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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 116 Bahasa Indonesia

“Skeletons?” Mykel asked as he walked toward the living room and turned on the TV to see if there was a news report that still covered that news.

Mykel turned the channel and then found one of the news that was still reporting on the site of the mass graveyard. He looked at the censored massive pit behind the reporter, he knew it must be Zherlthsh and Vixelleth’s doing but he didn’t know who they summoned.

“Look at those piles of skeletons, you could see even though it was censored by the media. I wonder who did that because I’m sure it wasn’t one of us nor the Guild Association,” Vincze said with his head rested on his hand.

Mykel threw the remote on the sofa and immediately grabbed his blazer.

“Where are you going, boss?” Gunnar asked.

“Home, I want to take a shower,” Mykel answered.

Mykel drove the car out of the basement and when he was about to leave the apartment, Zherlthsh appeared in front of his car. She entered the car and sat next to him with a smile on her face.

“Who did you summon?” Mykel stared at Zherlthsh with curiosity.

“I will lead you the way, so just drive,” Zherlthsh answered.

Zherlthsh brought Mykel to a place far away from the civilization and they ended up in the middle of the forest which took him almost six hours to drive. They finally reached their destination and saw a castle that seemed to be newly built.

“Next time, just use teleportation,” Mykel said as he stared at Zherlthsh with her eyes that glow in the dark. Zherlthsh just chuckled mischievously and walked next to Mykel and entered the castle.

The moment they entered the castle, Mykel heard loud moans that echoed throughout the entrance. He knew that Vixelleth was such a vixen who loved to sleep with all women, especially her own sisters.

Zherlthsh brought Mykel to the chamber room and he saw a woman with long straight golden hair with golden stag horns on top of her head. Her lazy eyes only showed the bottom half of her pink pupils, she was laying down while Vixelleth was kissing and biting the woman’s thighs and crotch.

“Is that him?” The golden-haired woman asked with disinterest in her voice.

Vixelleth wiped her lips and it seemed that she sucked the blood of the golden-haired woman from her thigh.

“Yes, he’s the one,” Vixelleth answered as she exhaled deeply, and then she put her head back in between the golden-haired woman.

Beldathiel, the daughter of Demon King Belphegor, was the one and only demon lord that could command other demon lords from other families. She was the second hardest demon lord in the original story, not because of her strength or magic, but because of her ability to control everything including death and fate by using dice.

Asmond lost an entire army of Awakeners because he lost a bet from a big or small game. Beldathiel couldn’t control the dice since it was given by Belphegor himself.

The dice itself wasn’t a unique item since it was just a toy so Beldathiel could spend her immortal life with something that she could play with. One day the dice mysteriously became something so powerful because Beldathiel invested everything and devoted herself to the dice ever since she was little.

The first time Lucifer saw the dice and what it was capable of, he was quite interested in the dice. It was written in the original story that Lucifer always felt restless whenever he heard the sound of the dice rolling. It was enough proof of how he was cautious with Beldathiel and her dice of death and fate.

“You seem familiar,” Beldathiel said as she pushed Vixelleth’s head from her crotch.

“Maybe it’s just your imagination,” Mykel replied with a straight face.

“I’m thirsty, can you get me some water?” Beldathiel asked as she stared at Mykel in the eye but then she hummed with understanding. “That’s interesting, nobody has ever disobeyed my words before,” she said as she rolled over and showed her back to Mykel.

Before Mykel could give an answer, Beldathiel was already asleep.

“Seriously,” Mykel said as he sighed and sat down on the chair. “You brought her of all the other sisters you have?”

“She’s the only one who I have in mind,” Vixelleth turned herself into her human form.

“Because she’s the only one who doesn’t even try to resist when you vent your lust?” Mykel asked with a straight face.

“You sure know a lot about us demons,” Vixelleth replied and chuckled mischievously. “Also, there’s a slight problem with the plan,” she sat down on the edge of the bed.

Mykel looked at Beldathiel and raised his eyebrow. “Let me guess, she didn’t want to cooperate?”

“Not really, she just didn’t want to take a part in battling the demons during the breakout because she’s too lazy. The good news is that she’s going to take a part in scheming against those four,” Vixelleth answered with her legs crossed with nothing covering her body.

“She can be trusted?” Mykel asked with a serious expression.

“I’m too lazy to move, what makes you think I would trouble myself to join the other team as well?” Beldathiel answered and it surprised Mykel a bit because he had no idea if she was awake or asleep.

Mykel stood up and walked toward the bed and sat in front of Beldathiel.

“Can you give me an answer as to why did you agree to join us?” Mykel stared at Beldathiel in the eye.

“I have been leaning my body on this side in my entire life, I wonder how it feels to be leaning on the other side. I might like it so I’m kind of curious and even if in the end I didn’t like it, I could just roll the dice and change everything back to how it’s supposed to be,” Beldathiel answered as she yawned.

“Fair enough,” Mykel replied and nodded his head with understanding.

“You do seem familiar, but I wonder where and when I saw your face,” Beldathiel mumbled as her eyes slowly closed themselves, and then she fell asleep again.

“I heard you cleared the fifteenth floor, Mykel,” Vixelleth said.

“I did, it was quite easy actually,” Mykel answered as he kept staring at the peaceful and beautiful face of Beldathiel. Compared to those two, they were out of her league if they wanted to match Beldathiel’s beauty.

“Which tower are you going to clear next?” Zherlthsh crossed her arms and stared at Mykel with a bit of displeased because he had been staring at Beldathiel.

“Since she’s here, I guess I will take the Belphegor tower next even though I’m not sure if I can do it on my own though,” Mykel answered and looked at Zherlthsh.

“That would be difficult if you’re on your own as you said, but I don’t want to spoil the fun since you should see it for yourself,” Zherlthsh replied with a smile on her face.

Mykel stood up and raised his eyebrows. “Well, I have decided so I won’t back down with my words,” he walked away from the bed and stood in front of Zherlthsh. “Anyway, since we are done here, can you open a portal back home? I don’t want to waste six hours of driving,”

Zherlthsh opened a portal and Mykel immediately entered it, he left the car and it wasn’t really a problem since he could buy a new one.

Beldathiel suddenly fully opened her eyes. “Ah, I remember now, you look like…” she looked at the empty chair in front of her. “Oh, he left already,” she said and closed her eyes again.

“What do you think, sister? Did he meet your expectation? Something is really interesting about that human… no, that demi-god,” Vixelleth asked.

Beldathile hummed while she was thinking of an answer. “He gave the same aura as him, don’t you guys realize that?” Beldathiel answered with her eyes closed.

“We don’t know because we don’t remember when was the last time we saw him. Maybe thousands of years ago so it’s kind of fuzzy to remember. We were little when we saw him,” Zherlthsh answered.

“Really? I kept seeing his face in my sleep, I guess that was the only time I open my eyes fully when I saw him,” Beldathiel replied quietly.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth looked at each other for quite a while. “So, is that a good thing or not, sister?” Zherlthsh asked with her eyebrows raised.

“Who knows, maybe if I can see him again I can give you the answer. For now, let’s just play along with him because I want to see what kind of destruction he’s going to bring,” Beldathiel answered.

“That’s our plan, sister,” Vixelleth replied as she nodded her head in agreement.

“Alright, I want to sleep, so don’t wake me up unless it’s something urgent,” Beldathiel said, and then she fell asleep.


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