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Debut or Die – Chapter 19 Bahasa Indonesia

To be honest, I was quite nervous until I opened my smartphone to check the reaction of the 1st episode.

‘I thought I might become too much of a laughingstock—’

However, surprisingly, viewers reacted more favorably to me than mockingly.

Even when the chorus of <POP☆CON> came out, public opinion completely turned around.

In a favorable nuance.

– It’s so fun.

– You’re cute ㅠㅠ You’re very focused.

– Just be honest, you come to the audition to do this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Yeah, if you come out, you have to work hard. It’s good to see you like this.

– No, I mean, he looks like a different person from the interview ㅋㅋㅋ

– So cute.

‘This is cute?’

It was true that I prepared the song selection strategically.

However, I thought it would be at the level of ‘I’ve worked hard, so I’ll pass,’ but it was an unexpected gain.

Isn’t it the rule of an audition program viewer to despise someone bad?

I was a little confused, but soon I understood the situation.

‘It’s because I sang well just before.’

First of all, since it’s a situation when the singer has to be good at singing to meet their traditional expectations, even if the dance is only not at an embarrassing level, they would be able to leave it generously.

However, the character seems more emphasized by taking care of the laughter.

That character was—a bit embarrassing, though.

‘I chose a general answer on purpose, but it came out like this.’

Basically, it was to not leave room for a clue to be held. (꼬투리를 잡히다 or a clue is held meaning is for something to become a pretext for someone to provoke a quarrel.)

In addition to that, in order to emphasize the main vocal position, I have responded smoothly to everything.

In the interview, I didn’t mention any personal opinions and only said objective words that wouldn’t go against the social consensus.

‘But— I had no idea people would prefer a nuance like soulless.’

Anyway, even if it is the wrong way, it doesn’t matter as long as I reach Seoul. I tried to take KTX, but it means I don’t mind taking the express bus. (T/n : 모로 가도 서울만 가면 된다 used when one wants to say that achieving a goal is more important than how it is done. So even if it is the wrong way, it doesn’t matter as long as you reach Seoul.)

‘I got through the first step well.’

It was clear that I had secured early recognition. This is not just a hunch but a real result.

This is because the status window popped up while I watched the broadcast.

[The beginning of fame (2)!]

10,000 people remembered your existence!

: Point +1

[Calling for fame!]

50,000 people remembered your existence!

: Draw Rare Characteristics ☜ Click!

With one broadcast, the number jumped to 50,000.

‘The sense of reality disappears.’

I decided to look at the rewards that appeared in the pop-up later and instead opened the search box and entered keywords.

[Relisting! Idol Inc. ratings]

The results came right away.

[Average ratings: 3.7%, Highest ratings in one moment: 6.8%]

Oh my God.

‘…Isn’t this the first episode of the failed cable entertainment program?’

I guess I succeeded in pulling the aggro properly. (T/n : aggro is a meaningless behavior or talk to take others’ attention.)

Of course, objectively speaking, it wasn’t a crazy high rating.

Regardless of whether people liked me or not, the fact that 100,000 of them remembered Park Moondae means that I made quite an impression.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the ‘likes and dislikes’ section.

After checking the overall flow of public opinion in the first episode, I immediately checked my evaluation video clip.

[Pure 100% twist of an ordinary participant! park Moondae]

I feel like my hands and feet have disappeared. (T/n: It’s an idiom people use when they find themselves in a very embarrassing situation.)

‘…Let’s get it out of my head quickly.’

Then I checked the best comments first.

– Huh? POP☆CON is here? ㅋㅋ👍 7326/ 👎181)

– I fell asleep while watching, and then I woke up. Moondae-ya, Nuna will buy you every single one of them until you become famous. (👍4522 / 👎294)

– Yep, the main vocalist this time is Park Moondae (👍2061 / 👎372)


First of all—It was a good sign that the embarrassingly liked comments were at the top. It was a bit strange— but thank you.

However, the critical factor was a fairly high rate of ‘Dislike’.

Compared with other contestants who have been favorably edited— for example, Cha Eugene, I think it’s roughly 1.5 times bigger.

It meant that there were quite a few people who didn’t like ‘Park Moondae’ who appeared on the broadcast. So maybe it’s the thing that’s not social that’s the problem.

So, what is the most effective appeal I can make at this point?

The negative image that has already been created is unavoidable, but there are many idols who use this as a gimmick to make them laugh.

Just thinking about it right now— hmm, there’s probably more than one for every idol group.

