. It reminded him of the moment she killed herself in the bathtub with her left wrist cut open. She made the same exact expression.

“This is what I want,” Exima said as she slowly closed her eyes.

[You have cleared the twentieth floor of Mahazael Tower]

[You are the first to clear the twentieth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[Enter the Tower of Mahazael to enter the twenty-first floor]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

Lillith jolted, but stumbled and ended up landing right on Agnez’s lap. Her eyes were teary, and Agnez looked at her with a confused look, but she didn’t say anything as she wiped Lillith’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, she’s not alone,” Mykel said as he looked at Jeanne with a bit of guilt on her face. “Urdt’s body contains hundreds of thousands of souls inside him, and that also included the three lords. They all live somewhere in that sword, together,” Mykel explained as he looked at the Soul Catcher sword.

[A total of [20] [Divine Arcana Chests] and [20] [High-Quality Arcana Chests] are being delivered to [Kastihel]]

[You have gained 1,000 [Constellation Points] from your donation!]

[You have gained 59,000 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] amazing achievement!]

[Your [Authority] skill has leveled up to level 3!]

[154,730/1,000,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [4]!]


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