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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 346: You’re Weak! Bahasa Indonesia


I hit the Demon King with the tip of my trident, unleashing an eruption of blazing infernal flames that covered the rest of his body. At the same time, the Blazing Fox Demons, a hundred to be precise, attacked the rest of his body.

Leading to the ultimate destruction of his body! Burned wood covered the entire surroundings, black smoke reaching into the skies. His Chaos and Miasmic Spell were powerful, but I intercepted them using my Shovel and combining it with the defense of my Spiritual Barriers.


The Demon King roared in agony and desperation, a dozen magic circles appeared after his scream, firing beams of chaos, and splashing Miasma everywhere in a desperate attempt to recover himself. However, the Trident covered my surroundings with these golden flames of life, purifying the miasma and stopping the Demon King from doing any other funny business.

My very presence sent countless waves of purification towards his body due to my Nature, Life, and Spiritual Elemental Spells and Skills activating all at once through my naturally made [Aura Domain].

“Nnnnggh…! Stop! D-Don’t you dare…!”

I began carving through his wooden body using the big trident, until a shiny jewel emerged. It was as big as a car, and it was purple and red in color… that’s it!

“There it is! The Heart of the Tree of Beginnings…!”

For a moment, as I pointed my trident at it… I hesitated.

Do I really have to kill the Tree Of Beginnings?

Maybe I can purify it back to normal…?

There’s no need to actually destroy it…

If I can purify it then the tree can somehow be saved… Right?

“Heheh… You’re weak.”


The Demon King, who I believed was almost knocked out, suddenly spoke. Darkness began covering the surroundings.

“You have talent and powerful magic, yet your mind is weak! You’re too empathetic! You fear destroying the heart of the tree?! Even when you know that this would end if you did?!”

“No, I will simply purify you!”


I pointed my hands at the jewel, unleashing all the spiritual and life power I could, trying to purify the jewel! That old tree had done so much for this forest, he guided me through the beginning of my journey, and was always worried about every little thing happening here… I don’t want him to die!

However, no matter how hard I tried, the darkness never went away… No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much Mana I imbued. The soul of the Demon King infecting it like a parasite was impossible to be purified…

“GAHAHAHA! You’ve given me enough time with your foolishness, stupid woman!”


Suddenly, an enormous hand made of pure Miasma emerged from the ground, destroying the rest of his burned body, and punching me, sending me flying into the skies!


When I fell into the floor, I quickly attacked, imbuing my will and mana into the nature around me, I quickly purified the Tiles he was trying to take over, and then generated gigantic fists made of wood and earth, and countless other plants!

“[Nature’s Fist]!!!”


The enormous quantity of Miasma began to be purified as it was being hit rapidly. The Demon King barely remained alive even when more than 70% of the body of the tree of beginnings was destroyed. This was obvious because his soul was hiding inside the Heart of the Tree, filled with Spiritual Power.


The jewel floated in midair, reaching the skies. The body of the Tree of Beginnings was quickly merged with the Terrain, turning into a monstrous mass of dead wood and miasma extending into countless of sharp spiky tentacle roots, and red eyes.


The body of the beloved protector now turned into an aberrant undead-like monster, as the Demon King remained within his core, floating in the sky.

“Now… My slave, kill her!”


The former Tree of Beginnings moved his monstrous and gigantic, amorphous body, as his tentacle roots attacked me from all sides, piercing through my barriers and reaching my body. The attacks were not only just physical blows, but they tried to inject Miasma inside of my body!

“The Tree of Beginnings… So horrible… You monster…!”


The Trident resonated with my fury, as its flames started to erupt everywhere, covering my surroundings, and burning the roots attacking me into ashes. At the same time, I kept purifying my surroundings, while I summoned more blazing fox demons to cover my surroundings from the Miasmic Treants from getting closer.

His roots kept spawning almost endlessly, as his branches became sharp spears, piercing through my body and attacking me relentlessly. At the same time, he fired Shadow Bullets constantly, while splashing Miasma everywhere. His roots and vines began wrapping around my large, over forty meters tall body.


As I was enveloped by the tree of beginnings deathly embrace, I saw his distorted face. The face of a gentle and slightly tired-looking grandpa. It was distorted, broken, his eyes glowing red, his mouth opening and groaning… he was no longer the same. This monster… he turned him into a walking corpse.

“I’m sorry…”

I cried, as I swung my Trident and then pierced the Tree of Beginning’s face, infusing all the flames I could into the rest of his body. His enormous roots and branches took on the flames, the miasma was unable to resist and was purified, his entire body quickly turned into ashes.


An enormous explosion of flames and miasma spread everywhere, as the Demon King began to laugh at what I did, as if it was some sort of joke, a comedy for his amusement… However, amidst his laughter, I saw a shiny little item being dropped from the particles of light that dissipated once the Tree of Beginnings died…

Is this… what I think it is?!

“Take it… My last gift for you… My child…”

His voice echoed, as his presence dissipated.

“GAHAHAHAHAH! How does it feels? To take down the one that led you? The one that protected this forest? The father to all!? Does it hurt? Tell me! How does your heart feels? Are you broken yet?!”

“Shut up…! I’ll kill you!”


Nature heard my will, as all plants gathered within my body and attacked the Demon King’s soul together.


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