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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 193 Bahasa Indonesia

“You found anyone?” Agnez asked as she looked at Nagy who just came out from the cabin.

“Only dead people, they have turned into skeletons and that means they have died for a very long time,” Nagy answered as she shook her head. “It’s weird that everything inside the cabin is still in a good condition. It seems that they died by killing themselves here after they put down the anchor in the middle of the sea,” Nagy explained.

“How do you know they killed themselves?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

“They stabbed their hearts with a dagger and a sword,” Sven answered as he walked out from the cabin with Vincze. “It’s either they killed themselves or they killed each other, but either way, they died because of themselves,”

Agnez hummed with his arms crossed and put her right hand under her chin. She looked at Gunnar who tried to pull the anchor but seemed to be stuck at something.

“This is not good, if I pulled it harder it would break the anchor,” Gunnar said as he looked at Agnez. “It’s up to you whether we are going to remove the anchor or go down there,” Gunnar continued.

“Does anyone want to go down there?” Agnez asked and looked at everyone around the cabin.

It was night time and the sea was calm, but that didn’t mean they want to go down there and check what happened with the anchor. Nobody was brave enough to go deep into the sea, especially when they were inside of a world where water and demon were the two things they needed to avoid.

“Just remove the anchor, we can use Rozan’s magic to stop the ship when needed,” Agnez said as she pointed at the anchor. “Jeanne, cut the anchor,” Agnez continued.

Jeanne walked to the side and was about to cut it off with her sword, and the moment she unsheathed her sword, all over them were frozen still when Jeanne’s sword reflected the moonlight. Hundreds of spirits were glaring down at them from above the ship, the spirits looked so angry at them for some reason.

“Cut it down, Jeanne, but slowly and quietly,” Agnez said quietly.

Jeanne slowly cut the rope and it immediately fell into the water, the splash sound didn’t attract the ghost and the ship started to move forward slowly. The spirits were just glaring at them and didn’t move and Jeanne decided to sheathe her sword.

“That legit scared me,” Rozan said as he sat down and exhaled deeply.

“Well, there’s always a first for everything,” Agnez said as she walked to the front of the cabin. “So, does anyone know where are we going?”

“Let’s just wait until the sun raises because we can’t see anything. I don’t want to use fire magic because I don’t want to attract any demons that might be living under the sea and destroy the ship,” Rozan answered as he laid down and put his hands behind his head.

“With this speed, we won’t be drifting that far since the sea is calm and we have no sail,” Nagy said as she looked at the sea.

Everyone sat down and enjoyed the silence while at the same time staying on guard from demons that might appear at any time.

After lazing around for hours, the sun rose, and everyone immediately stood up and looked at the sun that appeared from the front of the ship. They realized that there was more than one ship on the sea, there were at least a dozen of them that were visible.

“Wait, do you think those people were running sailing away from the island? We should turn this ship around,” Jeanne said when she noticed all the ships were going in the same direction.

Gerrard whistled from on top of the mast, he pointed at the back of the ship. Rozan went to the second floor of the deck at the back of the ship to look at what Gerrard was pointing at.

“Jeanne is right! I can see an island over there,” Rozan shouted.

“Alright, turn this ship around, Rozan,” Agnez said as she looked up.

Rozan took the wheel and turned it around, thankfully the rudder worked perfectly.

“That’s a lot of ships,” Lillith said as she looked at all the ships but they were all putting their anchors down. “This is so bizarre,” Lillith continued.

“Yeah, it looks like something or someone was preventing them from leaving,” Gunnar said as he looked at a few shipwrecks and debris floating on the water. “Do you think something was messing with their ships and pulled the anchors down?” Gunnar looked down at the sea.

Nobody knew the answer while Mykel was enjoying the breeze and staring at the shipwrecks. Suddenly the ship hit something, and they all looked so confused and decided to go to the front of the ship.

“Hmm, invisible wall. We are not allowed to leave this area,” Agnez said as she touched the invisible wall.

It didn’t take long until something from under the sea started to move and made tidal waves. Everyone looked at where the waves came from, and then something big came out that looked like a snake. The snake was big enough to swallow a ship, it then dove down into the water again.

“There it is, our objective,” Agnez said as unsheathed her new sword that was made from [Blessed Tungsten Steel] from the reward for clearing the twentieth floor.

“It’s coming!” Gerrard said as he pointed at the silhouette of the snake under the sea behind the ship.

Everyone was shocked when they heard an unfamiliar voice that came from above them. They all looked up and saw Gerrard was the one who said that, they were bewildered when they heard his voice.

“Wait! You can speak now?!” Gunnar asked as he looked at Gerrard.

“Yeah, Boss did something to me and now I can speak even though I still have to train my tongue to speak properly,” Gerrard answered. “Anyway, the snake is coming!”

The snake went to the surface and the ship was pushed by the wave, but Gerrard manage to shot his arrow at the snake’s right eye. The snake screeched and immediately dove down again and the ship was almost flipped over because of the wave but thankfully, Rozan calmed the water down at the right moment.

“Fucking annoying!” Rozan said as he pointed his staff at the water and then he used the water to push the snake to the surface. “Alright, it’s all yours, guys! I will make him stay up,”

The snake slithered toward the ship and it looked angry, and when it was about to bite the back of the ship with its giant mouth, Jeanne, Agnez, Sven, Vincze, Agnez, and Gunnar jumped off of the ship. Agnez swung her sword and created a projectile attack, it slashed the top lip of the snake and made the snake dove its head into the water.

All of them landed on top of the snake’s body, and Rozan pushed the snake’s head back to the surface. They cut the snake’s body open and they killed the snake from the inside by slicing the snake’s brain and heart.

“Look, a portal appeared!” Rozan said as he pointed at the portal in front of the ship.

“Alright, let’s go to the next floor,” Agnez said as she boarded the ship with the others.


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