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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 11 Bahasa Indonesia

“I never thought I would forget about this,” Mykel said as he laid down on the king-size bed in a hotel room. “To think that I almost let this opportunity slip,” he continued as he held a big key in his hand and stared at it.

[Key of Azazel Tower I: A key as proof for an Awakener who possessed it to be worthy of a challenge. A key that leads the owner to a room full of challenges with a reward awaits to be retrieved. A room that can only be challenged once and the door will be closed forever once the key has been used.]

“Such a shame that I got the Azazel Key instead of the Lucifer Key,” Mykel said as he threw the key next to him.

Mykel turned on the TV and watched the news about the situation in other districts. He watched so many Awakeners laying down on the ground dead as the reporter hid behind the soldiers with artillery behind him.

“We are currently outside the Azazel Tower! As you can see, the Awakeners have defeated the threat in District 14!” The reporter said as she pointed at the Awakeners who were salvaging and looting the body of the demons that Mykel piled together.

The reporter walked to the side with the camera following her around, she then stood next to the blonde hair guy. Mykel scoffed and put his hands behind his head. “The Mister fiancee has finally shown himself,” he said as he listened to the reporter that interviewed the blonde hair guy.

“We never thought that we would see you here in District 14, Mister Kastor. Were you here because the Guild Association sent you?” The reporter asked then put the mic on Kastor’s face.

“Yes, the chairman asked me personally to handle the situation here, and we came as fast as we could but unfortunately we weren’t needed as you can see here,” Kastor answered as he pointed at the pile of demons.

“We heard about what happened, could you tell us the details on who managed to defeat all these demons on his own? Is it true that there’s another high ranker than yourself and Caesar, Mister Kastor?” The reporter asked.

Kastor crossed his arms as he furrowed his eyebrows. “We don’t actually know but he must be stronger than the both of us since he single-handedly defeated the demons and not to mention that giant demon underneath the pile,” he said as he looked at the reporter.

“Wait, are you telling me that this mysterious guy isn’t actually a part of a ranker and the Guild Association?” The report asked with a surprised expression.

“I don’t have any comment for that,” Kastor gently smiled at the reporter. “Also, we are going to District 13 to help the Awakeners over there, so please excuse me,” he continued and then left with the Awakeners who had been waiting for him.

[NAME: Kastor Noble]

[LEVEL: 11]




“Magic, I wonder how can I get that skill since it’s only obtained as the first skill to some when they became Awakeners, and those who don’t have it, they can’t use magic at all,” Mykel said as he looked at Kastor’s status screen.

Three days had passed, and Mykel had been hiding in the hotel room while he used his [Meditation] skill to increase his skills level.

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[LEVEL: 100]




Mykel went to the balcony to smoke and he saw the solar eclipse was still there and it won’t be leaving soon since in the story it took them a week to defeat all the demons. He looked at the city and saw the beach on the north side of the district.

“Let’s pay a visit to our future hero,” Mykel said as he flicked the cigarette into the air.

Mykel activated his [Stealth] skill and casually walked in between the crowds as those people didn’t recognize him at all. He went to the north, the only place why people went to District 14 and where Asmond lived at the beginning of the story.

It took Mykel three hours to reach the north side of the city using a taxi, he then went to the suburban area and started to look around. Mykel didn’t really remember where exactly Asmond’s house was but he remembered that his house was close to the convenience store where he usually spent his money to buy food daily.

Mykel decided to use the command system to find Asmond location, he then found out that he wasn’t that far from where Asmond was. He walked the street and found the convenience store, he kept walking until he saw Asmond’s house.

As Mykel looked at the command system, he saw Asmond just left the house with his worn-out t-shirt. Mykel just kept staring at him while he was smoking his cigarette, then decided to follow him from the distance.

Asmond went inside the convenience store and bought his usual food, Mykel who was watching from outside looked at a bunch of guys smoking on the sidewalk.

“Hey kids,” Mykel said as he crossed the road with a cigarette in his mouth.

They turn around and saw Mykel walking toward them, one of the guys raised his eyebrows. “Yes, Mister?”

“Do you guys want free money?” Mykel asked while putting his hand in his pocket.

“Free money? Of course!” All the guys replied.

Mykel smirked as he looked at his wallet and then grabbed 1.000 zeny from his wallet. “There’s 1.000 zeny in my hand, I will give it to you but in exchange I want you guys to do something for me. Something that not that hard to do,” Mykel said as he waved the money in his hands.

“Sure! What do you want us to do, Mister?!” A guy asked with excitement.

“Do you see that guy in there?” Mykel asked as he pointed his finger at the convenience store.

All of them peek their heads to see Asmond in the convenience store, then one of the guys nodded. “That’s Asmond,” he said.

“Oh, you guys know him?” Mykel asked as he raised his eyebrow.

All of them chuckled. “Of course, we know him, he’s a weirdo and a pussy,” One of them answered while he was chuckling.

“I see, then this will make things easier for me,” Mykel said, he then offered the money to them. “I want you guys to beat him up for me, and if you guys got caught just tell me that you got a money from stranger to beat him up,” he continued as the kid looked at Mykel with confusion.

“Is that it, Mister? We will take the money then!” The guy said as he grabbed the money from Mykel’s hand.

Mykel looked at those guys crossing the road with huge grins on their faces while they were cracking their fingers. Mykel leaned on the wall as he watched them waiting for Asmond outside the store while he enjoyed his cigarette.

Asmond left the convenience store with the grocery in his hand, he then looked at a bunch of guys looking at him. He had a bad feeling about it and immediately looked away and hurried his walking, but then one of the guys grabbed him on the shoulder.

“Where do you think you’re going, Asmond?” The guy asked.

“What do you want?” Asmond looked at him while he hid his grocery.

Before Asmond noticed, all of the guys were surrounding him and one of them grabbed the grocery from his hand forcefully and then threw it away on the street. All of them started to beat him up but Asmond could protect himself with his hands, and it wasn’t a surprise for Mykel since Asmond was so used to getting bullied by the people around him.

Mykel watched Asmond laying on the ground while those guys kept beating him up and his nose and mouth started to bleed. Mykel couldn’t help but smile a bit with happiness as he saw the character he despised the most was getting beaten up.

One of the guys looked at Mykel who enjoyed the show, and then Mykel tilted his head. The guy nodded and then told his friends to leave Asmond alone after Mykel was satisfied with the show.

Asmond tried to stand up but his whole body was sore, and then he could hear steps coming toward him. He looked up and he saw Mykel crouched with a smile on his face, Mykel offered his hand to him and Asmond without hesitation grabbed his hand.

“Are you alright, kid?” Mykel said as he pulled Asmond up.

“Yes, I’m alright, I’m used to it and this is nothing,” Asmond answered as he nodded his head and sighed.

“Is that so?” Mykel asked as he kept smiling at him.


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