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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 254 Bahasa Indonesia

Jeanne and the others were checking the city, but it was already empty when they got there. The demons seemed to be slaughtered, and the blood was still fresh. It could be that Adramalech and Daeva killed all of them out of boredom.

“Yo!” Rozan’s voice could be heard from the city gate.

Jeanne turned around and sighed in relief when she saw him unharmed and unscathed. Although she thought of that, she knew that Mykel brought him back to life and was curious about what happened to him when he died.

Those Awakeners were happy and surprised to see him alive. They surrounded him and checked his whole body because they were worried about him.

“Seriously, you guys need to stop,” Rozan said as he faked his smile.

Beldathiel came with Rozan, and she looked at Zherlthsh and Vixelleth with her eyebrows raised. She then walked toward them as the Awakeners looked at her with admiration and fear at the same time.

“What are we doing here?” Beldathiel asked Jeanne.

“We are checking the city and looking for demons because we aren’t sure if this floor has been cleared or not, but it looks like there’s nothing alive here,” Jeanne answered as she looked around.

“Bothersome…” Beldathiel said as she grabbed her dice.

Beldathiel made the same bet again and forced the portal to appear in front of her. The portal then appeared as she expected. Jeanne and the others were speechless by how powerful Beldathiel was.

“Let’s go, this place is so gloomy and I want to go back as soon as possible,” Beldathiel said as she walked into the portal with Zherlthsh and Vixelleth.

(In Silian World)

Agnez pulled her sword from a soldier’s head and stared at a hole in his forehead. She kicked the body and then looked around, where the whole city became chaotic.

“In the end, everything went to chaos no matter how stealthily we tried,” Lillith said as she kicked a guy’s head that rolled over in front of her.

“I did warn Asmond to be careful, but turns out his own team fucked it up,” Agnez replied as she swung her sword around to clean the pieces of brain that were sticking on the blade. “But this is much better, and faster,”

Agnez and Lillith were blending in with the people for Silian World. They gathered as much information as they could, and got enough information about the situation of the world they were in.

Agnez’s suspicion was right, and the bells were the vessel that was used to hypnotize and brainwash the people in the city. Mazikeen didn’t know anything about tools or relics from the demon world since she had never cared about those in the first place.

Although Agnez and the others were making a huge mess in the city, the person they were looking for hadn’t shown himself, Sibrand, and his knight. Even with Lillith’s skill, they couldn’t find out where Sibrand lived.

Since they knew the bells were the source of the problem of Silian World, they all scattered around the city to destroy all of them at once. Unfortunately, Glen messed up and got caught by the soldiers. That was why the city was in chaos.

Asmond was above the roof of the tallest building in the city to look for the bells. He checked every corner and saw most of them had been destroyed, but the people were still trying to kill them, and even the civilians were trying to kill them.

Lillith looked around and used her [Telepathic] skill on everyone that was on sight to look for the location of the bells. Luckily, it didn’t take long until she found the bell that was somehow hidden inside a chapel.

Lillith climbed up the building and jumped from one building to another. She looked around for the chapel, and it turned out Asmond was close to the building.

“Asmond!” Lillith shouted with her hands around her mouth.

Asmond turned around and searched for Lillith.

“Over here!” Lillith shouted again as she waved her hand and jumped around so Asmond could see a movement from one of the roofs.

Asmond looked to his right and saw Lillith waving at him

“Go to the chapel! The bell is on the ceiling!” Lillith shouted as she pointed at the chapel in the distance.

Asmond turned around and looked at the chapel. He immediately slid down the roof, and the moment he was about to reach the edge, he jumped off toward the chapel. He knew that the chapel wouldn’t be that easy to enter, and he was right about it.

Dozens of soldiers shot their guns at Asmond, but it was nothing for him, and started dashing left and right as he moved closer to them. He didn’t have the heart to kill them, so he used his fists and feet to attack them and made them unconscious.

Asmond barged into the chapel, and to his surprise, the chapel was empty. There was nobody guarding the bell, and he didn’t hesitate to jump to the second floor, and then jump to the ceiling as he swung the sword at it.

The bell was cut in half and he was pushed down by a strong force the moment it got cut. He fell to the ground and a notification appeared in front of him. They cleared the sixteenth floor, and a portal appeared right in front of him.

Asmond stood up and looked at the entrance door. The commotion had gone quiet, and it was so quiet that it felt so weird. He walked outside as he sheathed Agnez’s sword, and then saw everyone in the city was on their knees with their hands holding their heads.

“We did it,” Asmond said with a smile.

Agnez and the others came out of the corner, and they all looked at dozens of people laying on the ground unconscious or groaning in pain.

“The portal is inside?” Agnez asked.

“Yeah, the portal is in there,” Asmond answered as he nodded his head.

Agnez hummed with understanding, and she was suspicious about something. Then she walked back and hurriedly walked past the others. Everyone was watching her, and they decided to follow her because they were curious about what she was going to do.

“What’s wrong?” Gunnar asked as he walked next to Agnez.

“The tower. It’s so close, but why there’s a portal there?” Agnez replied.

Agnez walked through the crossroads, and the tower was right outside the city, but then an invisible wall blocked her path when she tried to get out of the city.

“This is bullshit,” Agnez said in a bit annoyed voice.

“I guess we really should take the portal,” Gunnar said as he looked at the tower that wasn’t even a mile away from where they stood.

“Yeah, but we are still on the sixteenth floor, remember? If that’s the twentieth floor, where the fuck we are going to on the next three floors?” Agnez asked as she looked at Gunnar. “Not to mention, we haven’t found Sibrand and that knight,”

Everyone wouldn’t remember if Agnez didn’t remind them of that.

“We need to find him and Asmond’s sword is taken by that knight as well. Those two might be not affected by the bells, and they were the ones behind it. If we can find him, then it would be easier for us to clear this world,” Agnez explained as she looked at everyone.

“Alright, I guess we should stay here, and check every corner of this floor,” Gunnar said as he sighed.

Asmond nodded in agreement, and then he looked at Cristian and his friends. “Are you going to stay or are you going to go back to your world, Cristian?” Asmond asked.

“We are going to stay, we also want to find our missing friends that Sibrand took,” Cristian answered.

“Then let’s go and find your friends,” Asmond replied.

They scattered around the city as soon as Asmond gave it a go.

A day had passed since they tried to find Sibrand and the knight, but they couldn’t find them anywhere. The people that got brainwashed, all of them had no idea who those two were, and they didn’t even remember about them at all.

It made things a lot bizarre because Lillith could see them talking and seeing Sibrand in their memories. They started to think that both Sibrand and the knight weren’t actually humans. They could be demons in disguise, and the people they took were either dead or brought somewhere out of the sixteenth floor.

They all decided to go on to the seventeenth floor because they looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. The moment they entered the portal, they were inside a room that looked like a library with tall bookshelves that they couldn’t get on top of them.

“We don’t have time for this,” Agnez said as he grabbed Sven’s scythe and started slashing the bookshelves.

To their surprise, there were dozens of bookshelves behind the bookshelves. Agnez sighed as she gave the scythe back to Sven. “Looks like we are inside of a maze,” Agnez said.


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