So there’s only one thing I have to do in the next shoot.

‘I have to look friendly.’

I immediately came up with the next search word.

[Idol Inc. PR Video.]

The next shooting was the production of a PR video.

There are still three days left, so let’s find the most meaningful examples before then.

* * *

The PR video shooting for 〈Idol Inc.〉 was done live.

However, they recorded the process of preparing the PR video like an entertainment show. It was a small content that was used to kill time at the ranking announcement.

“Everyone! Are you ready?”


Participants answer with great enthusiasm when they hear the clear sound of the MC in charge.

‘…I feel like I see this every time I shoot… Or is it a mistake?’

Anyway, the important thing was that the participants became more desperate.

“I’m glad that everyone doing well! Okay, do you know what we are preparing for today?”

“PR video!”

“Introduce yourself!”

Because I’m sure everyone has seen the reaction to the first episode.

Everyone must have realized. No matter what they do in front of the camera, it’s like nothing happens if it doesn’t air.

‘So no matter what they do, they can’t help but be desperate for a PR video that’s being broadcast live.’

In fact, it was never a fair competition.

The live broadcast competition, which was held in a situation where the first episode already decided recognition of the participants, was as if the result had been decided halfway.

However, in the midst of that, there was always a person who turned it over to a PR video every season, so everyone seemed to be desperately preparing for the video without saying anything.

It was a live broadcast of 77 amateurs, so of course, all kinds of controversies followed, but—it seemed like no one cared about that.

The participants will think it’s fine as long as it’s not them, and the production team will like the rising buzz.

“You’ll be doing a live broadcast exclusively for yourself on Tnet’s Global WeTube Channel at 8pm tonight!”

“I’m really nervous.”

In terms of placement, Keun Sejin, who was standing nearby, was a bit quiet.

He didn’t look nervous at all—what a liar.

“Ah, wait a minute. I think I said something wrong!”


“The live broadcast is not just for you!’

As if the MC was enjoying the reaction, he encouraged the response with his arms. The panicked participants shouted.

“What do you think is your dream as a celebrity?”


“It’s an , everyone!”


The MC spread his arms wide.

“You should each choose a collaboration item to advertise and promote your item with yourself!”


These bastards are determined to eat raw. (T/n: 날로 먹다 means that someone gets something easily without working hard.)

Even though that collaboration item sounds plausible, I’d bet my left hand that it was T1’s product that Tnet was just promoting.

It doesn’t matter if you only get one or two to see if something goes viral or not.

It was capitalistic enough to be counted among the crazy tactics of <Idol Inc.>.

‘Didn’t someone rush in at the top?’

The series, which I thought was ruined and ignored, suddenly got a response, so I put a spoon on it. (t/n: I think 숟가락을 얹다 (if someone only puts a spoon on the table) means something like he is responsible for the most part of an achievement, so someone who deserves the credit for that achievement.)

Anyway, the MC’s words were plausible.

“This item may feel like a burden to promote, but please remember that it can also be used as a prop to show off your charm!”


The participants seemed to be convinced. It was a wise attitude because there was nothing to be done just because they couldn’t understand it.

“Then how do you get these props that you’ll have?”


“Rock, paper, scissors?”


Examples of programs similar to last season have been shown here and there. The MC shook his head with a sad expression and shouted the correct answer.

“Right away… It’s a treasure hunt!”


“The production crew hid treasure balls with ‘items’ throughout the dorm. You have the next 15 minutes! All you have to do is find the treasure ball!”

Keun Sejin nodded, and his face showed a little bit of admiration.

“I think this will be fun?”


The arrangement that will be interesting to the viewer is right. And the Participants who do this are perfect for dogfights.

With 77 people going through a building, there must be something upsetting.

Of course, they used the contents of the ranking announcement ceremony to relieve tension. It didn’t seem like it would be overly serious.

However, there were plenty of ways to shed subtle nuances.

‘I can already see all kinds of speculation and rumors coming up on the Internet.’

“Ah! Like an audition program, the treasure ball also has a grade. Please keep that in mind and check the ball carefully!”

It must have been painted in gold, silver, and bronze color.

“All right, get ready—”

Everyone is ready to run.



With screams, 77 people rushed into the dormitory. I sneaked out and took a step back.

‘Let’s go through the back door.’

No matter how much I thought about it, it was likely that I wouldn’t be able to get any of the treasure if I went with them through the main door.

If I go back and go through the side door, I will have less competition with the other participants.

Then Keun Sejin and Gold 1 followed me.

It sounded like a swindler was groaning.

