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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 272: Kastihel World. (2) Bahasa Indonesia

273 Chapter 272: Kastihel World. (2)

Clanking sounds of armor could be heard in the distance, but they couldn’t tell from which side the sounds were coming from. There were three paths in front of them, one to the left, another one to the right, and the last one was in front of them.

Rozan sent the wind toward those three paths, and suddenly they all could hear whistles.

“It’s a whole army,” Rozan said as he closed his eyes to feel the wind. “I’m not sure how many, but there are at least hundreds of them and they’re really close,” Rozan continued as he opened his eyes.

Rozan sent one of the fireballs to the path in front of them, and everyone could see lines of knights in dark purple full armor. There were at least a hundred of them, and as the fireball kept flying forward, they saw dozens more lines of knights.

“Don’t mind if I take a head of you guys,” Rozan said as he tried to suppress the fireball into a smaller fireball. The fireball then exploded and blasted dozens of knights into pieces.

Although they could see pieces of armor that got thrown away, they couldn’t see any blood or flesh. Suddenly the pieces of armor that got thrown away flew back and were connected back.

“What? What the fuck was that?!” Rozan asked in disbelief.

Agnez looked at her sword and then swung it as hard as she could to create a projectile attack. When the projectile attack hit the knights at the front, they were surprised there was nothing inside those full plate armors, and then the armor got reconnected again as if something was pulling them back like a magnet.

“Remember, we are dealing with Urdt, the Demon Lord that could control evil spirits. The only one who can hurt them is you, Jeanne, at least for now,” Brynhilde said as she looked at the Soul Catcher sword in Jeanne’s right hand.

Gerrard was trying to count how many of those knights were in front of them, and then suddenly a notification appeared in front of him.

[The God in a Black Suit is wanting you to show what you learned]

[5,000 Arcana Coins have been gifted!]

Gerrard turned around to look at Mykel, and he saw Mykel smiling at him as he nodded his head. Gerrard then grabbed an arrow from the quiver on his back and put it on the bow.

Gerrard shot the arrow and pierced through seven knights that were in line. The knights were burning in [Hellfire] and melted the armor until there was nothing left.

“Oh, that worked. I guess we know how to deal with these knights now,” Sven said as he rubbed the blade of his scythe on the floor to create a spark, and then it was lit in [Hellfire] as well.

Agnez and the others did the same thing, and Asmond and his team were staring at them with surprised expressions. They didn’t know how anyone on Mykel’s team could do something like that, and they were a bit jealous.

“How can all of you guys do that now? That used to be only Agnez and Nagy who could do that right?” Brynhilde asked.

“If you want, I can teach you how. I believe you guys can make it so easily if I show you how,” Rozan said proudly with a smirk on his face.

“Really? That would be great, and thank you,” Brynhilde smiled as she nodded her head.

“No time to waste, let’s kill all of them before they get too close,” Agnez said as she swung her sword around.

Agnez, Lillith, and Gunnar took care of the knights at the front. Sven, Vincze, and Nagy took care of the knights on the left side. Gerrard, Edith, and Rozan took care of the right knights on the right side. Everyone else could only watch in the distance for the meantime because Alberta needed time to give a blessing to everyone’s weapons.

In the original story, Asmond and his friends couldn’t deal with them at all. Kastor decided to stay with Vincze, Sven, Nagy, Enma, and Rozan to take care of the knights while Asmond, Caesar, Jeanne, Gerrard, and the rest were to look for the lord of the castle.

It was a hard fight, and they lost so many men until Brynhilde came to help hundreds of Awakeners with her. In the end, they killed the lord of the castle, but it was just the beginning.

“Are we good to go now?” Asmond asked Alberta.

“Yes, all of your weapons have been blessed, now you should be able to deal with them but only for thirty minutes. So pay attention, and come back before thirty minutes so I can reapply it again,” Alberta answered.

“Thank you, Miss Alberta. Let’s help them,” Asmond looked at Alberta and then looked at Glen and the others.

An hour had passed and they had finally defeated each one of them. The hall slowly lightened up, and the light that reflected on Jeanne’s sword made everyone see the spirits of the knights were being lifted out of the armor. They all seemed to be shocked and grateful, and then they all disappeared and became one with the wind.

“Shh!” Sven put his index finger in front of his lips to tell everyone to keep quiet.

They heard beautiful melodies, but this time there was the sound of violin and piano in the distance. Everyone immediately looked at Gunnar, and he took out the book that he had put inside his bag on his waist.

“What a beautiful melody this song was. Our Lord’s wife was an amazing violinist, and that was the reason Lord Delenise fell in love with her. Sometimes, when his people were being treated badly by the ministers, they both entertained us with this melody, The Swan,” Gunnar said as he read the book.

“Their love and their music always helped us get through all the hardship. We hoped that this would last forever, but little that we knew, the peace we had was just the beginning of the fall,” Gunnar continued, and there was nothing else in the book that he could read.

Gunnar saw the drawing and pulled it out.

“It’s the same flower again, but the flower looks a bit wilted now except the one that fell off and on the table,” Gunnar said as he showed the drawing to everyone. “Benustrus, eight hundred twenty-nine. It’s three years later after the previous one,”

“The book is telling us the story of this Kastihel World, let’s keep going until a new page is readable,” Agnez said as she sheathed her sword.

All of them nodded and continued their exploration of the Medelha Castle.

The castle was too big to be explored in just a day, especially with hundreds of bodiless knights that protected the castle. It took them a day and a half to free all the souls that used to be the knights that served Delenise.

Although they had to wander around the castle, they weren’t tired or bored because of the melodies that the violin and piano were accompanying them.

“Nothing?” Agnez asked as she stared at Gunnar and the book in his hands.

“Nothing, I think we should find where the music was coming from. Maybe we can get a lead from there,” Gunnar answered as he closed the book and looked at the spacious hall they were in.

“No, I don’t think this music is coming from one of the rooms in this castle. I think this music comes from the castle itself because no matter where we are, the music is still as clear as ever,” Brynhilde said as she looked at the ceiling.

“There’s still one place that we haven’t checked yet. The courtyard where the Aon Tree lives,” Jeanne said.

“Right, let’s get going then,” Agnez said.

They all tried to find an exit to the courtyard, and it took them two hours to finally found the courtyard. They looked at the thick and sturdy tree in the middle, and it looked impossible to cut down.

They tried to circle the tree, and it took them almost half an hour until they saw them. Of the skeletons that were hung up on the tree, there were four skeletons and two of them were adult skeletons while the other two were smaller that looked like skeletons that belonged to kids.

The book fell off again, and there was a single sentence on the page.

[I will not let you take their bodies as they are the reminder for the people to not betray our King!]

The tree trunk got torn apart as if something was trying to come out. They then saw a big figure in a robe with a hood that covered its face with its long arms.

“You will die here like them!” The figure said in a deep man’s voice as he flew toward them.


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