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Why did MallangDalkom suddenly come out here—?

It was only then that the bewildered audience realized that the stage wasn’t covering VTIC’s song but idols belonging to VTIC’s agency, LeTi.

She was confused for a moment because the MC talked about VTIC openly before.

“What the hell—”

Because it wasn’t a very popular song, there were some irritating reactions here and there.

Rather, it would be a different story if it’s a hit song like 〈POP☆CON〉 because most people only remembered the chorus of the debut song.

It was the same for her who was changing the camera settings.

‘Should I just get a picture of the public vote?’

When she thought this insincere thought and hid the camera from security, the stage went dark, and the intro began to flow out.

Woo~. Whoooo Ooh~. Woo~.

The melancholy melody of a modulated synthesizer filled the stage.

Originally, it was supposed to be a part where string instruments and piano would flow out to introduce a pure female idol-style orchestra in the 2010s.


As she raised her head, she saw participants in white stage costumes and blackish decorations that looked like shoulder straps.

It was a suit-like style, so there was nothing new because it was a typical male idol’s outfit, but she had a strange sense because of the lyrical atmosphere opposed to the intro, which is full of electronic sounds.

At that moment, the participants began to move.

– At some point, I realized

I am trapped in an imperfect time

The participant who began the first verse clearly had a handsome face and was good at movement.

‘Was it Seon Ahyun?’

Even the choreography was mixed with lyrical and elegant dance moves, but somehow— It was a bit strange.

– This unstoppable maze of time

Save me from being trapped in it

The moment the next part came out, she realized.

‘…Why is everyone so expressionless?’

Except for the person who sang the song, all the participants had no expression on their faces.

Originally, it was common for them to have less expression on their faces when it wasn’t their part yet, but it was rare for them to have no expression at all.


‘W, why are their eyes so strange?’

They were looking up at the air, not at the camera.

It was probably intentional, as their expression and eyes suddenly returned to focus only when their own part returned.

It would be a different story if they couldn’t make eye contact with the camera because of their mistake, but idols knew that it was their job to look at the camera like a ghost even when it wasn’t their part.

—So it was an even more strange sight.

It was even creepier in comparison to the participant who smiled alone in his part and had glowing eyes.

– It’s withering away

Inside this small space

I’m waiting for the day it will bloom again

Come and find me

Bzzz. As he lowered the pitch, a dreary noise mixed in MR, and the desperate voice increased.

The lyrics are definitely soft and sad, but because of the intro and the directing, it sounded like a trap.

If you hear someone crying at a closed school, wouldn’t you be more scared than wanting to help?

The stage was unfolding with such an eerie nuance.

– One step two step

The sound of you coming

It’s ringing in my ears

Don’t hesitate, give me your hand

I’m into a new world now~

Her spine was tingling when she heard a high-pitched voice singing the same lyrics as the song’s title, “Into the New World.”

Even though it was a pure and clear sound, it sounded strange and evil since it was made into dissonance by raising half the key.

Even though they were the participants, she became more immersed in the stage than their singing skills.

– Come to me

Come to me

It’s dazzling, a paradise by your side

In the chorus, the same string instrument from the original song came in, and it was creepy how it clashed with the synthesizer’s modulation sound.

Jiiing~ Kiiing~~

The movement borrowed from ballet and added a few more violent movements made it feel inhuman.

At that moment, she realized.

October 31, October 31—it was Halloween. The night when evil beings come out into this world.

– Come to me

Come to me

Melody of love for you (continues)

This is what a non-human singing to lure people in!


She covered her mouth as the sounds of explosions filled her head.

Of course, some idols used inhumane concepts.

But in the amateur idol debut audition program, no one would have thought they would try something so daring with a female senior song with the opposite concept—!

She instantly became immersed in the stage without even having the time to give evaluations such as ‘They have great guts.’

The song entered the bridge after passing through the second verse, which was modified and cut.

And once again, something unexpected happened.

– Can’t You feel me?

The arrangement suddenly returned to the original song at Bridge!

Even the vocal range is back. The pure boy’s voice echoed in the same high key as the original song, which was sung by a woman.

– Your warm touch

It wakes me up, it’s beautiful

Spring garden

It felt sacred at first when the beautiful accompaniment music and lighting were changed to make it brighter.

– Ooh, Ooh…

But as the lights brightened, other things became clearer. It was the details of the outfits.

She thought the fabric of a shoulder strap-like was just dark, but it was actually stained with dark red dye on the same white cloth as the outfits.

There were even stains on the shoulder strap that seemed to flow from the neck.

‘It was a vampire—!’

The bridge came to an end as soon as it had left an impression on the audience’s minds, and immediately after that, the chorus of the modulated sound began.

– Come to me

Come to me

It’s dazzling, a paradise by your side

However, this time, the dissonance with the orchestra has subsided and the noise has disappeared, revealing the sadness of the lyrics.

The artificial expressionless faces they put on when it wasn’t their part disappeared, and the dreamy feeling became stronger than the feeling of eeriness.

The sound composition also has a sense of space like Dream Pop instead of sharpness.

– Come to me

Come to me

Melody of love for you (continues)

The modulation sound disappears, and the sound ends with the violin.

Unlike the original song, which ended with a ballet movement, the song ended with everyone collapsing as soon as the chorus ended.

