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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 107 Bahasa Indonesia

“For a lesser demon, you’re really a pain to deal with,” Mykel said and his voice echoed throughout the narrow tunnel. “What did you do to my people?” he asked as he stared at Jeanne and the others.

Jeanne and the others turned around and looked at Mykel with a straight face, but then Jeanne suddenly went panicked while she pointed down at the landfill.

“Mykel! Gunnar is-” Jeanne couldn’t finish her sentence and she immediately fell to her knees.

“I know I can’t get you out from their body, but I can make you suffer for as long as you want,” Mykel said as he stood in front of them with his [Tyrannize] skill on.

Jeanne and the other’s eyes turned black but they couldn’t do anything. They started to scream in a demonic voice while Mykel stared down at them.

Mykel walked past them and looked down where Gunnar’s body was buried by corpses. He used [Telekinesis] to move all the bodies and then he finally found Gunnar’s body then he lifted him up.

Gunnar was still alive and the wounds weren’t that deep because of the Blessed Damascus Steel. He fell unconscious because his face hit the ground first and was shocked by the betrayal.

Jeanne and the others kept screaming that it started to annoy Mykel. He used [Telekinesis] to choke on all of them hard enough to make them fall unconscious.

Mykel brought everyone back to the hole by using his [Telekinesis] and he bumped all of them onto the wall by accident because it was too narrow.

Mykel flew them up to the fifth floor as he jumped up from one floor to another.

“Put all of them on a chair and tied them all up,” Mykel said as he landed next to the hole.

Edith and the others looked at the blood on Gunnar’s body and they immediately ran toward him to check on his condition.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine, just treat his wounds, Edith,” Mykel said as he looked at the green-haired guy that had been possessed by a demon. “What happened to him?” he asked as he looked at Agnez.

“He warned us about the water, and since he didn’t say what was wrong with the water, I forced him to drink it. Not long after that, he turned like that and he had been staring at me with that creepy smile on his face,” Agnez answered while she tied Jeanne to the chair.

“I see,” Mykel said as he sat down on the chair and looked at all the soldiers who were still unconscious.

“What’s actually happening here, Mykel?” Agnez asked while she carried Rozan to the chair. “Lillith said it was a demon doing but that was it and nothing else,” she explained as she put Rozan down the chair and Lillith tied him to the chair.

Mykel grabbed his pack of cigarettes but it was wet, he threw it on the ground and asked Edith to give him another pack of cigarettes. “Let’s wait until Gunnar wakes up, I have some business with this guy first,” he said as he grabbed the black-haired guy’s armor and dragged him across the room.

“Don’t come or you will regret it,” Mykel said as he stared at Agnez and the others.

Mykel lit his cigarette while he was still dragging the guy on the floor, he then threw him on the wall to wake him up.

The moment the guy opened his eyes, Mykel was already holding his index finger and broke it immediately. The guy’s scream could be heard from the next room where Agnez and the others were.

“Had a nice dream? Daniel?” Mykel asked as he smirked and Daniel immediately looked Mykel in the eye with fear written all over his face.

Mykel walked toward the door and closed it then locked it. “I warn you this might be unpleasant to watch, so take your own risk,” he said as he looked at the ceiling.


[PLEASE SELECT AND MODIFY [Daniel Klaudi]’s [Skill Tab]!]


[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.


[The [MIND-STABILITY (Lv.2)] skill has been removed from [Daniel Klaudi]’s [Skill Tab]!]

[Activate [Tyrannize]?]

[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

[Activate [Mind Control]?]

[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

[Target has been chosen]

[[Daniel Klaudi] is now fully under your control]

Mykel stood in front of Daniel. “Now, let’s try and do some experiment, shall we?” he asked with a smile on his face.

Agnez and the others were busy healing Gunnar’s wounds but then suddenly a very loud scream could be heard from the next door. Their hands trembled because they were affected by the [Tyrannize] skill but it was far worse than usual.

The suffocated scream could be heard over and over while they couldn’t do anything but listen. Agnez who already maxed out her [Mind-Stability] skill couldn’t help her at all but she could reach Lillith’s and Edith’s hands to comfort themselves.

After an hour full of horror, the pressure disappeared and everyone immediately fell down to the ground. They could no longer produce tears and their eyes felt so warm and hurt at the same time from crying.

