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After Testar’s fan signing event became a buzz on SNS, some of Park Moondae’s fans were suffering from <Idol Inc.> PTSD because of the malicious accounts that came up belatedly.

– What’s wrong with them?

– They’re really going crazy…Sigh

– I feel like they’re conspiring from somewhere

The antis tried to incite public opinion against Park Moondae by spreading cleverly distorted logic in all kinds of communities.

The main arguments were ‘It’s selfish to prepare a gift alone’, ‘Miraculous cost-effectiveness that can be condescending with a lollipop’, and ‘uselessly seeking attention with fan signing items’.

Of course, there weren’t a lot of places where it worked properly, but the defense itself was mentally exhausting.

When the fans got emotional, the key to the event got caught.

– This is a good day, but what is going on

– I want to quickly clean up and go back to the fan signing event…

– I get tired every time

Just before panic turned to exhaustion.

There was an alarm notification on Testar’s account.

Hello, everyone

This is Moondae (puppy emoticon)

Here’s today’s settlement (photo)

The attached photos were Park Moondae’s selfies, each with separate fan-signing items that he had received. Looking at the background, it seemed he was in the car.

That wasn’t all.

An additional notification popped up immediately.

There’s more

Photos of other members with similar concepts were uploaded one after another.

Each of them exchanged the fan sign items they received and even took care of the color difference. It was almost embarrassing how well the photos were compositioned and professionally taken.

– ??

– Moondae?

– No, suddenly, how precious…

Before the fandom could react to the sudden content, an article came up again.

Next up is #Myself! (photo)

P.S. All seven of us will do it~ Please look forward to it ♡

It was a post with a selfie of Park Moondae taken with a V on the chin and Keun Sejin opened a package in the background.

They could see that the package contained colorful lollipops.

– Heol

– Crazy

Yes. In the first place, Park Moondae didn’t plan this alone.

It was because he was wary of holding an event alone in the Testar fandom, which still had individual fandoms as its basis.

And of course, the first person he invited was Keun Sejin, who was full of confidence in the fan signing.

The fans were on fire in an instant.

– Is this a selfie bomb for real? Go ahead and explode more

– It reminds me of the doll mask event during Idol Incㅠㅠ Our kids are really good children. I love you!

– Look at his stunts to take care of all the fans who couldn’t come to the fan signing event. This is the idol that survived Idol Inc

– I should’ve bought 120 copies, so kindㅠㅠ

And Park Moondae’s fans felt at ease.

Because now, no matter what kind of bullshit came out, they could beat it up and drive it out.

– I don’t think it’s good to see Park Moondae doing that alone

└Yeah, Keun Sejin will do it tomorrow~ They all planned it together as a relay! Isn’t it nice to see them overflowing with love for Testar fans♡ (photo)

– What is that;; If he did that at the fan signing event, the people who gave him the item would lose their energy. He was just stacking it on his head.

└He made the time to wear them one by one and take a picture! And he uploaded each item separately? Even with the other members all togetherㅠㅠ Do you want to see it together? (kink)

In this way, those people could quietly disappear or meet ‘This comment has already been deleted’, needless to say for a longer period of time.

– Ah, the cider tastes good.

– Moon Puppy, here’s another bowl of cider!! (bang!

– Get off, ah it’s funㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Moon Puppy is a genius, I don’t accept objections

– Moon Puppy has to report his survival through selfies every day, not posting is against the law

Fans ran excitedly to the fan signing the next day and were able to sleep sweetly with refreshed hearts.

– Keun Sejin gave me a bubble toy lolㅋㅋㅋ

– The fan sign event site suddenly became the Magical Boy set

– It’s so cute. Following Moondae’s candy, Keun Sejin also chose something that suit his personalityㅠㅠ (photo)

And in the festive atmosphere, a great conflict came to many people.

The agency announced an additional fan signing schedule with the intention to take advantage of this opportunity.

– Next fan signing event schedule. (link)

└Is it true they grab this after the initial release? The agency is really… Crazy

– The additional fan signing event is in this weekend. I really want to goㅠㅠ

– Don’t you really have to go to the fan sign at least once?

– It seems the next album will go up even more now, or maybe I should break my saving account

No one knew yet that after a while, the additional fan sign event, which reached 180 copies, would drive everyone crazy, including the fans and the singers.

* * *


My body moved and I woke up. I heard a voice from the front.

“…Hmmm, have we arrived?”

“There’s still some time left.”


A conversation between Ryu Chungwoo and the manager passed through my sleepy mind.


I was in the middle of moving.

I thought I would fall asleep again if I stopped thinking for a bit, so I moved my body.

First of all, I turned on my friend’s smartphone.

[Friday 4:35 AM]

‘It’s been two and a half hours… since we started.’

The schedule was really amazing. I brushed my head.

‘I was relieved that there is no pre-recording this week, so why are we filming the variety show so early in the morning?’

I never imagined that I would have to go all the way to Gyeongsang-do. Thanks to that, I couldn’t even touch the settlement of the fan signing event yesterday.

‘Should I post something?’

I was a little conflicted as I accessed Testar’s account on my smartphone, and I uploaded some group photos taken at the dorm.

This is Moondae. (puppy emoticon)

Testar’s matched pajamas. (photo)

‘…Hmm. It seems too much.’

Looking at it, I wondered if someone else’s pajamas actually mattered.

Many people asked idols to share TMI, but they often got disappointed when they solved it, so I had to choose the right information.

‘I’ll have to look at the reaction and adjust the range.’

As soon as I finished uploading, there was a sign of movement from next to me.


Seon Ahyeon opened his eyes in a half-dreaming state and was startled when his eyes met me, who had completely woken up.

