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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 102 Bahasa Indonesia

“Tell about your world, Barika,” Mykel asked as he lit his cigarette.

“It’s definitely not like this and our world is more advanced than yours based on the photos and pictures you showed us with your square device,” Barika answered. “Here, let me show you our world,” he said as he showed his wrist and a projectile screen appeared.

A world that was a bit futuristic like in a sci-fi movie, and by the look of it they didn’t suffer from the demon invasion. One thing that made Kastor and Caesar bewildered was the fact Barika’s world was only being invaded by four towers.

“What?! Your world is only being invaded by four towers?!” Kastor asked with disbelief.

“Yes, Azrael, Azazel, Behemoth, and Lucifer towers. Why? Is your world being invaded by more than four towers?” Barika replied and looked at Kastor with his eyebrows raised.

“We are being invaded by thirteen towers,” Mykel answered as he smoked his cigarette. “We are dealing three times more than your world,” he continued and looked at Barika.

“That must be tough,” Barika said as he looked at them. “With your lack of technology, I wonder how the hell is your world surviving that many towers,” he continued as he was impressed by that fact.

“He’s the reason why our world is still surviving from the demon invasion,” Caesar replied as he pointed his finger at Mykel. “He and his team cleared all the tenth floor in all the thirteen towers,” he continued.

Barika looked at Mykel and he looked a bit intimidated even though Mykel’s body was smaller than him. Now they understood why all of them were following Mykel and respected him as a man.

“What’s your world called?” Kastor asked.

“Juven, we live on a planet called Juven,” Henos answered. “What about your world?” he asked.

“Earth, our planet is called Earth,” Kastor answered and looked at the high technology armor of the people from Juven.

“How many Ascended people in your world, Mykel?” Barika asked.

“Is that what you call the people who got a blessing from the Constellations? If so, we have at least millions of them,” Mykel answered as he looked at Barika’s status screen.

[NAME: Barika Liws]

[LEVEL: 27]



[ARCANA COIN: 39,400]


[Gauge (Active): Allow the User to have an external capacity for their stamina. When it’s full, the [Gauge] skill can be activated and increase all basic skills levels based on [Gauge] skill level. (Current skill is 4. Increase basic skills level by 4)]

[Thunderwrath (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): When activated, enchant the User’s body with the lightning element. Replaced all basic skills with [Body Discharge] for ten minutes]

[Body Discharge: Doubled the basic skills levels and removed the limit]

With Barika’s level and how peaceful and advanced his world was, it was a bit surprising that his skills weren’t that many and the levels were so underwhelming compared to their levels. The reason behind it would be because of how advanced their armor and weapons were and they depended on their own technology instead of their skills.

“Now that you have explained it to us, what do you want us to do? It would be a waste of time to stay here and do nothing,” Barika asked as he looked at Mykel.

“You can stay here and develop the Helmga world or hunt down the remaining demons that scattered around in this world. That’s the first option, and the second option is for you to go back and save the other world in the Azrael tower or Behemoth tower to increase your skill level and your level,” Mykel answered as he burned the cigarette into ashes.

Barika and Henos looked at each other with a bit of confusion. “We have more than enough people with us here, why don’t we just go and try to clear the sixteenth floor together?” Barika asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

Mykel smirked and chortled when he heard it. “These guys are not with me, they’re not the ones who saved the Helmga world,” he answered.

“Oh? So you have your own army of Ascended people?” Barika asked with his eyebrows raised.

“It’s not an army, more like a small group of people. Nine people to be precise,” Mykel answered with his arms crossed and looked at Barika.

Barika stared at Mykel for quite a while and then he bursted out laughing when he heard it including his teams and Henos. Euros and the others smiled as they shook their heads while Kastor and his team just quietly stared at Barika and his team.

“Wait, you’re being serious?” Barika asked as he cleared his throat.

“Remember what I said earlier that it was all thanks to Mykel that we are safe from the demon invasion? He wasn’t the one who actually cleared the ten floors in each tower but his team who defeated all the first demon lords. Those nine people that he mentioned were also the ones who saved this world,” Caesar answered with a serious expression.

Barika looked at Euros and the other heroes, they all nodded in agreement.

“Oh, wow, I guess your team is elite among the elite, huh?” Barika said as he gulped and looked at Mykel.

“Yes, you can say that my team is the most elite Ascended people in my world, and I will introduce you guys to my team in the future,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head. “Anyway, you can have this,” he said as he threw the Helmga Key to Barika.

Barika looked at the key and was immediately convinced that Mykel was really the one who saved the world with that key as proof of his achievement.

“Hold that key and it will lead you to Helmga world immediately,” Mykel said as he pointed at the key in Barika’s hand.

“I see, that’s why there’s a mysterious door before entering the first floor,” Barika replied as he stared down at the key. “Thank you for this,” he said as he looked at Mykel.

“No need to mention, we will be working together in the future it’s the right thing to do,” Mykel said.

Barika looked at Henos and nodded his head. “In exchange, I will give you one of our weapons as gratitude so you can learn about our technology,” he said as he offered a weird-looking gun in his hand.

“That won’t work, Hero Barika,” Phirzia said as she stared at the gun in his hand.

“What do you mean it won’t work?” Barika asked with his head tilted.

“You can give your weapons or anything that belongs to your world to the people from another world. The items will be disappeared when they came back to their original world. We heard about it a long time ago and that’s why even though the first heroes saved two worlds that looked like your world, they couldn’t take the technology back to our world,” Phirzia answered.

“But we can bring our stuff to this world though?” Henos asked with a bit of confusion.

“Because you’re inside a world in the tower right now, it didn’t count and your original world is currently outside the tower,” Phirzia explained.

Kastor and the others looked so disappointed because they really wanted to have those technologies to be brought back to earth.

“That’s really a shame but I guess you really don’t need our technology if you saved this world with just the ten of you,” Barika said as he sighed. “But I guess you guys can try our technologies in here so it can give you an idea of how things work?” he asked as he looked at Kastor and Caesar.

The first thing Kastor and the others checked was Barika’s armor because it looked like full plate armor but was made of light material that could bend but was still sturdy as steel. Unfortunately, those materials that Barika and Henos mentioned didn’t exist on Earth so it basically was a waste of time to think about replicating it.

Mykel already knew about it that was why he wasn’t interested in all of those, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get those materials since he could ask some from the Constellations in their own world.

“I guess there’s nothing else we can do here, it’s nice to see there are other people from a different world that experienced the same thing as us. It makes us don’t feel alone for some reason,” Barika said with a smile on his face.

Henos looked behind him and saw a big chunk of land. “By the way, you said there are four kingdoms, right? What happened to the last one?” he asked.

“You’re now looking at it,” Arvel answered.

“That big chunk of black land?” Henos asked as he turned his head.

“Yes, Hero Mykel burned the whole kingdom with his fire magic because the demons had occupied the whole kingdom. He burned everything into nothingness in less than a minute,” Arvel answered.

“Huh?” Henos asked with eyebrows furrowed and mouth wide open.


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