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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 238 Bahasa Indonesia

“Still not stopping?” Mykel asked as he was being pounded by Freyja, but he knew that she wouldn’t listen to him because she had already lost her mind from pleasure. “You already had your time,” Mykel said as he lifted Freyja and gently pushed her down to the bed.

“You’re seriously worse than those two,” Mykel got off the bed as he sighed.

Although Freyja was the one who kept moving her body, she was out of breath and couldn’t move a muscle the moment she was done moving. It only took her a minute until she could move her body again, and the moment she could move, she walked toward Mykel and hugged him from behind.

“There’s a river with a waterfall on top of it, do you want to go and bathe with me?” Freyja asked as she rubbed Mykel’s chest and abs from behind.

“Sure, we didn’t even have the chance to talk, so let’s talk while we bathe,” Mykel answered.

Freyja warped the space and they were already in the middle of a river with the loud noise of the waterfall hitting the rocks behind them. Mykel immediately dipped his whole body in the river, and his body was steaming after the intense sex with Freyja that made his body temperature rise.

Mykel swam to the side and leaned his body and head on the rock as he enjoyed the cold water and chill wind.

“You said Yggdrasil tree needs protection, are you saying that you want to rule over all the worlds here?” Freyja asked as she sat on top of Mykel’s lap.

“No, I promise Thor that I won’t use him and let him rule over the nine worlds,” Mykel answered as he watched Freyja’s hands trying to make him hard again, but then he grabbed Freyja’s hands and stopped her. “Even though I said that, I want you to be mine,” Mykel stared Freyja in the eye.

Freyja tried to reach Mykel’s, but he kept pushing her hands away. She then stopped resisting and moved her hands away from him.

“You want me to be yours? You’re asking too much,” Freyja mockingly smiled as she stood up and then swam away.

“Then good luck fighting against Lucifer and Nyx because right now they won’t play nice anymore,” Mykel said as he watched Freyja wash her hair. “Maybe you will be Nyx’s next target,”

Freyja stopped washing her hair, and then she slowly turned her head toward Mykel with a puzzled look on her face.

“What are you talking about?” Freyja asked.

“At the moment, Ra and his Gods are struggling to fight Nyx because I believe Lucifer and Nyx are trying to find a replacement for Odin’s position. The result is either he’s going to suffer a lot after the fight, or he follows Nyx and becomes Lucifer’s new ally,” Mykel said as he stared at the sky and purposely used Lucifer’s name so he could listen to their conversation.

“Ra was asking for my help, and he sounded so desperate as well. Then, I said, why is that my problem? Do you understand what kind of position you’re in right now?” Mykel asked as he stared Freyja in the eye.

“That doesn’t apply here because you said you’re trying to build a relationship with Thor. If she or he attacks the nine worlds, you’re going to come and help him,” Freyja answered.

“Of course, but that doesn’t include you. Look around you, the moment Odin loses his throne and weapon, you’re no longer the queen of Aesir. They chose Thor, Thor will be my friend, and Thor would rather choose to protect Jord than you. Now, who’s going to protect you if I decided to not include you? The Valkyries? Baldur? Heimdall?” Mykel asked with a smirk.

“Lucifer won’t target Thor because he knows that it would be a waste of time. But you, you’re an easy target,” Mykel said as he pointed his finger at Freyja.

Freyja clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She was helpless and couldn’t do anything but be angry.

“Ra won’t follow Lucifer nor Nyx because I got what’s more important to him than his own life. I have his staff, the staff of the sun is in my hand. He would rather die than follow them without his staff. Now that you know, Lucifer will think about targeting you,” Mykel said with a smile on his face. “Maybe he won’t because you have lost your necklace and fur coat. I have asked Loki to steal them again from you the moment you brought me here,”

“Mykel!” Freyja screamed her lungs out as she was helpless and frustrated at the same time since it was all she could do at that moment.

Mykel stood up and slowly walked toward Freyja who was on her knees in the middle of the river. He stood right in front of her, and then he leaned his body forward as he gently touched Freyja’s left cheek.

“I promise you that I will treat you better than anyone else. I will protect you, and I will provide everything that you want,” Mykel said as he rubbed Freyja’s cheek with his thumb.

Freyja’s body was trembling and her emotions were like waves that came and hit each other.

Mykel reached out his left hand over his left shoulder, and then a hand appeared from behind him with the Brsingamen in it. The hand dropped the Brisingamen onto Mykel’s hand, and then the hand disappeared with a faint mischievous giggle that could be heard in the air.

Mykel went down on his knees and put the Brisingamen on Freyja’s neck. She was surprised that he gave the Brisingamen back to her, she then slowly looked up and saw Mykel’s smile.

“Leave Odin’s side, and be mine,” Mykel said as he kept smiling at her.

Mykel grabbed her arms above her elbows and gently picked her up. He took a few steps back and reached out his right hand at her.

Freyja was rubbing the Brisingamen on her neck with her left hand as she stared at Mykel’s hand. She hesitated, but then she grabbed his hand with her right hand. Mykel suddenly pulled her closer and grabbed her waist with his left arm and put his right hand on her chin.

“I will make you the happiest Goddess, Freyja,” Mykel said, and then he kissed her so passionately.

They shared a passionate kiss as Mykel wrapped his arms around her.

(In the Empyrean World)

Lucifer was sitting on his throne with his head resting on his left fist. He was listening to every conversation that Mykel had with Freyja. He could still hear the sound of them making out since he was busy thinking about what he just listened to.

Lucifer started to understand how Mykel could easily gain power and favor so rapidly. He understood that Mykel knew a lot of things about the Gods and how to deceive them. He started to see it in the big picture and started to realize why they decided to follow him and how he achieved everything so easily.

“Are you trying to deceive me as well, Mykel?” Lucifer said to himself as he stared blankly. “Let’s see if you can protect all of them at once,” Lucifer continued as he started clenching his fists on the armrest.

All the tormented souls started screaming their lungs out. The whole Empyrean World was surrounded by screams of pain and agony.

“Nyx, leave, we don’t need Ra anymore, he’s useless,” Lucifer said telepathically.

“Luciel, come here, now,” Lucifer said telepathically.

In less than a minute, Luciel opened the door and entered the throne room where Lucifer was. He stared at Luciel with a sharp gaze, and it was the first time Lucifer showed that gaze toward Luciel. It made her feel a bit uncomfortable and terrified at the same time.

“You met him down there when we were in Gehenna. What did he tell you,” Lucifer asked as he kept staring at Luciel with a serious expression.

Luciel told Lucifer everything that Mykel told her back then. Lucifer was right that Mykel was playing mind games and used everyone’s weaknesses and issues to gain their favor.

“Mara!” Lucifer said as he stood up and spread his wings.

Luciel was shocked when Lucifer called her name out loud. The whole room was instantly covered in black mist, and then they both felt Mara’s presence above them.

“Are you interested in a deal that I’m going to offer?” Lucifer asked with a serious expression.


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