[The Goddess of Vengeful is speechless]

[The Trickster is silently watching with an eye closed]

[The Goddess of Love is covering her ears and closing her eyes]

[The God with a Harp snaps a few strings while watching]

[The Goddess of Death is showing a pitiful expression]

Mykel sighed as he puffed the smoke and stared at the ceiling. “It seems that I can’t take control over people’s minds permanently,” he said as he sat on top of the table.

“He tried to resist and to think it would ended up like that is really unfortunate,” Mykel sighed as he looked at Daniel’s peeled face and eyes were gouged, his body was covered with his own blood that ended up dying from a heart attack.

Mykel sat there quietly for quite a while and then he looked up. “I guess there’s no choice but to eliminate him. You can send your recipient to her and tell her about my promise, Loki,”

[The Trickster is giggling in excitement]

(Outside Azrael Tower, District 1)

A woman in a red coat walked on the sidewalk and stared at Zherthlsh and Vixelleth who were standing outside the liquor store.

“Demon Lord Vixelleth, I came to send you a message,” The woman in a red coat said as she looked up at Vixelleth.

“Hmm?” Vixelleth tilted her head as she lifted the woman’s chin. “Who sent you?” she asked.

The woman stared at Vixelleth with a straight face and Vixelleth didn’t see any fear in the woman’s eye. “The promise, he gives you the permission,” the woman in a red coat answered calmly. “His name is…” the woman whispered into Vixelleth’s ear.

Vixelleth smirked and glared at the woman full of excitement. The woman in a red coat leaned her head back and then proceeded to walk away so casually.

“Sister, show me where he lives,” Vixelleth said as she glanced at Zherlthsh.

Zherlthsh guided Vixelleth to his apartment while Vixelleth thought about what Mykel said to her.

“They’re not the only ones,” Mykel said as he enjoyed his wine in the living room. “There’s one God who’s also a part of the scheme. He didn’t want to be revealed and that was their agreement before they proceeded with the scheme,”

“Another God?” Vixelleth stared at Mykel with her eyebrow raised.

“Yes, someone who has been acting righteously but behind it, he’s the same as Nyx,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head and walked toward Vixelleth. “He’s actually pretty close with Lucifer himself,” he whispered quietly into her ear.

“Don’t you dare say his name in front of my face,” Vixelleth glared at Mykel.

Mykel scoffed as he smirked. “Funny that Zherlthsh said the same thing when I mentioned his name. Anyway, I will tell you the God’s name, his name is…” he whispered into Vixelleth’s ear.

“How do you know that he’s a part of them?” Vixelleth squinted her eyes.

“I know a lot of things and you should be able to tell if I’m telling the truth or not since you have been observing me enough,” Mykel answered. “I can promise you, the moment he blew up his cover, you will see it yourself, his wrath. You will lose nothing even if I’m wrong, right?”

“Give me the name of the recipient, I will kill him immediately,” Vixelleth stared at Mykel from the corner of her eye.

“Sure, but I’m planning to use his recipient because he’s going to be in my way in the future. In fact, his recipient is already bothering me with my plan. So, I want to try something first and if I failed, I will give you the name and he’s yours. I can promise you that,” Mykel said as he looked at Vixelleth.

“He lives on the top floor, the far left room,” Zherlthsh said as she looked up at the building that she pointed at.

Vixelleth disappeared and appeared on the balcony of the room that Zherlthsh pointed at. She entered the room and messed up all the electricity so nobody would know what happened in his room.

Vixelleth stared down at the man who was sleeping on his bed with her glowing yellow eyes. She cracked her fingers and it was loud enough to wake him up.

“Who are you?!” The guy asked but Vixelleth already choked him and lifted him up. “Y-you’re…” the guy tried to finish his sentence but he couldn’t.

“Let’s see what will your Benefactor react when he sees you like this,” Vixelleth said with a sinister smile on her face and slowly slit the guy’s neck so slowly.

Vixelleth enjoyed every second of it and then threw the head on the wall.

The night sky turned bright for a few seconds and it was so bright that everyone thought the sun was suddenly up then it disappeared again.

Vixelleth giggled mischievously as she stared at the sky. “I never thought I would meet an interesting human, especially believe in him,”


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