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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 17 Bahasa Indonesia

“How many coins I just got from these guys?” Mykel said to himself as he opened his status screen.

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[LEVEL: 100]



[ARCANA COIN: 11,900] [SHOP]


“Let’s check the shop before I go to the sixth floor,” Mykel said as he tapped on the [Shop]. “Universal shop, Benefactor shop, Limited shop,” he continued as he scrolled the shop.

Mykel checked the Universal Shop and all the items that they sell were a necessity for Awakeners to survive. Health potion, Stamina potion, Strength potion, Dexterity potion, Agility potion, etc. Nothing piqued Mykel’s interest and so he decided to check the Benefactor shop but it was locked since he didn’t have a Benefactor.

“What is this garbage,” Mykel said as he sighed then he scrolled to the Limited shop. “Hmm? Now, this is interesting,” he said as he looked at the Random Skill potion.

[Random Skill Potion: Increase one random skill that the User possesses.]

“It only cost 10,000 Arcana Coin, but unfortunately I can only buy it once,” Mykel said as he looked at the description. “Anyway, let’s try it,” Mykel said as he bought the potion.

The potion appeared in front of him and it floated in front of his face. He grabbed it and immediately drank it, it didn’t have any taste and it felt so smooth like he was drinking cold water.

[You have increased a skill!]

[Meditation (Lv.2) Meditation (Lv.3)]

Mykel shrugged his lips as he raised his eyebrows. “Not bad,”

“There’s no time to waste, I should reach the tenth floor and use the key to enter the challenge room,” Mykel said as he walked toward the portal.

The level of the demons after the fifth floor rose and on each floor, there was at least one servant of the demon lord. For Mykel, it wasn’t a problem at all since he could still kill them in a single strike of his punch or kick.

After half a day of climbing up the tower, Mykel finally reached the tenth floor where demon lord Drazgikath was.

[Your second trial is beginning]

[Drazgikath, The First Demon Lord of Azazel, The Skull Crusher has been waiting for this moment]

A gigantic muscular demon with red skin and long black hair that touched the ground and his sharp teeth glared at Mykel who had just come out from the portal. Drazgikath didn’t have a weapon on him and he used his bare fists to crush the heads of anything that came into his world.

Drazgikath roared at Mykel and a shockwave struck his body.

[Fear has been inflicted]

[The User’s [Mind-Stability] skill level is sufficient and is in effect]

[Fear has been nullified with [Mind-Stability] skill]

Drazgikath was a bit shocked that his [Fear] skill didn’t take any effect on Mykel, but he roared once more as he beat his chest with his hands.

Drazgikath charged at Mykel like a gorilla then he jumped so high that the sun was blocked by his gigantic body. He landed in front of Mykel and made the ground split, but Mykel used the momentum when the ground he was standing on launched him into the air.

Mykel kneed Drazgikath on the chest and he could hear a very loud cracking sound that came from Drazgikath’s chest. Before Mykel could land his feet on the ground, Drazgikath used the back of his hand and hit the right side of Mykel’s body. Mykel was thrown away to the side and hit the cliff really hard then fell to the ground.

“Ugh…” Mykel groaned as he stood up with no visible injuries on his body. “That sting,” he said as he stretched his shoulders and massaged them with his hands.

Mykel looked at Drazgikath pressing his chest and struggled to breathe. “What’s wrong? Out of breath already?” Mykel asked as he walked toward Drazgikath with a smirk on his face.

Drazgikath staggered as he tried to stand up properly but his ribcage shattered from Mykel’s attack from earlier and made him impossible to breathe. Mykel didn’t want to waste his opportunity and immediately ran toward him and punched Drazgikath’s right knee.

Mykel broke all the joints on Drazgikath’s body and made him unable to move and finally, he fell to the ground helplessly. Mykel jumped and landed on Drazgikath’s body and walked to where his heart was. Mykel went on his knee as he put his left hand on Drazgikath’s chest then lifted his right hand up in the air.


