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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 388: The Incredible Powers Of Dark Reaper! Bahasa Indonesia

Suddenly, the entire forest and trees shapeshifted into five enormous arms, as they flew directly towards her! I couldn’t really go easy on her, or she would simply not respect me, thinking I was looking down on her.


The enormous wooden fists fell over Elena like meteors, but she moved swiftly. Her body encompassed of endless shadows as she swung her powerful katan I many forms and ways, generating beautiful spectacles with her graceful movements.


All my physical attacks were being completely sliced into tiny pieces, as she moved around, seeking my Avatar, and then attacking it with a barrage of slicing blows.

C L A A A A A S S S H H!

Another of them perished, my HP was going down the more they died. The ability that the World Tree body gave to me was rather amazing not only could I meld with nature, but I could make multiple avatars, once one died, I would only lose a small percent of my HP, but never everything.

Like this, the strategy of making multiple clones for distraction was possible, and as she sliced into pieces the second one, a powerful magical attack reached her, as I summoned tens of Sunlight Spirits at once, combining them together into something large and immense!

“[Spirit Fusion]!”


“What the…?!”

Elena looked into the distance, incapable of realizing what was she seeing, only to find dozens of large Sunlight Spirits converging into a larger and more terrifying one.


[You’ve merged over twenty Sunlight Spirits to create the High Rank Spirit: [Hyperion]!]


An enormous living sun emerged, with a single red eye, glaring down at Elena furiously.

T R U U U M M M…!

The sole pressure of Hyperion began to incinerate its surroundings. Don’t worry forest, I’ll heal you back up just after this!

“[Blazing Explosion]!”

I imbued Mana into my weapon as I combined it with several other Spells and Skills, conjuring the powerful Spell Blazing Explosion, which could be conjured using a fire spirit!


F L A A A A A S S S H H!

Hyperion flew down towards Elena, as I concentrated a large quantity of my Spiritual Energy and all the Mana I could muster into this attack! Take my resolve, my daughter!

B O O O O O O O O O O M M M M M M M!!!!

Elena was unable to evade that, she took it head-on, surprisingly! The enormous explosion was self-contained within an invisible barrier the System itself creates and adjust in size depending in the battle between two players as well, only engulfing the trees in the surrounding area.


Flames erupted everywhere, it was total chaos.

“Shit! Is she okay?!”


“This can’t be… How come a Level 60 Player can conjure this enormously strong fire attribute spell?! She’s a summoner?! But even then…”

Elena’s friends were shocked.

“Amazing, she’s really great…”

Titan smiled while crossing his arms.

“Well, it’s not like the little girl’s gone yet…”

Maryrose smiled while giggling mischievously.

“[Void Slash]”

S L A A A A A A S S S H H H!!!

An enormous black slash emerged in the middle of the explosion, slowly beginning to slice through space itself, and ending up slicing the whole explosion as a result!


The explosion’s flames dissipated in a second as the mere shockwave of Elena’s slice dissipated it all. Her red eyes glared at me with a deadly killing intent…

“You’re not bad at all… But this is far from over. You’ll need to do way more to actually defeat someone at Level 200…”

“I couldn’t had expected anything less!”

Elena emerged atop the pile of rubble, her eyes glowing redder.

“I am surprised though, you’re pretty amazing, if you could reach my level, you would definitely become the first Rank… However.”

“Come, God of War and Death, [Susanoo]!”


Her entire body was encompassed in shadows, as a phantasmal entity emerged behind her, resembling the giant ghost of a samurai wearing full body armor, and holding two gigantic katanas made of bones.


The enormous apparition seemed to suddenly boost my daughter’s battle power tremendously. As if it wasn’t enough, it looked mighty enough by itself, and it was ready to battle as well. It was some sort of Summoning-type Skill she had, but that also merged with her powers.

“That’s… She’s already using the Susanoo already?!” Anna said.

“She’s been pushed this far so fast…” Elisa said.

“Susanoo? That thing’s a Naruto reference?!” The green haired boy said.

“No idiot, Susanoo is the God of Japanese mythology, a war god with incredible power. Samurais can invoke his strength in various levels, but she had managed to evolve the skill to the point she can bring him out into this apparition-like form, which greatly boosts her battle capabilities as well!” Anna said excitedly. “She only brings it out when she thinks her opponent’s worthy!”

So this means that Elena is recognizing my strength… Amazing! And I have yet to even go all out myself! I’ve been mostly playing around and experimenting how I could potentially fight a Player without going overboard, but I have yet to even fight using the Great Spirit’s power, or my Legendary Weapon, or the Chaos Sword I have inside my inventory, which is a spirit by itself too. Yeah, the [Void Piercing Infernal Chaos Blade Weapon Spirit: Terminus] remained as a “Spirit Treasure” inside my Inventory and hasn’t disappeared.

“So this mans you recognize me, Reaper?” I asked her, emerging from atop a large tree, plants grew endlessly around me, vines, carnivorous-looking flowers, and dozens of enormous wooden arms appeared, protecting me.

“Yeah, you’re pretty good for the little we’ve fought, I hope it doesn’t get boring once I unleash my truest strength though! Keep entertaining me, Planta!” My daughter spoke with all the chunni she had within her heart, rushing forward and jumping into the skies!


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