“-! H-Have we arrived?”



“Sleep more.”

After saying that, I also closed my eyes.

There were still two hours left until we arrived, so I was going to sleep a little more.

Because of his personality, it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to sleep if the person next to him was awake.


However, when I closed my eyes, I had already arrived at the destination. Fatigue ate up the time.

In addition, an extraordinary demand awaited.

“We can’t?”

“Yes. Your reaction when you find out what kind of job you will experience for a day is important.”

“Um, I see~”

Thanks to the manager who stepped in and organized it, I had no choice but to wear a blindfold. In the meantime, my eyes were thoroughly blocked so that I couldn’t see the outside at all.

It didn’t matter, but when I put on blindfolds on the guys who were already sleepy, some of them seemed to be out of their minds.

Cha Eugene, who was on the verge of dozing off, came to his senses only after being poked in the side.

“Ugh… Oh!”

“Come on, let’s go!”

As it was, we moved in a hurry according to the instructions of the production team.

“Now take off your blindfold~”


And the sight I saw after taking off the blindfold…

It was a lake and a field.


‘What’s this.’

Of course, I wasn’t the only one perplexed.

“…I’m awake, right?”

“Where are we?”

Before I could say anything more, some sort of mobile banner appeared in front of Testar.

[Congrats! National stock ★ Testar ★ Drop by!]

[Korean birds welcome you!]

[in Junam Reservoir]

A colorful picture of a bird fluttered.


Underlined Gothic font flashed.


When I turned my head, Lee Sejin was looking at the banner with his mouth open. It looked like he couldn’t accept the situation.

And before anyone could say anything, a kind-looking elderly man appeared with a smile.

“Hello, everyone~ I’m Kim Jeongwon, a bird researcher!”

“Ah, hello!”


As if the survival filming experience hadn’t gone anywhere, everyone came to their senses in an instant and put their heads together.

‘…I’m wide awake.’

But they still didn’t understand the situation.

The bird researcher smiled and offered a handshake.

“I heard that you’re going to experience bird research here today~”

“Yes? Yes. We are doing a one-day job experience…”

“Yes yes. That’s right~ Let’s do the basic work of a bird researcher with me today~”

“Bird research…?!”

When the unimaginable job popped up, everyone was taken aback. But the bird researcher didn’t care.

“Oh, they are very attractive friends. We will have time to observe them more closely today.”


“We will be taking pictures of migratory birds today!”


The cameras were distributed in an instant. Testae came to their senses only after receiving the items handed out in an orderly manner by the staff who brought the banner.


“Birds are great!”

“I’ll do my best!”

The bird researcher laughed with satisfaction.

“Haha! They’re young friends, so they have good energy~”


At last, a harmonious laugh broke out. Seon Ahyeon seemed relieved and quietly spoke to me with a slightly excited look.

“I-I think it’s going to be fun…?”

“Yeah. Moondae is good at taking pictures!”


These guys… Of course, but they didn’t know.

However, after checking the camera, I managed to change my answer.

“…It must be worthwhile.”

“Haha, right!”

Right, indeed, it would be worthwhile…

I remembered the tearful story I heard from a senior in my club whose name I didn’t even remember.

– F*ck, if you want to take pictures of migratory birds, it must be winter.

– In the summer… there aren’t many migratory birds.

– It was so hot I was going to die…


I was already worried about whether these guys would be able to appear sane on the afternoon music show.

“Hahaha! Then let’s move!”


The laughter of the bird researcher sounded like a professor capturing a master’s degree. Testar guys, like undergraduates who didn’t know anything, followed the researcher.

“Wow, the weather is nice!”

“It’s bright now because the sun has risen up early.”

I silently moved my feet, listening to the conversation of those who would soon be desperate for shade.

And I kept moving.

…I continued moving.


Ryu Chungwoo took the lead among those who were perplexed by the endless march.



“Um, how much further do we have to move?”

The bird researcher smiled brightly.

“Haha! You have to walk until you see a migratory bird!”


“Oh, when will we be able to see it?”

Keun Sejin quickly stepped in. The bird researcher waved his hand.

“Oho~ Only God knows that~”


Just before the guys who grasped the atmosphere could freeze, Keun Sejin quickly opened his mouth again.

“As expected, right? Still, God bless me with good luck, I hope I can see it soon. Haha! Right?”

It was a signal not to ruin the atmosphere of the entertainment show and to laugh.


“You’re right.”

The atmosphere was forced to become friendly again. And then the march continued.


Endless reservoirs and greens followed.

If I kept walking like this, it would not be an entertainment show, but an experience documentary.

Fortunately, Keun Sejin was constantly talking to the bird researcher to get his portion. As if it suited the elderly’s taste, the conversation went well.

“That’s why Korean crow-tits are like this in the summer~they’re so thin.”

“Ah~ then the pictures we usually see on the internet aren’t summer ones!”

Thanks to this, I just had to react while moving.

‘You’re properly paying for your meal…’

However, no matter what he said, what kind of portion would come out if the answers kept returning to the story of Korean crow-tits… I didn’t know.

And at some point.

The bird researcher raised his arm.

“The~re, do you see the willow tree? There’s a bird!”



Faces brightened in an instant at the thought that the march was finally over. Cha Eugene openly tried to run towards it.

“Oh, don’t get too close! Birds run away!”

“Oh, yes…”

At Cha Eugene, who was trying to walk carefully again, the bird researcher smiled and grabbed his shoulder.

“Come on, let’s sit down and move~”


After a while.

Everyone began to move forward while squatting.

‘What kind of training camp experience is this?’

I think I know why the first episode of this entertainment show was ruined.


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