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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 230 Bahasa Indonesia

Sif wasn’t only a Goddess, but she was also a witch that could see the future. Unlike Apollo who could only see a glimpse, Sif on the other hand could see all possible futures. Mykel was curious about what she saw and wanted to know more about it.

Sif pursed her lips a bit as she kept frowning at Mykel.

“My love, what did you see?” Thor asked with a confused look.

Loki cleared his throat as he stared at both of them. He then raised his eyebrows and tilted his head toward the Gods and Goddesses who were watching them silently.

“Right, we have more important things to do,” Mykel said as he stared at the Gods and Goddesses.

Thor walked back to the middle as Mykel walked back and let Thor have his moment. He stayed behind Loki, Thor, Hel, and Sif. He looked to his right and saw three young men, and a woman staring at Thor in admiration.

Magni, Modi, Thrud, and Ull. They were the children of Thor from different partners, but Thrud was Thor and Sif’s daughter. Compared to all the children Thor had, Thrud was the strongest, fastest, and most skilled compared to the other three. She herself was a part of Valkyrie, and it was even mentioned that Sif herself won against all the Valkyries in a one-on-one fight. That was why Thrud was the strongest.

“The time has proved itself one more time. It proved how a man with power sitting on top for too long will forget what’s better for his people. He has abandoned us and plays with the power to gain something for himself,” Thor said as he looked at all of them. “The situation has worsened. The people of Midgard are suffering because of him. We need to stop him once and for all,”

“I have seen thousands of kings, they have power, wealth, and women, but they are never satisfied by them. In the end, they brought their own downfall and the people with them. I don’t want that to happen to our beloved world, Asgard, and the worlds below us,” Thor said as he looked at them with a serious expression.

“For Asgard!” Thor shouted as he raised his hammer.

All the Gods and Goddesses cheered for Thor, and none of them were skeptical or scared of what they were going to do. They all had made up their minds, and nothing could stop them anymore, not even death because Hel was with them.

They all left for Valhalla. Thousands of Gods and Goddesses walked together and made a scene wherever the path they took. They were curious about why suddenly thousands of Gods and Goddesses banded together.

They arrived at the gate to Valhalla at the edge of Asgard with the last branch of Yggdrasil’s tree that could be seen reaching the sky behind it. Valhalla took a tenth of Asgard, and it was so big that everyone could live inside. But since Valhalla was only meant for the chosen after their death, they couldn’t get inside as they pleased except for the Gods and Goddesses.

Thor led them into Valhalla, and the first thing they saw was twenty-three women in full plate armor as they rode a pegasus and a spear, shield, or sword in their hands. The most recognized, and strongest Valkyries in Asgard were waiting for them as they looked down at them.

Freyja appeared from behind a tree, and then she walked toward Thor with the Valkyries descended and followed her from behind. She stared at Thor, Loki, Hel, and Sif without showing any expression, nobody could tell what she was going to say or do.

“What’s your purpose here, Odinson?” Freyja asked calmly.

“I came here to see my father,” Thor answered. “I have to put an end to this, Freyja,”

“Put an end to what?” Freyja asked.

“You should already know what our father is doing behind us. I don’t think there’s a reason to waste our time by explaining things that you already know,” Loki replied as he stared at Freyja.

“I will not allow it,” Freyja said as her gaze pointed at Thor.

“And we are here not to ask for your permission either,” Thor said as he walked toward Freyja and the Valkyries.

Before Thor could walk past Freyja, a man jumped down from the tree and landed right in front of Thor. A man with a muscular body with nothing to cover his muscular chest and abs stood right in front of Thor with his long braided brown hair and beard.

“Baldur,” Thor said with his eyes squinted as he stared at Baldur who was half his size.

“Long time no see, brother,” Baldur said with a smile on his face as he looked up to stare Thor in the eye. “I guess we have to fight on a different side this time,” Baldur continued with a smirk on his face.

“What’s the meaning of this?” A woman walked hurriedly.

A skinny woman as tall as Thor wore a headdress made of flowers stared at Freyja, Baldur, and Thor with her bright green eyes. Her long pale yellow hair was covering her right shoulder and a bit of her face. The mother of Thor Odinson, Jord, the Goddess of Nature.

“Your son is trying to overthrow his father,” Freyja said as she stared at the woman.

“And? That’s none of our business to begin with. Let him and his father have a talk,” Jord replied as she slowly walked to the middle.

“A talk? Don’t you see how many of them that he brings? You think they’re here to talk?” Freyja asked as she pointed at all the Gods and Goddesses behind Thor. “Not to mention, he’s here as well,” Freyja glared at Mykel standing on the side and stared at the magnificent Valhalla.

Mykel glanced at Freyja from the corner of his eyes and then continued staring at the castle.

“If my son is here to fight, he would have brought Mjollnir with him. All of them don’t even have anything in their hands. Let them through and let him have a talk with Odin. I know my son more than anyone else,” Jord said.

“Don’t dirty this sacred place, Freyja,” Jord said with a serious and sorrowful expression.

Freyja sighed as she closed her eyes.

Thor stared at Freyja for a moment, and then he proceeded to walk past her, Baldur, and the Valkyries. They didn’t make a move and let them all pass, but then a sword landed right in front of Mykel.

“Stop right there,” Heimdall’s voice could be heard from above.

Thor, Loki, and Hel turned around to look at Mykel was being blocked by Heimdall. Mykel glanced at them and shook his head to signal to them that they could go on without him and that he didn’t need any help.

Jord stared at Mykel and decided to leave because she didn’t want to get involved with things that she didn’t care about and knew.

Mykel watched the Valkyries fly above and surround him so he couldn’t escape. Baldur was on his left, Freyja on his right, and lastly, Heimdall stood in front of him as he grabbed his sword from the ground.

“You’re a threat to Asgard, you’re not allowed to enter this place nor any places in Asgard no more,” Heimdall said as he stared down at Mykel.

“I’m not planning on doing anything, but it seems like you guys want to have some fun,” Mykel said as he looked at them. “Let’s play then,” Mykel smirked at Heimdall.


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