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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 243 Bahasa Indonesia

“So? How was it? Seeing Behemoth for the first time?” Mykel asked as he sat down on the couch and stared at Agnez and Lillith who were still kneeling on the floor trying to recover.

“Petrifying is the right answer for that,” Agnez answered as she groaned and tried to stand up. “I don’t have the energy to talk or to think, I’m going to bed now. Come on, Lilly, let’s take a bath and sleep,” Agnez continued as she helped Lillith stand up.

“In two days, you’re going to join Asmond’s team. You will be going to the Astaroth Tower with Gunnar, Vincze, and Sven,” Mykel said as he watched Agnez and Lillith walk into Agnez’s bedroom.

“I can’t hear you, my ears broke,” Agnez said as she closed the door in front of her.

Mykel laughed dismissively and then warped away to the hospital.

Sven’s limbs were back thanks to the gauntlet, but Vincze and Gunnar were still resting on the bed. They both were startled when they saw Mykel suddenly appear in front of them.

“Did Rozan visit you?” Mykel asked after he knew the condition of those three.

“Nope, and I don’t think he will because he’s in the Leowa World right now. He’s really using his time to learn a lot about magic from Shelly,” Vincze answered.

“I see, I’ll check up on him then,” Mykel said as he looked at the time on his watch. “Anyway, Agnez and Lillith will join you guys in the attempt to clear the Astaroth Tower the day after tomorrow. She won’t be leading you guys because I believe she’s exhausted from clearing the Behemoth Tower,”

“That’s really good news because after spending our time with Asmond’s team, they’re lacking in something and they basically still can’t comprehend that they’re dealing with demons so it was a bit annoying to hear them whine about stuff,” Sven replied as he buttoned his shirt.

“That will be all, and also, I won’t be joining you guys. I will be staying out of the tower for the meantime,” Mykle answered as he put his hands in his pockets.

“Why’s that, boss?” Gunnar asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Let’s just say that I’m being targeted right now, and they’re trying to lure me in. Since I won’t be entering the towers, they’re targeting all of you now,” Mykel answered as he looked at them. “That’s why you’re like this, also what happened to Agnez and Lillith was because of the same reason as well,”

“Then when are you going to join us?” Vincze asked.

“Once you cleared all the twentieth floors in all towers, hopefully,” Mykel answered as he looked at his status screen and looked at his rank raised to 84.

“Is that why you want to go together again?” Sven asked as he stared at Mykel.

“Yes, but not everyone just the five of you. I’m going to send Jeanne, Rozan, Edith, and Nagy to the Asmodeus Tower,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head and closed his status screen.

“Just the four of them, boss? Are you sure? That’s a bit risky, no? After what happened to us and as you said to Agnez and Lillith?” Gunnar looked at Mykel with a puzzled look.

“They will be fine, Rozan could handle everything on his own. The Asmodeus Tower is his playground and he could clear the twentieth floor on his own,” Mykel answered so casually. “Even if they died, I could bring them all back to life,”

They shared a look and then shrugged their shoulders and mouths.

“Just don’t forget to inform Asmond or Enma when they visited you guys. I’m going to visit Rozan and tell him about my plan,” Mykel said, and then he warped to the Leowa World.

Mykel appeared on top of the temple where Shelly lived, and he was surprised when he saw the whole nation had been rebuilt. Everything looked so good and beautiful, but unfortunately, there were no people that lived in it, only Shelly by herself.

A chill wind stroked Mykel’s hair and turned around to see a small whirlwind and leaves in it appeared behind him. The whirlwind got fiercer, and the dispersed at the same time as Shelly appeared from it.

“God Mykel, I didn’t realize you were here,” Shelly said as she walked toward him and lowered her head.

“I just came, I’m looking for Rozan,” Mykel replied.

“He’s busy on that island over there. He made his own laboratory or place for an experiment there,” Shelly pointed at the small island across from them.

Mykel nodded and flew to the island with Shelly following him from behind.

“No… No!” Rozan’s devastating voice could be heard in the distance.

Mykel stared at Rozan with his dirty clothes and dozens of gemstones scattered around him. He looked right and saw a large dome with a roof made of glass, and he knew what Rozan was doing with it.

