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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 370: Fall From Grace Bahasa Indonesia

Erebus started crying as he felt fear of his own being.

“I only hurt you each time you touch me… I don’t want to hurt anybody… I don’t want to hurt you…”

“Erebus… My son.”

Gaia extended her hands towards her child, but he ran away from her grasp.

However, she insisted, until she touched him.

His miasma corrupted her hands, breaking them down and drying them out.

“Stop! I am hurting you… Don’t touch me…”

“I will. I will caress my child, you can’t stop me. I do get hurt, yes, but this is nothing for the pain you must go through, isn’t it?”


“Erebus… I love you, my son.”


Such an emotive scene moved my heart, as I saw mother and son embrace one another. Despite her very composition being the essence of life while her son was miasma, they embraced one another.

“It’s okay… Mama can easily grow more and more leaves, no matter how many you dry out.” Gaia smiled back at Erebus.

He stayed silent as he glanced her smile, despite how he felt about himself, his mother didn’t wanted him to fall into the darkness of his existence…

As time went by, and as many visions came and went, Erebus grew larger and larger, reaching gigantic sizes. His body size was too big, and the gods were annoyed at his existence already.

Gaia had taught him how to fend off monsters and dangers, and he was even learning how to maintain the world despite his composition… Yet many gods were against his existence.

Angered and filled with embarrassment over their sister being so compassionate over an “error” such as Erebus, they let such desires take over their minds.

One day, while Erebus wandered a desolate landscape, the power of the gods struck him down while Gaia wasn’t looking. Their power didn’t hurt him, but it sent him into a frenzy.



“You monster, why are you still alive?!”

“That Gaia’s an insane goddess! Does she truly believe you can be raised?!”

“You’re dangerous, if you grow any bigger, you’ll threaten our existences!”

“Our Father seems fond of Gaia, he has let you be just because of her, but we are not the same!”

Divine Lightning struck Erebus, as the lightning, carrying the anger and fury of the gods, melded into Erebus soul and emotions, his body grew many eyes, tentacles emerged as well, as he started screaming, going into a berserk frenzy.

“You’ve been raised well, but at the end, you’re an aberration…”

“Act like the aberrant monster you are!”

“So our Father can see your danger and finally strike you down!”


Erebus cried in agony, the memories of all his past began to fragment into pieces, his frenzy took over his reason, becoming a monstrous being that couldn’t differentiate anything…

He suddenly emerged in the realm of the gods through the gate that his mother allowed him to use, rampaging furiously and attacking many gods. Covering the place with his miasma as countless monsters emerged from his body.


His rampage quickly reached the ears of the God of Creation and Gaia, who was busy attending the small sapling of the World Tree within her gardens.

“That’s Gaia’s monster?!”

“Why is it going to insane?!”

“RUN! Hurry!”

“Our divine power cannot go against him?!”

“Father! Help us!”

The Gods cried as they ran away, some of the bravest of them attacked Erebus, only to be engulfed by his monstrous maws and devoured. Chaos spread across the Heavens, as the God of Creation intervened, Gaia heard the commotion, running to the scene as well.

“What is happening?!”

Gaia flew into the center of Heaven, finding an enormous, mass of miasma and chaos devouring everything, while roaring and laughing.



Gaia felt afraid, stepping back. She didn’t knew what was happening, her son was the purest and most gentle of them all. He would never hurt a single fly, yet he was acting so monstrously…

“W-What’s going on? Erebus?!”

Gaia tried to fly towards him, to go save him. Despite his berserk frenzy, she saw through him his heart. Wrapped around chains of negativity and divine power, forcing him to become a monster by channeling the hate of those that cursed him.

“Mo… Mo… Motherrrrr…!”

Erebus tried to call for help, his words barely coming out of his monstrous body as it constantly distorted, tears flowed from all his eyes. His small tentacle tried to grasp her, but then it began to wrap around her arm, tearing it apart savagely.



Gaia cried in agony, as her golden blood started gushing from her large wound, her son devoured her viciously, he had gone insane. Despite his cries, his monstrous self couldn’t be contained.

“Gaia! Move aside!”

The God of Creation emerged behind her, as his Light started to shine the brightest. Gaia tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen to her.

“Stop father! Erebus is a sweet boy! He would never do this! Someone… Someone else did this to him!” Gaia cried for mercy of her son, yet her father didn’t listen to her.

“I trusted you! But look what you’ve done!” The God of Creation angrily said. “Now you’re trying to blame your siblings for this?! You’ve disappointed me, Gaia! [Stake of Judgement]!”


An enormous stake made of divine light emerged from the skies, falling over Erebus. Piercing through his body and soul as he screamed in agony.



Gaia cried while trying to go save her son, but the gods all stopped her. Amidst their crowd, he saw a few that smiled back at her… She tried to fight them back desperately, but their power overwhelmed her, throwing her away from interrupting their father’s divine judgement.

“Begone from these holy lands, you monstrous fiend!”

The God of Creation was unable to kill Erebus, his power was immense.

Therefore, he choose to break him into pieces.

Crack…. Crack… CRACK!


Erebus was divided into seven fragments, as his screams of agony echoed across the heavens.


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