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First of all, the first place in the negative vote… it was obvious

[1st place, Choi Wongil]

‘He’s finished.’

Looking at the editing of episode 9, unless something unusual happened, the next ranking announcement would be the last time I saw him.

The problem was with the 2nd place.

[2nd place, Seon Ahyeon]

This ranking was predictable too. Because the last voting period coincided with the time when the criticism toward Seon Ahyeon was at its peak.

It was a good thing. Unlike Choi Wongil, Seon Ahyeon was suddenly attacked excessively, so sympathy from public opinion was slowly rising.

There was a high possibility that the atmosphere would be completely reversed with people saying, ‘Seon Ahyeon isn’t so bad that he deserves 2nd place in the negative voting.’

In addition, he was stable because he did well in this team match.

‘I am sure you’ll be fine in the end.’

However, if I tried to give this analysis to the person who got 2nd place right away, it wouldn’t work. Thanks to this, only the sound of the TV was ringing in the living room for a long time.


‘F*ck, if these guys want to watch the show as a group again, I’m going to cut ties.’

The atmosphere was excruciating

In addition, if you lowered your gaze a little from 2nd place, 4th place was Lee Sejin B. So, it was Keun Sejin.

It seemed this happened because people had robbed the rest of the votes out of a sense of betrayal on the night of the controversy.

‘Since it was settled quickly, a lot of people will be worried and give their votes.’

Sure enough, Keun Sejin was the first to laugh and open his mouth.

“Ah~ When our team match airs, it’s going to be flipped over, isn’t it?”

“That’s right.”

“I don’t think overturning them will be easy.”


Kim Raebin, who suddenly opened his mouth, muttered that bullshit seriously.

‘Are you crazy?’

Keun Sejin looked at him with eyes that seemed to say that, but Kim Raebin continued to speak firmly.

“We’ve completed this team match well, so I don’t think there will be a significant decline in the number of votes.”


“…Hey, you… Um, Raebin. You know it’s the negative vote, right?”

“Yes. …Ah!”

Kim Raebin replied to Gold 1 with clear eyes, then soon spat out an exclamation and added an explanation as if he just realized something.

“Negative votes also tend to increase in proportion to the general vote.”

It was statistically correct except for special cases such as Choi Wongil. It was a matter of the size of the votes of the participants.


“That’s true.”

In an instant, the atmosphere became relaxed. Participants who recalled the last ranking announcement ceremony realized that Kim Raebin’s remarks were reasonable.

‘That’s good thinking.’

Although his communication skills were a little weak, he was definitely a useful guy.

Before I knew it, Seon Ahyeon already lowered his nervousness and reacted moderately to Gold 1’s remark.

“Huh, then I’m out, right? I’m in 21st place!”

“Hyung-nim! It’s because you don’t have anti-fans!”

“T-That’s right.”

Instead of watching the TV screen that had already returned to commercials, I checked the ranking again on the Internet.

[8th place Park Moondae ▼ 3]

I was ranked with Cha Eugene in front of me and Ryu Chungwoo in the back.

And compared to the negative votes at the last ranking announcement, the ranking seemed to have gone down by three notches.

‘Should I be happy with this?’

It was difficult to analyze.

In fact, compared to Cha Eugene and Ryu Chungwoo who had never been controversial, there was some gossip about the broadcast’s ‘Park Moondae’.

So it was ambiguous. Whether this was evidence that the negative public opinion of ‘Park Moondae’ had finally subsided, or whether the overall number of votes for ‘Park Moondae’ had decreased overall.

‘I hope it’s not a downward trend.’

I chose the stage well every time. The number of views and references to fancams continued to increase. The problem was that most of the guys sitting around me also had good indexes.

‘…If they picked 13 people, my position would definitely be stable.’

I already knew how many people were selected, so I couldn’t run ahead with that positive outlook.

I clicked my tongue and looked at the reaction to this episode. There were no major confrontations because Park Moondae didn’t show up much.

It was roughly like this.

– Moondae… you’re good at trot? What the hell can’t you do?

– (Screaming that he’s so cute)

– A puppy whose eyes doubled in size after getting a kimchi refrigerator [Short video]

– Everyone, let’s be grateful that Moon Puppy didn’t participate in a trot survival show. Just a tiny mistake might have taken him away

A burst of laughter came out. It was a ridiculous idea… It was cute.

‘I’ll die if I don’t become an idol, trot my ass.’

However, as soon as I read the next popular article with a smile, I got goosebumps.

– Isn’t this the second time in Park Moondae’s life? That’s a reasonable doubt


You got it right.

Anyway, other than that, they were just comments about how they liked the Rabbit class.

And looking a little further under the water,there were also quite a few comments about how they were glad that I didn’t join the Puppy class, which was the team Cha Eugene belonged to.

– I wished he had followed his nickname because he was a puppy, but I regret it and already delete my post from 20 minutes ago

– Honestly, I thought they were tinkering with his big data algorithm, but I’m just glad my kid is okay…

– ㅋㅋㅋI saw the big data uploaded on the website and it was so meticulously cut. Is there a participant that the production team wants to kill in that class?

Overall, the atmosphere of those who liked ‘Park Moondae’ was like this.

Relief and anticipation for the stage.

It was a bit relaxed as if they already assumed I was going to debut.

It was good that people looked happy, but I was actually less confident than in the first team match. Maybe it was because the final was just around the corner.

‘I don’t think I’ll have a portion in this team match.’

The stage was chosen well. However, no matter how much I thought about it, the majority of the participants in the <Moon Rabbit> team had better storylines than me.

‘I’ve managed this far, I should be satisfied with that.’

