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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 358: Corrupted Spirits Bahasa Indonesia

(Planta’s POV)

A horrendous sight was in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was unable to stop him, I was unable to stop this from happening… His tentacles stretched into the world where I come from, birthing to monsters that attacked people. I thought I would see my own city there, but it wasn’t my city at all, it was different places all around the world.

Dozens of portals which his tentacles opened and which the tentacles of his Main Body were infecting with their Miasma and Monsters… And I was unable to do anything! This invisible power, something he called “Divine” it was stopping us from advancing. The spirits within me couldn’t do anything, and the Farm Spirit’s powers were already dissipating, about to reach their time limit.

Although I continued spreading my Domain across the entire Forest and the Miasma surrounding it was fighting fervently, even as hundreds of Spirits were being born constantly, fighting against the endless army of Miasmic Treants… even when my massive body kept pushing and pushing, even when I assimilated all of nature within my surroundings…

I couldn’t pass through this barrier.

A barrier of strength I was unable to overcome, something that… no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did. I was unable to overcome it. It was here, and it stopped me from doing what I could to help others. Across the portals I saw them, innocent people screaming, monsters roaring, gunshots, car accidents…


Please stop…



“Please… STOP THIS!”

I cried with everything I had, but the Demon King only looked at me as if I was a pitiful being, an ant in front of him. Just some minutes ago we were beating him, but thanks to his assimilation of Spirit Energy and the fusion of it with Miasmic Energy… he said he attained something closer to a “Divine Power”.

Was he… something like a God now?

“I won’t stop. No matter how much you ask, no matter how much you kneel!” He laughed. “And you and your guardian here shall meet their end now… [Miasmic Spirit Summon]: [Dark Young]!”


Suddenly, enormous magic circles emerged around me and Titan, and from within, gigantic monstrous beings made of black tentacles emerged. They resembled Treants to an extent, but had the legs of goats, their distorted faces roared furiously, each one was at least ten-meter stall.





“These things are not just monsters…” Said Titan.

“They’re Spirits?! You’ve created Spirits?!” I looked at the Demon King. “You monster! Don’t you see they’re suffering?! This existence… It pains them!”

“So be it! This is my power! Spirits are not meant to be made of Miasma originally, even if their existence makes them suffer, they shall obey my orders! They’re my creations… and slaves! My children! Now, my children, kill them!”

The Demon King laughed, his very presence sending a wave of red energy that encompassed the dozens of [Dark Youngs], the grotesque and eldritch spirits began groaning furiously, their various eyes glowing bright red as they rushed towards us!


A giant abomination jumped towards me, attacking me with its tentacles. Several attacks reached my body, Titan couldn’t help me as he was dealing with two at the same time already. His powerful flames combined with his totems were keeping him alive.

“Don’t worry, I’ll purify you!”

I quickly raised my hammer and then enchanted it with a hundred new Lesser Spirits that emerged from the Spirit Sprouts around, hitting the monstrous beast with all my strength!


The enormous blow unleashed a shockwave of spiritual power, hitting the nearby foes and throwing them down into the floor. Meanwhile, countless plants started growing everywhere, covering our surroundings, and immediately fusing with me to grant me more power.


The beast I hit was still alive, struggling, its monstrous body continuously generated more tentacles and miasma… Can I even purify this spirit? Can I even do anything?

“[Infernal Totems]!!!”

Titan roared, summoning several ten-meter-tall Totems covered on flames which fell over the Dark Youngs one after the other, sticking them on place. The flames consumed them but they kept regenerating and screaming in agony. They were incredibly resilient.

“They’re freeing themselves from my flames?!”

Titan was surprised just as I was, as the monsters began crawling out of his totems, even if it meant tearing apart their own bodies. Their tentacles waved angrily as their countless eyes were directed towards our positions.

“It is useless! I’ve enchanted their regenerative powers, as long as there’s Miasma around, they’re invincible! I’ve made them so you’ll fight until the last drop of your energy is exhausted.”

The Demon King of Miasma laughed, but I suddenly realized something… Why wasn’t he just finishing us off right away? We’ve been fighting for so long already; wouldn’t he want to end things already?

Unless… he can’t.

Could it be that he cannot attack us somehow? Or more like he can, but he’s weakened. His HP is actually going down now, somehow, the more I check it, the more the numbers go down slowly. Additionally, he seems unpleased as if he was busy doing something elsewhere.

Maybe the Players at the Continent where his true body is located are doing something? Maybe they’re attacking him and somehow dealing damage? Then what we should be aiming is his True Body, not his soul and the spirit core with him. He’s most likely using all their power to maintain the portals!

“Titan, unleash as many flames as you can! Can you trap them?”

“I can! Do you have an idea?”

“Yeah, I’ll need you to lift me up afterwards! I am too big now for my Familiars to lift me, and they’re all busy fighting the hordes of enhanced Miasmic Treants and Miasmic Beasts!”

“Alright, count on me!”

Titan immediately pointed his wooden claws at the struggling Dark Young, enormous flames surging from within them as his eyes glowed bright red, flames surging through his entire gigantic wooden body. Flame Runes glowed brightly across his body, as he concentrated most of his total Mana into this spell!

“[Infernal Hellhound Totem Spirit Formation]!”



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