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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 259 Bahasa Indonesia

“There’s nothing left, interesting,” Mykel said as he stared at his right hand that had melted because of the [Sacrilege Flame]. “Looks like I can’t cover myself with this flame yet. I need to be careful because I can no longer raise my skill rank using the method as when I was an Awakener,” Mykel said as he extinguished the flame.

[Would you like to use 10,000,000 Arcana Coins to fully recover all the wounds?]

[Yes] [No]

Mykel tapped the [Yes] button, and suddenly the sound of the water flowing around him stopped. He looked around and the water had become ice again, the bright sky got covered by clouds once more with a fierce blizzard.

Mykel looked into the distance and saw a black dot flying up into the sky, and it was slowly coming down toward him. The dot became bigger and bigger, and the dot turned into a human figure. It was Skadi and she threw her spear at him from above the sky.

[Would you like to donate your [Arcana Coins] as a gift to the [User(s)] who cleared the twentieth floor of the Asmodeus Tower? The minimum donation is 500 [Arcana Coins]]

Mykel looked at the notification as he caught the spear that flew toward him with his left hand. He spun the spear as he glanced at the sky, and then threw it back at Skadi.

Skadi caught the spear, but she got pushed away because she couldn’t stop the force.

“They’re done already? I guess I have to go back now and pick those three up,” Mykel said to himself as he put in the amount of Arcana Coins that he wanted to donate.

[God Loki has donated [20,000] [Arcana Coins]]

[Goddess Aphrodite has donated [20,000] [Arcana Coins]]

[Goddess Hera has donated [20,000] Arcana Coins]]

[God Mykel has donated [500,000] Arcana Coins]]

[Thank you for your participation!]

[You have gained 1,000 [Constellation Points] from donation!]

[You have gained 2,000 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] achievement!]

[81,730/100,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [3]!]

“A little bit more,” Mykel said as he looked at his [Constellations Points].

Skadi landed in front of Mykel, and without hesitation, she froze Mykel’s feet with the snow. She stomped on the ground and the snow was lifted from the ground. She reshaped them into dozens of blades and hardened them as she did to create the frost golem.

The blades were sent toward Mykel, but Freyja and Hera appeared in front of Mykel and stopped them from hurting him by creating protective barriers. He wasn’t worried about the blades at all and could easily melt them.

Before Skadi could grab her arrow in her quiver, Loki appeared in front of her and spread his arms open. She looked at him and noticed that he looked a bit disappointed and pissed at the same time.

“I’m leaving,” Myke said, and then warped back to Earth so he could summon Beldathiel, Zherlthsh, and Vixelleth back.

Loki turned around and saw Mykel leave.

“How stupid can you be, Skadi…” Loki said as he stared at her with a sharp gaze. “Do you even understand what he was trying to say? He’s offering you if you want to see your father again because he might be able to bring him back to life,” Loki continued.

Skadi was dumbfounded when she realized that was what Mykel meant. She looked at Freyja who seemed disappointed in her as well, and Hera was judgingly staring at her.

“He can do something like that?” Skadi asked.

“Whether he can or cannot, you already blew it. Do you think he would offer you that again after you tried to kill him? If only you can be more patient,” Loki asked as he sighed. “We don’t have any reason to stay here anymore,” Loki said as he turned around and looked at Hera and the others.

“Loki?” Skadi looked so confused.

Loki looked at Hel and nodded his head. She opened a portal and everyone left Jotunheim and went to Niflheim, but Freyja stayed behind.

“Freyja, what just happened?” Skadi asked as she walked toward Freyja.

Freyja showed her sour smile at Skadi as she shook her head. She then walked toward the portal without saying a single word, and that made Skadi feel guilty and regretful for what she did.

Freyja stopped in front of the portal and then turned around.

“Come with us to Niflheim, I will help you fix it, that’s if you want to,” Freyja said.

Skadi didn’t ask a single question and followed Freyja into the portal.

(On Earth, inside the castle)

Mykel summoned the three of them back to the castle, and it worked as he expected. The three of them immediately hit the bed as Mykel watched them on the chair next to the bed.

“That was close, but thankfully Rozan and Jeanne were quick to respond and prevented Kathryx from bowing her head at us,” Vixelleth said as she leaned on the headboard on the edge of the bed.

“Those people might have suspicion toward us. Words will spread and everyone will know about us. Should we kill them?” Zherlthsh asked as she lifted her head to look at Beldathiel who was next to her.

“No, they won’t say a word if I tell them to keep their mouth shut. If they somehow made rumors about you, I will take care of it.” Mykel said as he stood up. “More importantly, you all did a great job,” Mykel looked at them.

Beldathiel stared at Mykel with her lazy eyes as if she was waiting to see whether he remembered or not.

“Don’t look at me like that. I said that I will give you whatever you want. So what do you want?” Mykel asked.

“What I want is simple,” Beldathiel replied as she turned over to the other side. “I don’t want you to send us into the tower again to handle your problem,” Beldathiel answered.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth were looking at Beldathiel and Mykel back and forth. Mykel then chuckled softly as he nodded his head.

“Okay, I promise. I won’t send you guys into the tower again, but if Mazikeen needs your help in the tower, you’re going, right?” Mykel asked.

Beldathiel hummed in agreement as she nodded her head.

“You guys should get some rest, I know it was tiring to be walking around and doing nothing,” Mykel said as he walked toward the bed, and then put his hand on Beldathiel’s head. “Thank you,” Mykel continued as he looked at the three of them.

Mykel left the room, and the three of them were staring at each other in disbelief.

“Something is wrong with him,” Zherthlsh said as she stared at the ceiling.

“Maybe that’s who he actually is. Whatever happened to him, it makes him less grumpy and he looked more carefree than ever,” Vixelleth replied. “What do you think, sister? Did something good happen to him?”

Beldathiel didn’t respond as she kept staring at her right hand. The warmth of Mykel’s hand was still lingering on her palm and fingertips.

“Sister?” Vixelleth asked as she took a peek at Beldathiel.

Beldathiel got up and it startled both of them. She then got off the bed and looked at the door.

“Let’s meet Glasya, I almost forgot about her,” Beldathiel said as she walked toward the door.

“Wait, she’s here?!” Zherlthsh asked with a surprised expression.

“Yes, Mykel brought her here, I forgot to tell you. Let’s go to the dungeon,” Beldathiel answered.

They went down into the dungeon and unlocked the door. They saw Glasya in the corner of the room, glaring at them with her glowing yellow eyes.

“Enjoying your stay?” Beldathiel asked.

“Give me back my power, Beldathiel!” Glasya yelled as she ran toward Beldathiel.

Vixelleth moved and stood right in front of Beldathiel, and then she grabbed Glasya’s head with her right hand. She clenched her palm, and it was enough to make Glasya scream in pain. Glasya was so helpless and weak that it made her look so pathetic. Vixelleth then threw her onto the wall without hesitation.

Beldathiel walked toward Glasya who was groaning in pain.

“If you want your power back, you have to join us,” Beldathiel said.

“Over my dead body,” Glasya glared at Beldathiel as she grabbed her right shoulder and was in pain.


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