In that way, the stage ended with more sorrow than fear at the end. As if the narrator of an inhuman song really fell in love with a person.


People who suddenly came to their senses cheered loudly at that moment.

It was a stage that stimulated the audience’s hearts from start to finish, with a shocking beginning and a tragic end.

It wouldn’t have been this or that if they had done it badly.

However, the team’s participants did it right.

‘This is so crazy!’

Many people in the shouting audience realized it was possible because these participants’ skills were above average and their appearance and style were good.

The voices of the excited audience could be heard here and there as if they had already made up their minds.

The participants who got up patted each other on the back a few times and greeted the audience with a smile.

“Thank you!”

“T, thank you!”

It felt cuter because of the other teams’ actions and the gap between them and the stage was too wide.


She, who had been directing the camera, also muttered heartwarmingly. In particular, a member with a high-pitched bridge caught her eye.

Even after she went home, she couldn’t stop thinking about that unexpected bridge.

With this pronunciation, he hit the high notes ridiculously well, and his face was cool and cute, and he didn’t even flinch as he did the excessive concept.

‘When the voting came out, I will remember his names.’

She kept looking at Park Moondae, who was leaving the stage and made a promise to herself before realizing she was holding a camera.

And she was surprised.

‘I was so focused on the stage that I totally forgot about the camera—!’

It’s too bad that she can’t take a picture, but she’s so happy to be able to see it with her own eyes and not have to worry about the camera!

This was the first time since the former idol.

A shudder passed.

Well, it was a sign of being too immersed.

* * *

When the team members left the stage, they either grabbed the wall or slumped down as if their legs were losing strength.

I leaned against the wall and thought.

‘It was… more fun than I thought.’

It was strange.

To be honest, I never expected this to be fun.

I had no choice but to do it because I would die suddenly if I didn’t debut.

I’ve never danced or sang in front of anyone in my life. Even with makeup on.

—Obviously, up until the time I sang and danced 〈POP☆CON〉, I just felt like I had to do it.

‘I thought I’d come back to reality… Why is it fun?’

I’m even in a condition where my breath is about to pop out of my throat.

‘It’s harder than practice.’

I think I put more energy into it because it was a real match.

And probably, the guys who climbed on top together with me were all out of breath in the same way.

Because I’m also out of breath.

But their expressions were bright.

It was because the shouts were loud enough to tear their ears.


“Encore! Encore!”

I could even hear some shouting for an encore from behind now.

‘There weren’t many people.’

And the results— were better than expected.

It was a cheer that even the first and second-place teams didn’t receive.

No way. Is this why it’s fun? Because of the reactions that are pouring out in front of me?

“Everyone— thank you for your hard work! We did a great job! Really!”

As the camera approached, Big Sejin quickly opened his mouth.

I can’t say he wasn’t conscious of the camera, but it seems like his words are sincere anyway.

Originally, everyone praised everything if the results were good, and the team members started thanking each other and hugging each other.

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“T, thank you…”

Should I say something too?

“Thanks to you— it was fun. Thank you.”


“Oh my, even Moondae says things like this.”

What are they doing?

I’m impressed by how much these guys were moved by every word.

Even the sullen Lee Sejin was filled with a tearful look on his face.

“…Everyone has worked hard.”

“Heol. Hyung-nim.”

“I’m touched.”

The team members who rarely look at Lee Sejin now look at him with warm eyes as if they are not aware that the camera is there.

The atmosphere was very similar to the ending of a boy’s manhwa.

I remembered the last practice session.

– Hyung! As expected, we should also strengthen our fear! But, don’t you think we need to go strong? So that we don’t fall behind with innocence!

– Right? Hyung, thinking about it, what about the killer!

– Oh~ that’s strong!

– …It could overlap with the existence of a real person, so why not think of it as a fantasy creature?

– G, ghost…?

– …Ghost?

– Ung, u, uh, like this, if you move… Because it looks amazing, so…

– Hahaha! There are a lot of good opinions~ Let’s vote by a majority of the people!


…I only remembered the process of struggling to euphemize the absurd excessive claims that these talkative people were making.

At this time, I was grateful for Big Sejin. He’s good at leading public opinion.

In the end, most of the arrangement was carried out according to the wishes of Big Sejin and me. This was because this punk also pushed the vampire option I chose.

Nonetheless, it has been proven that vampire popularity was better than the ghost or the killer.

So what if it’s a ghost or a killer? Are they going to get cursed for sharing 10,000 units on SNS?

Anyway, I was satisfied with the good results by properly arranging fear and innocence.

And honestly—.

It’s fun.

I thought I could understand why so many people wanted to do this job.

My teammates gathered around me as I took a deep breath and stood up.

I shrugged. Without it, the atmosphere wouldn’t be alive.

It’s also important to show the camera how good our team works, so I didn’t try to get out of it.

“Let’s make sure to be a team in the next team match.”

“Ah, let’s do it together again next time!”

“I, I like it.”

“Honestly, our teamwork was the best.”

The congratulations kept coming, and when there was no longer a repertoire, they moved to the area to check out the opponent’s stage with the guidance of the staff.

As soon as we arrived at the room where the monitor was installed, the opposing team’s <Tiger> stage began.


These guys were politely admiring, but they probably realized it.

That there is a big difference in how audiences cheer.


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