From the middle of the broadcast, I was getting cursed at for receiving too much footage.

If only one person in the team comes out like a main character? The number of fans would increase, but that person would easily get antagonized.

The amount of broadcast was limited, so when that person came out, the person they liked wouldn’t come out.

And ‘Park Moondae’ had never failed to get a lot of footage, but he had never devoured it all by himself.

I would just have to be content that they didn’t leave room for nitpicking. I turned off the Internet window with a slight feeling of regret.

And a week later.

It turned out that my regret was as useless as counting chickens before they hatched.


Why do I get a lot of footage?

* * *

Park Moondae’s largest anonymous fan community was full of expectations even before episode 10 aired.

This was because there was a cut of Park Moondae’s upper body in the scene of the <Moon Rabbit> team stage, which passed briefly in the trailer.

Everyone was extremely excited about the high-quality hot content that would come out in 10 days.

– Moon Puppy’s face is spinning in the trailer

– Look at this, each of his faces comes out, I’m going to stream the fancam as soon as the broadcast ends. Let’s go for 10 million

– Hanbok? Rabbit mask? He must be crazy, how can he pick a good concept in every team match? This one sounds like Moon Puppy’s idea too.

└Looking at how he picked the stage, just like a pine tree, he only took concepts that would mess up the fans’ hearts

└It’s clear that he was born under the stars of idols

└That’s right

They were excited and only talked about Park Moondae even after episode 10 started.

For 40 minutes, only teams of other unrelated participants came out, with big news occasionally showing up from time to time.

Then, the portion of the <Moon Rabbit> team began to appear.

– The production crew really put it at the end

– I saw the audience spoiler and they said it was in the opening!! Opening! Why! Here!

– They’ve taken these kids hostages more than once or twice, I’m getting madㅋㅋ

– Moon Puppy is finally coming outㅜㅜ

People’s topic was finally focused on the real-time broadcast.

Moon Rabbit team’s song selection process was broadcasted with the atmosphere of a hopeful group project without much modification.

– Moon Puppy: Haha, your opinion is good and his opinion is good. Let’s use it all

– Moon Puppy is as smart as ever?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Did you see Moon Puppy’s face when Keun Sejin sang the sexy song?ㅋㅋㅋ Now I know why he talked about Tibetan foxes, so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– There is no need for medicine because everyone is talking calmly and not spouting bullshit

In fact, the broadcast portion of the <Moon Rabbit> team was bound to be heartwarming. This was because there was no particular conflict material to be extracted.

It was thanks to the fact that only participants who had no hard feelings for each other and knew how to save themselves for various reasons gathered.

It would have been a little different if there was a filming in the dormitory on the night of Keun Sejin’s school bullying controversy, but there was no data of that day because all the cameras in the dorm were removed due to a device issue.

So the production crew had no choice but to suck it up and send out this image of the <Moon Rabbit> team.

Because it was a storyline that could be a joy to watch in contrast to the <Husky> team’s despairing group task.

Thanks to this, fans of the <Moon Rabbit> team participants were able to enjoy watching.

In the production process, the <Moon Rabbit> team was the only team that took care of all the elements step by step.

But it wasn’t the only advantage.

As the scene warmed up, the venom went away. And the void was filled with ambiguous sympathy again.

– I’ve never seen Moon Puppy being this messy

– The kids are familiar with each other, so they look comfortable

– It’s so heartwarming

For example, the figure of the <Moon Rabbit> team which was stretched out on a tight schedule came out as if they were close and friendly.

The figures of them not sleeping properly and living like a zombie to meet the deadline were not shown on the broadcast. Because it didn’t fit in.

Fortunately, the stage was broadcasted with high perfection.

– They ripped it

– Sexy traditional rabbit and Moon Puppy, how the hell is this combination match so well..

– I heard it through earphones, Moon Puppy put doubling in almost every chorus from the beginning to the end

└Wow, crazy

└Is that possible?

└Even the humming at the end is one octave higher?ㅋㅋㅋ Now if you criticize his skills, you’re just confirming that you’re a moron

Thanks to the footage of the production process, the fact that viewers could intuitively grasp the various elements of the stage created an unexpected synergy effect.

– Hey, I got goosebumps when Moon Puppy turned around and came out of the earth

– The flow of Hanbok -> Western clothes -> Hanbok was good, I could imagine the Moon Rabbit fell in love with a modern person in the middle.

– It was good to see the katsura tree come out as a stump and the stage end there. It felt a bit lonely and it felt like a long time had passed, so I can only imagine the story

└2D fans will like this performance

└I am not cursing at this kind of cheesy comment? It means that the stage is really getting to me

– Moon Puppy, thank you for choosing a legend for every stage, thanks to that, I feel comfortable stanning you

It was a stage that received tremendous response, the fans who were watching naturally poured out comments without trying to force public opinion.

However, the fact that no one received a narrative and the stage ended with the performance of model students left a slight feeling of regret

The image of all the team members, except Park Moondae, crying as soon as they got off the stage was also deleted.

Park Moondae was right in thinking that he wouldn’t receive a portion.

Contrary to his prediction that other team members would take the narrative, no one was in the spotlight.

Thanks to this, when the last <Husky> team was aired shortly after, the flood of comments from Park Moondae’s fans also quickly became quiet.

– Ah, it was good

– Let’s debut like this

– I want to see his face moreㅠㅠ Is his portion over already

– I want them to show more of the kids playing, if the production crew edited it like a documentary, it would be very funㅉㅉ

It was at this time that Park Moondae suddenly reappeared on the screen.

(TL note: ㅉㅉ = tsk.)


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