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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 197 Bahasa Indonesia

“Welcome to Leowa, the world of magic. Or at least it used to be,” Shelly said as she looked at the destroyed city from the harbor.

The city looked like a medieval world but there was something different about it. The buildings’ structures looked like in a fantasy world where the buildings weren’t square and there were remains of spiral buildings that used to be towers.

A massive clock as big as the colosseum that fell in the middle of the city, and a very tall altar with thousands of steps of a staircase made from stone that reached the sky on the further back of the city. They could see the colorful buildings and could tell the city used to be gorgeous.

“You said that you evacuated everyone, so does that mean this whole island is empty?” Jeanne asked as she looked at the city.

“Yes, everyone,” Shelly answered and stared blankly at the wet brick road. “Come, I will show you my temple and you can rest there for tonight,” Shelly said as she looked at them over her right shoulder.

They followed Shelly from behind and were mesmerized by how beautiful the city structure was. They walked through the long bridge with waterfalls on both sides, they looked down and could see the depth of the pit. It was similar to the bridge in Niflheim.

The city was divided into five layers, the fifth layers were for people who couldn’t use magic and most of them were fisherman. The fourth layer was where people could use low-tier magic, most of them were artisans and gardeners. The third layer was for mid-tier magic people, and they could be called low-rank noble. The last two layers were for high-tier magic people and high-rank nobles who govern the city.

Each layer was divided by a beautiful river, the water looked so clear that they could see the bottom of it. Although they were divided, they didn’t discriminate against each other, and they all lived side by side peacefully or Shelly would be exiled from the island which also mean death.

“Queen Shelly, what’s that building that looks like a spiral? What’s the purpose of that thing?” Rozan asked as he looked at how tall the spiral building was even though it had become a ruin.

“It’s where we put the energy stone on top of it. It gives power to the city to run everything like the pole over there where we illuminate the roads at night,” Shelly answered as she pointed at the poles along the road.

“So it’s like a solar panel,” Rozan said with his eyebrows raised.

“Yes, you’re right, we use solar or the sun to charge the energy stone,” Shelly replied as she looked at Rozan with a bit of surprise.

“What’s an energy stone?” Jeanne asked.

“It’s a stone where we preserve energy that nature offered. Like that over there,” Shelly answered as she pointed at the clear crystal rock that scattered on the road. “This is an energy stone,” Shelly grabbed the stone and showed it to them.

“This energy stone is the most important thing in our lives. Not only it’s practical for our daily lives, but it also helps us to strengthen our magic,” Shelly said as she stared at the energy stone. “Each element gives different benefits when it’s socketed in our weapon,” Shelly explained and looked at Jeanne.

“Wait, what? Can you explain to us more about it?” Rozan looked so excited and curious about the energy stone.

“Of course, but we have to keep moving because the temple is up there on the altar,” Shelly smiled as she started walking.

The energy stone could preserve four energy, earth, wind, fire, and water, or even a combination of two or even four of them together. The earth’s energy was the basic energy it had because the energy stone itself was made from sand that was heated until it became crystal clear glass.

The basic energy stone if socketed into equipment, it made it stronger and could be indestructible. If it was used to use earth magic, it had the same effect as when socketed on a weapon or armor.

When the energy stone was exposed to the sun or fire, the energy stone preserved the heat and turned the energy stone into orange color. The fire energy stone could make the equipment that was socketed with it and gave fire element. If it was used to use fire magic, it doubled or even more depending on how much heat was preserved.

When the energy stone was exposed to wind or cold, it turned the energy stone into blue color. The wind energy stone could make the equipment sharper for weapons and immune to low-tier magic for armor depending on the amount of wind that was preserved. If it was used to use magic, it gave more destructive power to all types of magic.

When the energy stone was dipped in the water, it made the energy stone clearer and shinier. The water energy stone could maintain the condition of the equipment and also be immune to mid or high-tier magic. If it was used to use water magic, it had the ability to heal wounds depending on the amount of water energy that was preserved.

“So, how do you make this energy stone?” Rozan asked.

“Why? I can give you tons of them if you want, there’s no need to make one for yourself,” Shelly asked back.

“No, we can’t bring any items from a different world. So, if I want to have them, I need to make them on my own in my world,” Rozan answered as he shook his head.

“I see, then I will show you how to make it,” Shelly replied as she looked up in the sky where the temple was.

They walked up the stairs and it took them an hour to reach the top by foot.

“Wow, you live here?” Gunnar asked with his eyebrows raised.

A temple with Shelly’s statue in front of it, the temple was untouched because of how high it was. The temple was clean and there was a pond that surrounded the statue, there were thousands of energy stones inside the pond.

“You can make yourself at home, I will grab my stuff and prepare everything that I’m going to need to fight the Demon Lord,” Shelly said, and then she flew away.

The night came and everyone was sleeping inside the warm temple while Mykel was outside and stared at the city on the edge of the cliff. He looked at the sky and saw Shelly come back with a lot of stuff in her hands, and then she landed right behind him.

“God Mykel, why are you here on your own?” Shelly asked as she put down the scrolls and bags in her hands.

“I want to test something,” Mykel said as he turned around. “Use your Quintessence on me,”

Shelly tilted her head with a puzzled look as she walked toward Mykel.

“You want me to enter your body? I know it’s possible, but why?” Shelly asked.

“I want you to kill all the demons on this floor, and I will let you use my power to do it,” Mykel answered.

Shelly looked at Mykel for a moment, she then nodded her head as she sat down and closed her eyes.

Shelly’s consciousness came out from her back and she floated above her body, she then slowly flew toward Mykel and entered his body. Mykel looked at his hands and moved every finger, he was still able to control his body, but his thoughts didn’t belong to him.

“You can start moving my body,” Mykel said as he looked at his fingers.

Mykel’s fingers started to move but it felt like he was the one moving them and knew which finger that would move. It was a bizarre experience because his consciousness and Shelly’s consciousness were combined together.

Mykel jumped off of the cliff and started flying using the wind magic then flew toward the sea.

The reason why Mykel did that was so he could understand how to use magic properly and how Shelly controlled them. Shelly was the only mage that understood magic completely, and even Rozan at the end of the original story was still learning magic from the talisman that Shelly gave him before he entered the eighteenth floor.

Mykel floated above the sea and felt all the elements around him, he wanted to feel it first hand so he could become the best mage like Shelly. He opened his arms and each of his fingertips absorbed the elements and started to create a spark of lightning.

Mykel pointed his fingers at the sea and then thick bolts of lightning came out from his fingertips and struck the sea. He flew down as his fingers were still releasing bolts of lightning and then spun himself to freeze the sea with the chill wind that came out from his palms.

Mykel stood on top of the ice as he stared at the sky that slowly becoming cloudy. He raised both of his hands in the air and then pulled them down. He could feel each of his fingertips pulling something like a string then thick bolts of lightning struck down all over the city and the sea as [Thunder Wrath] skill that Zeus had.

It only took him five minutes to kill every demon on the eighteenth floor and then a clearance notification appeared. He felt every part of his body was connected to the elements around him, and he started to understand how magic was produced and used.

“So this how you use magic properly,” Mykel said as he smirked and scoffed while staring at his right hand.


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