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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 131 Bahasa Indonesia

“As you all know, there are still eight towers that we haven’t cleared. Clearing up to the fifteenth floor is not something that can easily be achieved. Thousands of lives have fallen to achieve what we have right now, and not to mention hundreds or even a thousand of lives that have fallen because of the incident that happened the past month,” Lyneth held the side of the podium so tightly.

“There are reasons why we are unable to clear all the towers and prevent the breakout from happening. The first one is that there are too many towers in our world while the other worlds that we have saved only had one or three towers. It’s so hard to handle all of them at once, and it’s not an excuse because it’s the fact that we have not enough people for the task,” Lyneth looked at the cameras.

“Second, we are limited with the technology that we are struggling to protect ourselves and fight off the demons. There’s one world that we know of who have more advanced technology that could protect itself from the breakout. Still, that alone isn’t enough for them because we have achieved more than them,” Lyneth looked at Gunnar and the others on the side of the stage.

“With that being said, I hope you understand that we are trying our best to protect our world from the demons. We have tried our best and we managed to clear Abaddon, Asmodeus, Azrael, Belphegor, and Azazel towers,” Lyneth looked at the prime minister who was in the front seat.

“We tried to clear the Behemoth tower but something happened that we are unable to clear it. Fortunately, since we have cleared up to the fourteenth floor, we believe and are confident that the breakout will happen to that world instead of us. So, we only have to deal with seven of them instead of eight, and that’s better than nothing and reducing a threat to our world,” Lyneth explained and everyone looked a bit relieved.

Lyneth speech didn’t end there and she mentioned about the newly discovered technology that could help them during the breakout. A knowledge that Barika and the people from the Juven world that resided in the Bumi world gave to Lyneth and the people from the government a few days ago.

The technology that would help them a lot during breakout next week and it was all thanks to Mykel who made the people from Juven world indebted to him. They had been working on the weapons and bombs that the people from Juven world used to protect themselves from the demons.

Lyneth and the government had prepared shelters all over the districts that were safe from the breakout. She made sure everyone’s safety was her first and only priority, and that alone was enough to give relief to the people from the other seven districts.

“Is there any question that anyone would like to ask?” Lyneth looked at everyone in the auditorium hall.

Dozens of people were lining up and were ready to ask a question.

“Miss Lyneth, are we going to be able to fight the demons?” A woman asked who seemed to be a reporter from one of the media.

“Yes, I’m confident that we will be able to prevent the demons from occupying our world,” Lyneth answered without hesitation and with a serious expression. “Next question,”

“We would like to know Mister Mykel’s whereabouts, we heard that he went missing after he cleared the Belphegor tower,” A man from another media asked with a pen and note ready in his hands.

“We have tried to look for him, but we couldn’t find him anywhere,” Lyneth answered and everyone looked at each other with worried expressions. Only a few people knew about it that Mykel went missing and Asmond wasn’t one of them.

“Is he still alive?” The man asked and everyone stared at Lyneth.

Lyneth hesitated to answer the question and everyone was waiting for her answer. “I don’t know,” she answered with a worried expression. “But I want to believe that he’s still alive,”

“Do you think he will come back when the breakout happens? If we have him with us, at least we know that one of the districts would be safe,” Another guy asked.

“I don’t know,” Lyneth answered as she shook her head.

Everyone started to murmur and questioned Mykel’s whereabouts, they felt a bit uneasy knowing that Mykel wouldn’t be there to save them. They didn’t even know what Mykel was capable of, but hearing stories from the Awakeners that were there with him, they knew he was really strong, and not to mention he cleared two towers on his own.

Lyneth answered all the questions and worries of the people then the government took over the stage.

“Agnez,” Lyneth looked at Agnez who didn’t join the others and stayed on backstage on her own. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, for now,” Agnez looked at Lyneth and she had to use black round glasses to cover her eyes because her left eye was slowly turning into a demon eye.

“Is it getting worse again?” Lyneth asked with a worried expression.

“Yes, and it’s starting to get warm around my left eyes,” Agnez answered as she removed her glasses her left eye was turning black and the pupil looked like a blood solar eclipse.

Agnez’s eye would transform like that but there was no real reason behind it because it didn’t give her power or anything. One thing that she knew was that during the eye transformation, the whispers were intensified with irritable pain in her eyes.

“You should go home and rest for more,” Lyneth said. “Someone willing to accompany her home?”

Lillith was about to raise her hand but then Vixelleth grabbed Agnez’s hand. “I will bring her home,”

Everyone was surprised that Vixelleth suddenly offered herself but Lyneth allowed her to bring Agnez back to the suite.

The two of them went to the suite using a portal that Vixelleth opened for them.

“You need to keep her down under or she will take over your whole body and you will be consumed by her,” Vixelleth said as she removed her blazer.

“Why are you helping me? Isn’t she’s your sister?” Agnez asked and stared at Vixelleth.

“She’s my sister but I’m more afraid of Mykel because this isn’t his plan,” Vixelleth said and removed her suit vest. “I need you to follow my order if you want to ease the pain and suffering,”

“What do you want me to do?” Agnez raised her eyebrow with a straight face.

“Remove all your clothes,” Vixelleth removed her pants and shirt as she walked toward Agnez. “I’m the only one who can help you right now,”

Vixelleth stood in front of Agnez completely naked and for some reason, Agnez felt so aroused by Vixelleth’s body. She hesitated at first but Vixelleth’s touches were enough to give her pleasure that she would do anything to keep that feeling inside her body.

“Would you prefer for me to take them off for you?” Vixelleth whispered as she licked the earring and then kissed Agnez’s neck. “Let me do it for you then,”

Agnez’s head went blank the moment Vixelleth kissed her neck and she couldn’t resist because she took a huge toll from the earring, the possession, and the charm of Vixelleth. Her [Mind-Stability] skill couldn’t help her at all from all that and so she fell from her grace and swallowed by pleasure.

It only took ten minutes for Vixelleth to turn Agnez’s eye back to normal, because her power was to drain power from someone’s body through pleasure.

Vixelleth was really enjoying the moment, she didn’t want to stop there and decided to play for more. Agnez was also enjoying it that she didn’t mind all the pleasure that Vixelleth provided for her.

“How was it?” Vixelleth asked as she laid down on top of Agnez’s body with a flirtatious smile. “I can give you more and more until you can’t live without it,”

Agnez was out of breath as she covered her eyes with her hand, but then she chuckled. “I’m not interested in woman,”

“Are you sure about that?” Vixelleth asked as she pushed Agnez’s hand away from her own face. “Do you think you can resist this?” Vixelleth said as she put her middle finger inside Agnez and it reached the right spot that made Agnez moan so loudly and tremble intensely in pleasure.

Vixelleth kissed Agnez so passionately and kept fingering her that she almost gave in to Vixelleth’s offer until loud noises could be heard from outside the room. Vixelleth sighed and pulled out her middle finger and sucked it dry as she giggled mischievously.

“Such a shame, I almost got you there,” Vixelleth said as she got off of the bed. “But there’s always next time,” she giggled and then disappeared leaving Agnez on her own naked on the wet bed.


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