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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 393: The Great Demon King Of Death Awakens! Bahasa Indonesia


Just hours after the defeat of the Demon King of Miasma, the world began to shake once more. It hasn’t even been an entire day before the presence of a being even stronger, even more frightening, and even more evil began to emerge from within the depths of the underworld.

The Underworld, an area mostly restricted to players, which contains powerful high-level monsters began to open, an enormous map just as big as the surface, filled with walking calamities and many Bosses above Level 100.

Enormous gates hidden in the underground slowly began opening, connecting the world of the living with the world of the dead, the [Gates of the Underworld]. The moment the gates began to open, incredibly slowly due to their massive size, enormous waves of Nether, a substance derived from Miasma but corrupted with the essence of Death itself began to pour into the world of the living.


The disgusting, green-colored Nether started to emerge into the surface, exploding over the ground and quickly making small lakes and even rivers. Living beings in the surroundings had their vitality and life instantly drained out of them, as they quickly began walking once more… but now as Undead.

It was just the beginning, in 30 days, half of the entire world would be engulfed in Nether, and most of the living beings would become Undead, which would ultimately empower the awakening of their King.

The King of Death, the Aberrant One, the Lazy Sleeper, the Selfish, the Hollow…

He, the Great Demon King of Death!

An enormous titan made of bones stood still over a throne made of souls and rotten flesh.

His giant skull seemed devoid of any energy.



Two small blue-colored flames emerged, flickering from within the eye sockets.

“My time… has come…”

The moment he spoke, the entire Underworld stood still, as if completely paralyzed by his very existence. All Undead living here began to celebrate seconds after, those that could speak, his loyal subjects, ran towards him, kneeling before his massive presence.

“Our Lord has woken up!”

“Our Lord of Death’s rebirth!”

“We’ve been waiting for this moment all this time, ever since the other three Demon Kings appeared!”

“You, our greatest of all Demon Kings!”

“The King of Death…!”

“Lord Thanatos!!!”

“Hmmmm… Not enough power…”

The Demon King spoke, suddenly conjuring hundreds of souls by moving one of his bony fingers, an hourglass similar to the Hourglass of Calamity appeared before his sight.

“720 Hours… 30 Days…”

His subjects, which were millions, stood in silence as he spoke slowly.

“In 30 days… It should be enough.”

His last words came accompanied by his Miasmic and Nether Powers flowing out of his body, enchanting his subject’s powers and granting them great boosts in their levels, skills, and magic.

“Ooooh! 30 days!”

“Our lord has blessed us with his Divine Protection!”

“This power… I have not felt it in ages!”

“Your Majesty, please tell us what we must do!”

The Demon King began to laugh, crackling his jaws.

“Keheheh… You already know… What you must do.” He spoke, raising one of his titanic bony claws, gripping his fist. “Kill, bring me souls! Death! Spread Nether… You know how to do this very well, don’t you all, my loyal Undead Generals?”

The five figures smiled, of distinct shapes, their eyes overflowing with malice.

“Yes, your Majesty!”

The powerful Death Generals disappeared from the Demon King’s sight like flashes of blue light and darkness. Although the Demon King himself was unable to do things by himself until he could fully be reborn, he was more than capable of sending his strongest underlings to spread even more destruction and death in the surface.

As a Demon King of Death, it was very clear that he could gain power by absorbing souls and the rotting corpses of those that die. The more undead exist in the surface spread by his powers, the strongest he will grow, and he bigger his stats will ultimately grow.

His eyes flickered, as their flames grew larger and larger with each passing second. His enormous body could still not move completely, but slowly, bit by bit, he felt like he could move some more.


However, as he began to rest until his awakening, he suddenly felt a powerful presence, although not equal to him, but that possessed an authority just as overpowering, and yet, the complete opposite of his powers. It had just been born and was granted a power similar to the one he held one upon his rebirth.

“This is… The World… Tree?! Impossible… Wasn’t it destroyed… by the previous Demon King of Miasma, ?!” He muttered to himself, angered by the presence of a being that embodied life and nature, his complete opposite elements.

“Why… Why is it alive now?! Wasn’t it… destroyed?! Ah…” The Demon king sighed, suddenly beginning to devour more and more of the souls of the dead, gaining their memories, and learning about this new… “Rehashed” World.

“I see… Players… a System… So this is the power… that has reborn me yet it… contains my powers? Strange… Is this also why the… Tree has been reborn? Detestable… Yet… Maybe I could abuse of this.” He began to laugh, as he started planning his conquest of the world.

In the past, when he was defeated, the only thing he ever wanted was a second chance. And now… he has been finally given one, a second chance to not do the same mistakes as before, and to conquer the entire world, and have his revenge against the Gods.

“This world is filled with filth…” He said, with a terrifying voice. “I shall cleanse it… Once everything becomes Nether and Death, then everything shall be still. I will… save this world from its ultimate destruction and become… its sole ruler! Gahahaha… AHAHAHAHA!”

As the Fourth Demon King celebrated his rebirth, the Gods glanced from atop the heavens, concerned of what was about to happen.

“Only 30 Days is the most we can delay it?!” The God of Creation muttered.

“I am sorry, manager…” Sighed the Goddess of Darkness and Nights.

“If only… We could hold even a fraction of the true gods’ powers…” Sighed Gaia.

Author’s Note: And this is the end of Volume 7! I hope you liked it with its ups and downs. Now that Planta has acquired the World Boss Authority within Arcadia, how will she handle her new role? Also, back in Earth, new conflicts and dangers will slowly arise! And what will the new Demon King do now that the connection between Arcadia and Earth has been made? Will he simply sit down and wait for players to come to him?

Also make sure to read “Reborn as a Ghost” and “Reincarnated with a Glitched System” if you want to read more female main character LitRPG novels!


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