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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 268: Twin brothers. Bahasa Indonesia

269 Chapter 268: Twin brothers.

“You’re the one who can bring people back to live?” Vasilus asked as he stared at Mykel in disbelief.

“Yes,” Mykel answered.

Mykel realized that he had used up his two charges of [Admin] skill. He looked out the window at the sunset, which was still a long way before midnight. He would have to wait a while before he could replenish the charges.

Mykel stared at the swollen and bloated body of Lexus’ brother. The body released the pungent smell that made Vasilus cover his mouth and nose with a handkerchief.

“What are you waiting for? I thought you’re going to bring my brother back to life?” Lexus asked as he glared at Mykel with his hands clenched together.

“Wait until midnight, and I will bring him back to life. Be patient,” Mykel answered as he stared at Lexus from the corner of his eyes and over his shoulder. “I will bring him back, be at ease, soldier,” Mykel continued as he kept staring at Lexus.

Lexus was surprised when Mykel found out that he used to be a soldier, or a mercenary to be exact. Mykel looked at Vasilus in front of the door, and he tilted his head to signal Vasilus to leave.

Mykel sat next to a window and stared at the city from above.

“If you have any questions, you can ask once I bring your brother back to life. Wake me up when it’s midnight,” Mykel said as he leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes.

It felt like Mykel had just closed his eyes a few minutes ago, and then he opened his eyes, seeing Lexus was about to wake him up. He looked at the sky, and it was already dark with a full moon in the sky.

Mykel looked at Lexus’ brother as he sighed, and then he walked toward the bed as he activated [Admin] skill. He opened the [Character] tab and a notification appeared.




[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.


[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button and immediately looked at Nexus.

Nexus’ body was warm and soft as it slowly shrunk to how his body used to be. Lexus was bewildered that his twin brother was back. He slowly walked toward Nexus and gently touched his body, feeling his heart beating under Lexus’ palm.

“Nexus?” Lexus asked quietly as he grabbed Nexus’ left shoulder.

“Where are we?” Nexus asked as he was still confused about what had happened. “Are you dead as well?” Nexus asked again as he tried to open his eyes fully.

“We are on the eleventh floor, I mean we are in a different world right now. It’s hard to explain'” Lexus answered. “Also, no, you came back to life, he’s the one who brought you back,” Lexus continued as he pointed at Mykel.

Nexus looked at Mykel and squinted his eyes in confusion.

“He did? Who is he?” Nexus asked.

“Mykel Alester,” Mykel said as he leaned against the wall. “And you should know soon enough who I am,” Mykel continued as he offered an invitation to be his [Recipient] to Lexus and Nexus.

They both looked at the invitation with their eyes and mouths wide open.

“You already made a deal, Lexus, now you’re working for me,” Mykel said with his arms crossed. “Of course, that also applies to you, Nexus,” Mykel averted his gaze toward Nexus.

Lexus and Nexus accepted the offer, and then they both stared at each other.

“What do you want us to do?” Lexus asked.

Mykel looked at the sword on the table. It was made from the [Blessed Damascus Steel].

“Looks like you have received my gift, and made a sword out of it,” Mykel said.

Lexus and Nexus stared at the sword on the table, and then looked back at Mykel.

“Are you still planning to avenge your brother’s death after knowing that your brother is here and alive?” Mykel asked.

“Yes, my brother’s death only added more reason why I need to become stronger so I can give them what they deserve,” Lexus answered with a serious expression.

In the original story, Lexus became Asmond one of his most trusted allies. Lexus wasn’t actually fond of Asmond’s method of clearing towers or trusting anyone so easily because of Lexus’ past, and he didn’t want something similar to happen to Asmond.

Lexus and Nexus came from a world called Orinca. A world that was similar to Earth as Mykel’s real world where there were so many continents with hundreds of nations. Hundreds of billions of people lived in that world with almost forty percent of the population were Awakeners or Aces was what they called it.

There were six towers that exited in Orinca, and all of them were heavily guarded and armed so that even demons couldn’t survive long when they came out of the towers.

The people that became Awakeners, weren’t sent to clear the towers. Instead, they were used for their own personal interest. By personal interest, it meant the interest of their own nation. They were used by their leaders to engage in war against each other.

Orinca was a unique world like any other world that managed to survive the demon invasion. The uniqueness of Orinca’s world was that the Awakeners could take the level and the skills of any other Awakener they killed.

Lexus and Nexus were elite soldiers and were already level 34. Both of them possessed 34 skills because they had killed hundreds of Awakeners during their missions.

On their last mission, they were betrayed because they had huge bounties on their heads. Whoever managed to capture them, would be the richest man alive. The reason they had big bounties on their heads was because of their level and high level skills.

“Good, then I have a mission for both of you,” Mykel said as he looked at both of them. “I want you to bring at least a hundred Aces that you trusted here,” Mykel continued as he stood right in front of them.

“A hundred Aces? We aren’t even sure if there’s a handful of Aces that we can trust after what happened to us,” Lexus answered.

“You will find that much if both of you decided to hunt them down. Pick that you think has potential, and bring them here. There will be no time limit, you can spend your time back in Orinca for as long as you want,” Mykel replied. “If you die, I can bring both of you back to life, but you need to remember that you’ll lose all your level and skills, so basically don’t die,”

Lexus and Nexus smirked as they chuckled.

“Die? That won’t happen,” Lexus said as he stood up and walked toward the table.

“Right, I almost forgot,” Mykel said as he reached into his trouser pocket and grabbed a ring artifact that Hera had given him. He used [Admin] skill and replaced the ring effect with [Hera’s Ring], the same as what Lyneth had.

“This one for you, Nexus,” Mykel said as he tossed the ring at Nexus. “This will protect you and prevent you from dying three times per day. Even a nuclear blast won’t kill you, so use it wisely and protect your brother with it if you must,” Mykel explained as he put his hands in his trouser pockets.

Nexus looked at the ring, and then put it on.

“Thank you, God Mykel. I will protect this ring with my life,” Nexus said as he stared Mykel in the eye with a sharp gaze.

Mykel nodded, and then he looked at Lexus. “The key, that you got from the chest, do you have it?” Mykel asked.

Lexus checked his pants pocket and then showed the [Ralius Key] to Mykel. “This one?” Lexus asked.

“Yes, use that key to get into this world immediately when you entered the Mammon Tower. A door will appear in the hallway when you enter the tower. Don’t lose it, and always keep it close to you,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head.

“Give it to me, you’re bad at keeping things safe,” Nexus asked as he offered his hand to Lexus.

Lexus scoffed as he tossed the key to Nexus.

“A hundred Aces, right? We will bring that much. Let’s go,” Lexus said.


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