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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 27 Bahasa Indonesia

“Gunnar, watch out!” Rozan warned Gunnar since one of the servants changed his target and ran toward Gunnar from behind.

Rozan put an earth barrier on Gunnar’s back at the right moment before the servant could stab him in the back. The barrier broke but Gunnar already left his position and Agnez used the opportunity to slash the servant from behind.

“How much time do we have left?!” Agnez asked as she blocked all the servant’s attacks.

“You guys have eight minutes left before these demons can use magic again! Please make it count!” Rozan answered as he threw fireballs at the servant that Agnez was facing.

“Eight minutes?! We have been fighting for twelve minutes and we barely do anything to them?!” Gunnar was shocked as he held his shield up and blocked the attacks.

Gerrard whistled at Rozan to ask for some help, he then shot three arrows at the same time to make the servant back away from him. Rozan used wind magic that looked like a disc and flew them at the servant, but all of them missed. Gerrard used his [Sixth Sense] and immediately shot an arrow at the servant where he was going to stand.

The servant got hit right in his right eye and he struggle to remove the arrow from his eye. Gerrard whistled at Agnez and gave her a signal to deal with the demon he was facing.

Agnez ran past Gunnar and tapped on his back. “Take care of this one as well,”

“Just hurry up and kill him!” Gunnar said as he turned his body and blocked the servant that chased Agnez.

Agnez sheathed her sword and used [Sleight of Hand] as she ran toward the servant who lost an eye. She swung both of her illusions at him and waited for the right moment and angle. The moment the servant took the bait, she slashed her real sword on his neck and cut it open but it wasn’t enough to kill him, she then did the same thing again, and finally, she decapitated the servant’s head.

“One down, Gunnar! Hold on!” Rozan said as he used wind magic to push one of the servants away from Gunnar.

Gerrard realized that he had emptied the quiver, and immediately ran toward the arrows that he missed and scattered on the ground. He whistled at Gunnar and Gunnar immediately nodded with understanding the moment he saw Gerrard grab the arrows on the floor and then grabbed the servant’s hand.

Rozan watched Gerrard’s hand and the moment he released his arrow, Rozan used the wind magic and boosted the arrow that split the air in front of it. The arrow struck the side of the servant’s head and pierced through the other side, Gerrard was surprised but then he realized that Rozan helped him.

“One more to go! We still have two minutes!” Rozan said but the moment he wanted to cast magic, he used all his stamina and immediately fell on his knee. “I’m out!” Rozan said as he breathe heavily.

“It’s fine! We got this!” Gunnar said as he swung his ax at the last servant.

The three of them worked together and synchronized with each other’s movements without communication. Agnez was the one who throw the final blow on the servant and they finally cleared the fifth floor.

The four of them lay down on the carpet as they caught their breath and stared at the ceiling.

“Holy shit, we did it…” Agnez said as she put her arm on her forehead and covered her eyes.

“I’m quite disappointed,” Mykel said as he came out from the shadow with Edith.

“What do you mean? We did our best and we defeated the demon lord’s servant,” Rozan asked as he tried to stand up and then approached the others.

“I can see that and you should be able to defeat them in less than ten minutes with what you have shown me,” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette.

“That’s nonsense…” Agnez said as she sat up and looked at Mykel.

“Think about the fight that you just had. You defeated the three servants in less than ten minutes, right? The first twelve minutes was nothing but a waste of time and opportunity,” Mykel explained as he smoked his cigarette. “If it wasn’t for Gerrard’s initiative, you guys will die the moment those servants attained their magic skill back,” he continued as he looked down at all of them.

All of them were looking at each other and realized what Mykel just said was on point that they could easily defeat the servants. They went silent and thought about the mistakes they made while Edith approached them and gave them a drink and food.

Mykel looked at Gerrard as he smoked his cigarette, Gerrard had been an excellent character in the story, and he was Mykel’s favorite character. Gerrard expressed his thoughts and ideas through action, he was the only character that had saved dozens of lives including those three, and Asmond with his [Sixth Sense] skill in the story.

Gerrard was the only character in the story with zero enemies because of his actions and every decision making he made. He got himself a title as the Eye of Destiny since he was the reason Asmond and his friends were alive in the story and able to defeat the demon kings.

“Should we end this today, Mister Mykel? I don’t think they could continue with their current condition,” Edith asked as she gave Agnez a bottle of water.

“What do you guys think? You guys want to leave the tower?” Mykel asked as he stared down at them with a straight face.

Rozan glanced at the others and they were too scared to say that they wanted to leave. Gerrard suddenly stood up and offered his hand to Gunnar and Agnez with a smile on his face as he nodded. Gunnar and Agnez grabbed his hand and stood up while they groaned since their whole body was sore.

Rozan sighed as he stood up. “I guess we can keep going since we have gone this far and it’s not like we are heavily injured,”

“Good, let’s move once Rozan got all his stamina back,” Mykel said as he flicked the cigarette and burned it into ashes before it could hit the ground.

“Don’t worry about me,” Rozan said as he bought a Stamina Potion from the shop. “We can go now,” he continued then drank the potion.

“Let’s go then,” Mykel said as he walked toward the portal.

On the sixth floor, they were shocked that a servant was in between the other demons but they took it down without a problem since it was only one. After that, they had no problem clearing the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors because they already knew what they were going to deal with.

“We made it…” Gunnar said as he went on four and dropped his shield and axe. “Praise the Lord!” he continued as he rolled over and lay on the ground.

Rozan didn’t even have any energy left to speak and only gave hand gestures like Gerrard. Agnez collapsed as soon as she saw the notification since she used everything to help Gunnar at the frontline.

“Wait, we are not going to challenge the tenth floor, right?” Gunnar asked as he stared at Mykel.

“No, you guys are still too weak to fight a demon lord. Maybe you can challenge them a month from now after you keep leveling up your skills in this tower,” Mykel answered as he stared at Gunnar.

“We are too weak? Agnez and Gerrard are level 15 now, not to mention that Rozan and I are level 14. Isn’t that supposed to be enough to fight the first demon lord?” Gunnar asked as he sat up and rested his body on his arms on the back.

“You think a demon lord is the same as those demons? They’re on a different level, so don’t get too confident about yourself,” Mykel replied as he lit his cigarette.

“If the four of us are not strong enough to fight the first demon lord, how the hell did you solo the first demon lord in Azazel tower? How high is your level, seriously?” Gunnar asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“It’s none of your concern,” Mykel answered as he walked toward Edith. “Such a shame we didn’t find another secret room,” he continued as he looked around the area.

“I’m sorry,” Edith said as she held the bag in front of her body.

“It’s fine, it’s not like you can control your skill,” Mykel said as he grabbed the bag that looked heavy on her.

Mykel carried Agnez on her back and looked at all of them. “Congratulations, you have become the top five Awakeners in the world with your achievement today,”

All of them raised their right hand and clenched it while Agnez mumbled and couldn’t move a muscle in her body anymore.


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