“Thank you, Moondae-ya. The bus is comfortable.”

“Hyung-nim is smart.”


It doesn’t matter if there are two of them— but I’m pissed off about how it’s going.

Gold 2 and Seon Ahyun, who were standing a little further apart, seemed to have been swept away by the crowd and entered the front door.

As expected, life is all about timing. What a pity.

* * *

“Oh, Moondae~ You found it right away.”

As soon as I entered through the back door, I immediately found a ball on the threshold.

It was silver.

‘As expected.’

Keun Sejin also nodded, looking at the opaque silver ball.

“The grade, I think it’s divided by bronze, silver and gold, right?”

“Hey, let’s use Korean words that are fair and beautiful! Gold, silver and bronze! How nice is it!”

“Kk~ you’re a patriot.”

If they talk more, let’s just throw them away.

“…Why don’t we speed up the search? The others will be here soon.”


“Since Moondae is realistic, Hyung feel safe.”

I moved my feet quickly. Surprisingly, the two followed without making any noise.

First, the storage room.

“It’s easy if we think about it the other way. Where can the production crew hide it— hmm, here?”

Keun Sejin smiled and took out a bronze colored ball from the pencil case in front of the camera.


“Ah~ bronze. Is this real?”

“Ah, damn it. This dirty hand is not going anywhere.” (T/n: 똥손 means bad at picking something or unlucky person.)

Surprisingly—it’s worth using.

These guys were quick. Thanks to them, I divided the areas without saying much and searched all the storage in an instant.

“Ah, I found another silver! Shall we move now?”

“I agree.”

“I agree.”

They’re also quick to judge the situation. I moved quickly to the next area without waiting.


“Let’s go to the restaurant first. There’s a camera.”

“Moondae has good eyes.”

“As expected, he’s the man who found the back door.”


It—would have been better if I hadn’t said that.

There was no time to waste at the restaurant.

All three of them started searching around the area where the cameras were located.

It was when I opened the spoon and chopsticks box.

“I found it.”


“It’s gold.”

I got a gold ball.

“Why do all of us have a gold grade, but Moondae was the first one to find it?”

“It can’t be helped. Hyung-nim. I think it’s because Moondae has a golden hand.” (T/n : 금손 or golden hand means good at picking something or lucky person.)

“That’s right. As expected, you can’t beat someone who’s born with it~”

“The other kids are coming.”


They finally know how to shut up. All I have to do is give them something to do.

Anyway, when I heard rushing footsteps, I left the restaurant quickly.

“Go upstairs?”


The same search was repeated upstairs as it was. It was efficient this way.

“Hey~ It’s good that the three of us came!”

“That’s right! Honestly, Moondae agrees with this, right?”



I’ll be honest.

I’ve benefited from these two guys. It was efficient when three people searched together.

Overall, they had good eyesight and movement, so it was easy to search and move quickly. Their judgement was also good.

Not the strangely stubborn ones, but the distribution ended nicely.

“Then we— did we find 4 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze?”

Keun Sejin presented a palm-sized plastic ball.

Gold 1 said carefully.

“Yeah. Well— each of us has one of each color, and Moondae took us away, so let’s give it gold instead of silver. What do you think?”

“I like it~”

It’s good that it ended neatly, but I shouldn’t leave any room for evil editing.

When I first realized the power of editing, I felt very uncomfortable.

“Oh, then I won’t take the bronze one. Take two each.”

“Oh~ Thank you!”


As we each took our own balls, an announcement came out at the dormitory.

– There are 200 seconds left~

For reference, we were hiding in a storage room next to the back door of the road to avoid the crowds of participants.

It wouldn’t be ridiculous to be robbed here.

“Hyung, the kids are coming in!”

“Hey! Let’s run!”

We quickly exited the back door and headed for the meeting point.

“Ah~ farming nice~.”

“After all, it’s our teamwork. It’s relentless.”

These brats have all relaxed, and they’re all talking again.

Participants who had already found one or two balls opened them on their own at the meeting point.

So far, no one has tried to steal it by force.

‘They’ll notice that there are cameras all over the place.’

They seemed to be psychologically hesitant to steal the opponent’s ball openly.

“Wow, shall we open it too?”



We started to open up the ball when we returned to our position.

Keun Sejin and Gold 1 had a lot of balls in their hands, so there were a lot of jealous eyes.

Still, two higher grades would be better. Even if they get a few vague things, it’s hard for them to choose just one.

I turned two gold balls open.

And I hardened.




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