Drazgikath’s blood just sprayed on Mykel’s whole body. He stood up and saw the big hole on Drazgikath’s chest with his ruptured heart exposed and it beat very slowly until it stopped beating.

[You have defeated Drazgikath, The First Demon Lord of Azazel]

[You are the first to clear the tenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[All the Constellations are watching you in awe!]

[The Constellations has gifted you 5,000 Arcana Coin]

[The Trickster likes your style]

[300 Arcana Coin has been gifted!]

[The Purple Dressed Goddess is disappointed in Drazgikath]

[100 Arcana Coin has been gifted!]

Mykel walked down from Drazgikath’s body as he wiped the blood from his face.

[A mysterious door has appeared!]

“Finally,” Mykel said as he walked toward the door that appeared next to the portal to the eleventh floor.

Mykel grabbed the key from his pocket and put it in the keyhole, and as soon as he unlocked the door a notification appeared and prevented him from opening it.

[Thousands of eyes are glaring at the door with murderous intent]

[Are you prepared to face what lies behind the door?]

[Yes.] [No.]

“Just shut up and let me in,” Mykel said as he tapped on the [Yes] button.

All the Awakeners got a notification and they were shocked when they saw a notification that an Awakener named M.A. had defeated the first demon lord of Azazel, Drazgikath.

Kastor furrowed his forehead as he looked at the notification, he stood up and looked at his assistant. “Prepare the car, we are going to District 14,” he said to the woman who was working on the other side of the room as he buttoned his suit.

“Enma! We have to go to District 14 now! An Awakener just defeated the first demon lord in Azazel tower!” Caesar said to Enma who was on the phone.

Jeanne who had just gotten out of the shower was surprised when she saw the notification in front of her. She then ran toward the window and stared at the tower, she smiled as she clenched her fist on the tower that covered her body.

The words spread rapidly and almost everyone knew about it. All the reporters hurriedly grabbed their stuff and prepared to leave to District 14.

“So, is this him?” An old man with white hair and mustache pointed his finger at the screen as he stared at Lyneth in an office room.

Lyneth smiled and rested her head on her hand while she was staring at the old man. “Maybe? I don’t know,” she said as she kept smiling and staring at the video of Mykel and her on the VIP floor when Mykel shattered all the glass.

“This is not the time to joke around, Lyn,” The old man glared at Lyneth.

“Does it really matter if that’s the guy who just defeated the first demon lord? That’s my asset and you can’t have him, dad,” Lyneth said to Marvin.

Marvin sighed as he rested his arms on the armrest of his chair. “I don’t care if he’s your asset but you allowed an Awakener to enter the tower that I and the governments agreed that it’s prohibited to enter,”

Lyneth sighed as she stood up, she then walked toward Marving and wrapped her arms around him from behind. “I know what you’re going to say, so I will just say it now,”

“I will take full responsibility and no matter what it is, I will do anything for him because he’s my precious asset and I don’t want anyone to touch him or get too close to him. He’s a capable man, and I believe he can achieve what the others can’t, and I’m right about it,” Lyneth said as she pointed at Mykel in the video.

Marvin just stared at Lyneth who seemed to be obsessed with Mykel by the look in her eyes.

(Inside Azazel tower)

Mykel was on his knees and he breathed heavily with his own blood covering half of his face. His hands trembled with his blazer, shirt, and trousers were torn as he glared at a demon who stood in front of him. “Why are you here?”

“Why? Because you seemed fun to play with,” A woman with dark red hair and massive wings on her back and demon tail wiggled as she stared at Mykel. “I mean, look at behind you. You just massacred hundreds of my father’s soldiers,” she continued as she leaned her face at Mykel with her glowing purple eyes.

[The Scythe God has a huge grin on his face]

[The Purple Dressed Goddess chuckles mischievously]


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