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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 241 Bahasa Indonesia

An overwhelming presence brought Lillith to her knees and made her tremble in fear. She could breathe, but she forgot how to do it because of his presence in the distance. She thought that a demon king wouldn’t be that scary because she had seen demon princesses every day, but she realized what a foolish thought she had.

Mykel watched from the feed as he smoked his cigarette on the balcony with a bottle of vodka in his left hand. He saw what they saw, a demon king with claws on his back like chicken feet with massive and long claws instead of wings. His fingers and claws were like skyscrapers, and anyone who got hit by them would disappear.

The claws could tear the world in half if he wanted to. The only demon who could turn the world upside down, literally, making the day into night in a single stomp. A Demon King of Chaos, Behemoth.

If there was anyone who could fight Behemoth in a one-on-one fight, that would be Ares at his peak. The other Gods who were weaker than Ares wouldn’t stand a chance against Behemoth, but that didn’t mean Ares could win, the comparison was about who could stand equally in strength and power.

“Trying to get rid of my people one by one, are you really going to do this?” Mykel asked as he stared at the feed and smoked his cigarette. “Looks like you made a deal with someone else as well,”

Mykel didn’t plan on helping Agnez and Lillith because he wanted to see what they were going to do in that situation. If they died, then he could easily retrieve their bodies and resurrect them back to life, but that wouldn’t be the case for Agnez. For Lillith, he just had to wait until he could retrieve her body once it was done.

“I’m not going to take the bait, so enjoy it while it last, Lucifer,” Myke said as he flicked the cigarette down the balcony.

The sandstorm was so thick it was impossible for Lillith to open her eyes for too long. She didn’t even have the strength to stand up on her own two feet, and all she could look at were Mazikeen’s legs and her long claws.

“You will die, Lillith,” Mazikeen said calmly. “You won’t be able to survive no matter how far you are from the battle. Are you scared?” Mazikeen asked.

“Yes,” Lillith answered in her trembling voice as she tried to look at Mazikeen’s face, but she couldn’t.

“Don’t be, you won’t realize it,” Mazikeen replied.

Lillith lowered her head and hid her face in the sand as he covered her head with both arms.

Mazikeen looked up and the suns were blocked by Behemoth’s body. It was as dark as the night sky because of that, but then a pair of glowing red circles bigger than the sun pointed toward her with their bright red light. Those were Behemoth’s eyes above the clouds.

Lillith squirmed on the ground as she trembled in fear because of Behemoth’s gaze. Her whole body was sweating and she was trying so hard to not get passed out from it.

“Leave that vessel and come back, Princess Mazikeen,” One of the silhouettes said.

“I have made a pact with this mortal, I can’t leave her and I will die if I do that,” Mazikeen answered as she walked forward.

All of them went quiet after they heard Mazikeen’s answer.

“That’s right, I made a master and servant pact with her, and I’m the servant,” Mazikeen said as he glared at the silhouette in the middle. “What are you going to do now, Tiamat?” Mazikeen asked.

Tiamat, the ninth demon lord of Behemoth, the one below Mazikeen, was one of the primordials of chaos.

The silhouette in the middle suddenly expanded and showed its five long necks with a pair of wings that spread wide. Those were in fact not necks, those were horns in the shape of dragons’ necks and heads that could be extended at will.

“Then we will bring that vessel back with us,” Tiamat answered as she extended her horns toward Mazikeen.

Maizkeen didn’t hesitate to use her true form and started tearing her skin apart as she got bigger and bigger. Multiple horns pierced out from her skull and they grew bigger and sharper like blades and a crown. Her wings multiplied into four, and each one of them had dozens of sharp bones at the end of the wings like a scythe.

Mazikeen’s body kept getting bigger and bigger until she matched the three silhouettes in front of her. Her wings were big enough to cover the three silhouettes with them, and then her ribs came pierced through her chest and stomach like sharp teeth that could move like a jaw.

Mazikeen flew toward Tiamat at full speed as she dragged her long shiny claws like silver on the ground.

The dragons’ heads started to be visible from the storm, and they had different colors with different powers. The black dragon that could breathe [Hellfire], the green dragon that could breathe [Corrosive], the blue dragon that could breathe [Frostbite], the white dragon head that could breathe [Blinding Light], and the red dragon that could breathe [Sonic Wave].

All the heads released their abilities toward Mazikeen, but Mazikeen blocked all of them with her wings. Although she was affected by those and could easily recover from them, she was getting pushed back by the force from them.

As Mazikeen got pushed by the breaths, the silhouette on the right flew toward her and pounced on her with its legs and sharp claws. It was a green wyvern with three heads and razor-sharp teeth.

The wyvern started to bite Mazikeen’s arms and shoulder as it slammed her to the ground, but then she slashed the wyvern’s stomach with her right hand. She then used her ribs to crush the left wyvern’s neck and decapitated it apart with her left hand.

“You’re no match for me, Sylvryl!” Mazikeen said as she pushed the wyvern away with both legs.

Sylvryl was the seventh demon lord of Behemoth, and his abilities were fast regeneration, venomous saliva, and poisonous breath. The last two abilities were so powerful that [All Status Resistance] couldn’t stop those skills, and only [Godly Resistance] could stop them.

Mazikeen stood up and stared at the wounds that Sylvryl inflicted on her. She was fine, but not for long, and she knew it. So she had to go and flew past them all to leave.

Before she could take a step forward, her left leg was bitten by a big sandworm. She looked at it and cut the head off with one of her left wings. She then looked at the last silhouette who had been silently staring at her behind the thick sandstorm.

“Nargog, you better stay away from this, or I will kill you first,” Mazikeen glared at the silhouette with dozens of long tails.

Nargog, the eighth demon lord of Behemoth, a winged headless dog-like demon with a giant mouth on his neck with thousands of sharp teeth. He had twenty-one tails with a mouth like a sandworm that could pierce through anything and used to devour anything.

Mazikeen flew toward Tiamat again, and the dragons’ heads started to release their breath again at her. This time, Mazikeen flew up high into the sky as she tried to dodge them. Since Mazikeen wasn’t only stronger than them, she was the third fastest demon in the demon world. The second one was Luciel, and the first one was Lucifer.

As she flew and dodged the breaths, she noticed a massive tail coming toward her from above. It was Behemoth’s tail, and the only way to avoid it was to go around it and fly as high as she could.

Tiamat, Sylvryl, and Nargog saw it coming, and they also flew away the moment the black giant tail covered the sky.

Behemoth’s tail slammed to the ground, and the whole world got pushed down because of it. Behemoth was up in the air for a whole minute and the moment he landed on the ground again, the suns and the moons were spinning three times.

Mazikeen looked down at the damage that Behemoth had done. “I told you, you won’t realize it,” Mazikeen said as she stared at the blood stain on the sand and slowly got washed up by the other sand.


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