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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 228 Bahasa Indonesia

“What are you trying to do, Beldathiel?” Mykel asked calmly as he stared at her with a straight face.

“You know exactly what I’m going to do. I don’t want the same thing to repeat itself,” Beldathiel answered and she looked serious about it.

“You want to kill them?” Mykel asked as he stood up and stood in front of Beldathiel. “I’m not going to stop you, go ahead,” Mykel said as he grabbed Beldathiel’s shoulders and slowly turned her around.

Everyone stared at Beldathiel and the dice that floated above her right hand. They had no idea what she was planning to do with the dice since they didn’t know anything about the dice’s power.

Beldathiel stared at them being clueless, and it made her feel a bit at ease.

“If it’s a big number, all the Gods and Goddesses in this room will die. If it’s a small number, I will die,” Beldathiel said out loud and everyone was still having no idea what she was saying.

“Good, now throw it,” Mykel whispered into her ear.

Beldathiel glanced at Mykel, and then she looked at the dice above her hand.

“I hope you’re ready for the consequences of your action. You said that you didn’t want things to repeat themselves, but at the same time you’re only going to make the situation worse with whatever number is coming out when you throw the dice,” Mykel said as he stared at them from over Beldathiel’s head.

“It doesn’t matter, if you all die, everything will be over before it started,” Beldathiel replied.

“For me, not for him,” Mykel said. “Who do you think can stop him now if you kill us all here?” Mykel asked as he wrapped his arms around Beldathiel’s neck.

Beldathiel hesitated and just kept staring at them.

“I can order you to stop and I can take that dice away from you. I can also stop the dice before it touches the ground, but I won’t do it. So, go ahead and throw it. You never lose in your own game, right?” Mykel said as he walked back and sat down on his throne.

“Stop telling me what to do,” Beldathiel said as she turned her head to look at Mykel.

“It doesn’t matter. You will kill everyone here, including your own sisters and yourself when I die. So go ahead and die for nothing,” Mykel replied as he crossed his legs and rested his head on his right fist.

“I knew it, you have been deceiving us from the beginning. You’re exactly like him,” Beldathiel said with a sorrowful expression.

“You seem to have an issue with us, the Gods. I wonder what drove your hatred toward us,” Hera walked toward the throne with a smile on her face. “I have seen enough and how you reacted when we first met,”

“The same reason why you hate us demons,” Zherlthsh answered as she glared at Hera.

“Are we? Have you taken a good look at your surroundings? Have you seen the way we all look at you? Do you see any hostility from us?” Hera asked as she looked back at Zherlthsh. “The game has changed or at least it’s about to change,”

“That’s because Mykel has told you about us,” Beldathiel answered as she watched Hera walk up the stairs.

“Doesn’t that mean he did a great job? He alone managed to move all of us toward greatness,” Hera replied as she stared at Beldathiel and lifted her dress so she didn’t trip while she climbed the stairs. “You said that he’s deceiving you, but that’s just an excuse, isn’t it? Did he ever treat you wrongly? Did he ever ask you to do something that you don’t want to do?” Hera asked.

“He did, he almost killed me,” Vixelleth answered.

“And I bet that’s because of your own action?” Hera replied with her eyebrows raised.

Vixelleth couldn’t say anything and immediately went quiet.

“But that doesn’t mean he’s not using you for his own benefits,” Beldathiel said.

“Child, we are living in a similar world where the strong own the weak. You’re born with that, but do you ever know how it feels like for those who got trampled down by you?” Hera asked as she looked down on Beldathiel because she was way taller than Beldathiel.

“Neither do you,” Beldathiel answered.

“How innocent,” Hera said with a genuine smile as she chuckled. “There’s someone up there who can kill all of us here in a blink of an eye. She has been owning all of us for thousands of years,” Hera continued as she gently put her hand on Beldathiel’s left cheek.

“Who?” Beldathiel asked as she stared Hera in the eye and ignored the hand on her cheek.

“She’s someone that even Lucifer himself afraid of. Even Mykel feels unease when thinking about it,” Hera answered with a serious expression. “You should have heard about her, right?”

Beldathiel, Zherlthsh, and Vixelleth knew who Hera was talking about. Although they knew about Mara, they never heard much about her. They didn’t even know that Lucifer was afraid of her.

“You’re a part of us now. Our differences, let’s put them aside,” Hera said as she removed her hand from Beldathiel’s cheek. “Not all the Gods stand side by side, we have enemies among ourselves. Some of these Gods that you’re looking at right now used to be our enemies, but Mykel brought us together,” Hera continued as she walked down the stairs.

“Why should we?” Beldathiel asked. “We don’t want to be standing on the same ground as you divine beings,”

Hera smiled and turned herself into a vengeful form. She was scarier than demons, or even scarier than Zherlthsh in her demon form.

“Because not every God is benevolent,” Hera answered as she turned around and stared at Beldathiel in the eye. “Some of us are even called a demon in disguise. We are not that different, we are just portrayed differently,”

Keres scoffed and smirked as she nodded her head in agreement.

Beldathiel stood there and watched Hera’s vengeful aura threaten the Gods around her.

“Even though my plan is to make you and your sisters be the Demon Kings, I haven’t asked you to do anything about it,” Mykel said as he stood up and stared at Beldathiel. “The choice is yours, whether you decide to join me or not, it’s all up to you. I will even remove the pact that we made and let you go back to your world,” Mykel said as he walked past Beldathiel and walked down the stairs.

“Your concern about everything that you have in your mind right now, can’t be compared to the concern of all the people in this room,” Mykel said at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at Beldathiel. “And that’s everyone wants freedom, including me. That’s why I’m doing this. So? What’s your answer Beldathiel? Join us or go back to your world?”

Beldathiel looked at the dice above her hand, and then she looked at Zherlthsh and Vixelleth who were staring at her. They would follow her decision and as long as they were together, they would be fine.

Mykel was surrounded by Hera, Loki, Hel, Thor, Dionysus, Aphrodite, and Apollo. They were looking at Beldathiel and waiting for her answer. It was the first time Beldathiel was being stared at with warmth and respect as if she was being looked at equally by them. Their genuine expressions made her realize that it wasn’t that bad to stay, and so she put away her dice.

“I will join but I need to know more first,” Beldathiel answered.

“Of course, I have no reason to hide it anymore,” Mykel replied with a gentle smile on his face.


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