“What’s the problem? Trying to recreate the rainbow gemstones?” Mykel asked as he walked toward Rozan.

“Eh? Boss? Are you here to bring me back?” Rozan asked as he looked at Mykel from over his left shoulder.

“Not really, but I want you to get ready to clear the Asmodeus Tower with Jeanne, Edith, and Nagy the day after tomorrow,” Mykel answered as he looked at the dome as a magnifying glass to concentrate the sunlight.

“It’s time already? I didn’t realize that,” Rozan replied as he tossed the gemstones away.

“How many have you created so far?” Mykel asked as he looked at the small bag filled with gemstones.

“One, but I think I was lucky. I still have dozens of them here, but I think they all will end up being like these spoiled or failed products,” Rozan answered as he yawned and stretched his arms up. “Oh, since you’re here…”

“No, I gave the staff back to its owner. I can’t help you with recreating that again,” Mykel answered. “But I can make some with Hellfire for Edith and Jeanne’s second sword,” Mykel said as he grabbed two gemstones from the bag.

Mykel stared at the gemstones in his right hand and lit them up with [Hellfire] for five seconds. They almost cracked, but they didn’t, and the gemstones slowly turned darker and became dark purple. He tossed the gemstones to Rozan so he could add the other elements to them.

“Don’t be late, and clean yourself, Rozan,” Mykel said as he walked away.

“Shelly, I see that the city is back to how it used to be, so I’m offering you if you want people to live in the city. I can ask someone and he would love to bring his people to this world,” Mykel said as he stood in front of Shelly.

“It would be a waste if fully built and furnished houses and buildings were left empty. I would love to welcome them,” Shelly answered as she looked at the city in the distance.

“I will tell him to bring a few people here, maybe people that he can trust. These people have very high technology, so you would love to see their devices and maybe it would help you achieve something that you never thought it would be possible,” Mykel said.

Shelly nodded with understanding, and then Mykel warped to the Helmga World.

Mykel went to the place where he wrote to Nagy, and it was a small temple of the blood fellowship where Rinon used to be the leader of the fellowship. They could be called the assassins of the Helmga World where their job was to assassinate the people that tried to monopoly the kingdoms.

There was a small river in front of Mykel, and it looked normal if anyone didn’t pay any attention to it. There was actually a small entrance to a tunnel in the middle of the river, and it would lead them into a small cave under the river.

Mykel walked into the river and slid down into a hole that could only fit for one person. He slid down as he held his breath, and ended up falling into a pond of water that was three meters deep. He then climbed out of the small pond and found the mouth of the cave.

“Mister Mykel?” Nagy asked as she took a peek from inside the cave.

“How’s the training?” Mykel asked as he dried himself up.

“Right now, I can only do this,” Nagy said, and her body suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Mykel.

“Shadow walk, not bad,” Mykel said with a smile.

“Yes, but it’s still level 1 and I can only do it in a narrow space with no light,” Nagy replied as she turned around to look at the cave.

“That’s fine, you will raise the level in no time. Anyway, I want you to go back home the day after tomorrow. You will be clearing the Asmodeus Tower with Jeanne, Rozan, and Edith, so I want you to be back the day after tomorrow,” Mykel said.

“Okay, then I still have time to learn a new skill before I go back,” Nagy replied as she looked at Mykel.

“Take your time, and sorry for disturbing your training,” Mykel said with a gentle smile.

Nagy shook her head. “No, it’s okay, Mister Mykel,” Nagy replied with a smile on her face.

“Alright, good luck with the training,” Mykel rubbed Nagy’s head and then warped to where Jeanne was.

“Long time no see, Garci,” Mykel said as he entered the tavern and saw so many customers inside.

“Mykel! Long time no see!” Garci stared at Mykel from behind the counter. “You must be here for Miss Jeanne, right? She’s in the back building,”

Mykel walked to the back with dozens of eyes staring at him.

Mykel leaned on the wall as he watched Jeanne surrounded by Awakeners and all of them were men. “Enjoying your vacation?” Mykel asked with a smile and arms crossed.


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