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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 270: Breed me. Bahasa Indonesia

271 Chapter 270: Breed me.

“God Mykel, Miss Lyneth,” Shelly quietly said as she descended onto the ground and stared at both of them.

Mykel glanced at Shelly from the corner of his eyes, and it was enough to make Shelly petrified even though Mykel was just glancing at her normally. Lyneth looked at Shelly as she wiped her eyes and sniffled.

“Yes?” Lyneth asked.

“There’s a place that I would like you two to see. It’s a sacred place, but I think it’s appropriate for my God and his lover to use that place rather than this bland and unsightly place,” Shelly answered as she bowed her head. “That’s if you’re interested,”

Mykel raised his eyebrow and was quite surprised by the sudden change in Shelly’s behavior.

“Okay, show me,” Lyneth said as she nodded her head.

Shelly smiled and nodded her head, she then flew away. Mykel carried Lyneth and followed Shelly from behind.

Shelly walked in the front and guided the two of them toward the bridge with a square building on the other side of the bridge. The building was surrounded by four bridges and artificial waterfalls. It was beautiful, and the river down below was crystal clear.

They entered the building and went straight to the massive courtyard with a circle altar in the middle.

“Please step into the altar,” Shelly said as she pointed at the altar in front of her.

Mykel and Lyneth stood in the middle of the circle as Shelly stood at the edge, and suddenly the altar slowly descended. It felt like they were on a lift, but it moved so slowly.

They reached the bottom, and the place was so beautiful because the gemstones were lighting up the whole place. Shelly pointed at the long hallway in front of her, and then Mykel and Lyneth walked the hallway.

“What’s this place?” Lyneth asked as she looked at the beautiful glass walls with the waterfalls as the view.

“This is where the sacred ritual for the newlywed King would spend his time to get an heir,” Shelly answered.

Lyneth stopped walking and was dumbfounded by Shelly’s answer.

Shelly moved the giant two gray doors made of stone. She turned around and pointed at the room with a smile on her face.

“Please, come in,” Shelly said.

Mykel offered his hand to Lyneth, and then they both entered the room.

The room was a bit dark even though the whole room was surrounded by glass walls. They could see the waterfalls and the haze from the waterfalls sticking to the glass walls. The room temperature was a bit cold but comfortable at the same time because of the haze.

Shelly snapped her fingers, and then the small gemstones lightened the whole room. The gemstones were attached to a big chandelier above the big bed with curtains in the corners, and the bed was in the middle of the room.

“I apologize for earlier, and I hope this will bring the mood back. Enjoy your stay,” Shelly said with a smile, and then she left the room as the doors closed on their own.

Lyneth sat down on the bed and tested how soft and comfy the bed was. She looked at the colorful lights that the gemstones produced and wanted to have them back in the apartment.

Lyneth felt nervous for the first time ever to be in a room with Mykel. She didn’t know what happened, but it could be because of the atmosphere and who Mykel really was.

“We can just chill here, if you don’t feel like it,” Lyneth said as she looked at Mykel standing in front of the glass wall staring at the waterfalls.

Mykel turned around as he offered his hand. “Come here,” Mykel said.

Lyneth stood up and proceeded to approach Mykel. She stood right in front of Mykel and wrapped her arms around his back.

“Remember what Shelly said? This room is a sacred place to make an heir,” Mykel said as he stroked Lyneth’s hair. “Do you want an heir?” Mykel asked as he pulled her onto his body.

Lyneth’s heart was pounding so fast that Mykel could feel it throbbing on his chest. He leaned his head toward Lyneth’s left ear with a smirk on his face.

“Looks like someone wants to bear my child,” Mykel whispered.

Mykel pushed his right hand down to Lyneth’s back and unzipped her skirt. The skirt fell to the ground, and then he slipped his right hand into her panties.

“Open your legs,” Mykel whispered.

Lyneth put her face into Mykel’s chest as she slowly spread her legs out. She immediately moaned the moment Mykel rubbed her clitoris from behind.

“You’re already wet,” Mykel said as he leaned his head back to see Lyneth’s expression. “Let me taste it,” Mykel continued as he moved to the side and gently pushed her onto the glass wall.

Mykel pushed Lyneth’s back down, and she immediately bent over as she pushed her ass up.

“Nnh…” Lyneth bit her lips as she held her voice down and felt Mykel’s tongue wandering around her vagina. “I can’t… Mykel…” Lyneth said as her whole body started shaking.

Before Lyneth collapsed, Mykel grabbed her right arm and pulled her back up. He then turned her body toward him and lifted her up as he pushed her onto the glass wall.

Mykel put his arms under Lyneth’s thighs and wrapped them around her back. The moment he put it in, Lyneth’s whole body clenched, and even her vagina was gripping him from the inside.

Lyneth let out loud moans, she moans louder than usual as she hugged Mykel so tightly with her legs hanging above the ground. She couldn’t resist and let Mykel do whatever he wanted because he knew how to make her feel good.

“I’m cumming,” Lyneth whispered quietly as she grabbed Mykel’s back hair with both hands.

Mykel pushed deeper and Lyneth’s both legs were up as they trembled in pleasure. She kissed deep into Mykel’s mouth because she wanted to maximize the pleasure.

Mykel pulled out and princess carried her onto the bed. He put her down gently, and then fixed her hair so he could see her face. She hadn’t recovered from the pleasure, and her body was still twitching and her feet clenched.

“Do you want to clean it?” Mykel asked as he sat on his knees right next to Lyneth’s head.

Lyneth turned her head toward Mykel and opened her mouth with her tongue out. Mykel lifted Lyneth’s head above his lap as he leaned his body back. She stroked her head back and forth as she tilted her head left and right.

“I want to be on top,” Lyneth said as she held the base of Mykel’s dick and stared him in the eye.

Mykel sat down with his legs spread open and leaned back with his hands supporting his body on the back. Lyneth then sat on top of him and started kissing his neck and left a lot of hickeys.

Lyneth went on her knees as she put it inside her and started moving up and down. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him so passionately and moaned at the same time.

They both moved their hips in sync. Lyneth pushed hers down as Mykel pushed his up. They both moved slowly and enjoyed every inch of it.

“I want it, Mykel,” Lyneth said as she stared Mykel in the eye. “I want you to breed me,” Lyneth continued as she gently stroked Mykel’s hair. “I want your babies,” Lyneth whispered as she hugged Mykel’s head onto her chest and moved her hips up and down.

“Then I will dump everything inside you,” Mykel said as he pushed her down onto the bed. “I have four days, so let’s enjoy it while it last,” Mykel put Lyenth’s legs on top of his shoulders and lifted her waist up as he pushed his body forward.

(Three days later)

Mykel was back in his office and stared at Lyenth’s [Character] tab. He looked at Lyneth’s [Story] and read it as he rested his head on his fist.


After having nonstop sex with Mykel in the sacred breeding room, Mykel managed to get Lyneth pregnant, and she could feel it in her stomach.


“I wonder if I should keep the baby or not,” Mykel said to himself, and then his phone vibrated. He looked at his phone and it was Asmond. His team was ready to go and join in to clear the Mahazael Tower. “I’ll think about it later. For now, there’s a more important matter to do,” Mykel continued as he stood up and grabbed his blazer hanging on his chair.


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