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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 324: Do Not Despair Bahasa Indonesia

“Here!” The chief gave the children MP Potions to keep conjuring magic, the two held the Grimoire together to conjure Magic from within it at the same time, a little trick that Acorn discovered and then taught them to do.

“Fireball! Fireball!”

“Lightning Strike!”

B O O O M!

B O O O M!


The Treants that were rushing towards them were blown to pieces and engulfed in flames, but there were hundreds of such monsters approaching, all while the Giant Miasmic Treants that used to be the tallest trees holding their houses looked from afar with malicious smiles, awaiting their demise.

B O O O O O M M M!!!

A Fire Bomb that the Chief created was thrown into the distance, exploding and blowing into bits more Treants, but this couldn’t keep but for much longer, once he ran out of bombs, it would be game over for all of them.

“This cannot keep up for much longer…” The chief thought. “We don’t have any escape routes! The only thing we could even do is use bombs to dig underground, but even then the soil’s too thick and there’s no caves around here that I know about either…”

The chief looked into the night sky; his eyes filled with fear.

“Acorn… W here are you?! Are you okay?”

The chief was growing more and more concerned about everyone’s safety, but also about his grandson, Acorn. He didn’t even knew the reason behind the Treants appearing out of the blue, but it was most likely because of what his grandson was fighting…

“This foul presence… Miasma, there’s Miasma everywhere…” He muttered. “Has the Demon King finally come to invade our territory…?”

“Eliminate them! Kill them!”

“Impale them with your branches! Drink their delicious blood for nourishment of your roots!”

The two tallest trees that had most of the Squirrel-kin village houses ended turning into Giant Miasmic Treants and were incredibly tall yet slow and sluggish monsters. They preferred to command the other dumber Miasmic Treants as they sat down there doing nothing much.



However, suddenly, a rain of arrows coated on magic reached one of the Giant Miasmic Treant’s face, easily piercing through its wood and making the entire tree fall apart!


“E-Ehh?! B-Brother?!”

The other Giant Miasmic Treant was shocked as he saw his brother die in such a gruesome and unexpected way!

Suddenly, at the distance, a group of Myconid appeared, led by a silent Myconid holding a magic bow and a quiver filled with magic arrows.

“We’ve barely made it up in time…” He sighed. “Everyone, quickly get rid of the surrounding Treants!”


Several Myconid ran forward, using both magic and weapons to get rid of the Treants in their way. Compared to the Squirrel-kin and even the twins Almond and Peanut, they were incredibly strong, easily slashing into pieces the walking trees one after the other!


“Heheh, you all look like ideal firewood to grill some meat with!”

Even the Cook of the Mushroom Brigade was mighty, his Twin Cooking Knives easily sliced through the hard wooden bodies of the Treants.

The Squirrel-kin were all left speechless as they saw their saviors appear. Just when they thought things were going downhill from here, things finally got better.

“We have come in command of Lady Planta! Fear not, we’ll protect you! However, we must first eradicate these monsters! Can any of you carry things or craft items? We need to build a barricade, also create bonfires! Treants hate fire!” Hunter quickly snapped the squirrel-kin out of their daze.

“A-Ah! Yes! I can do it!”

“Me too!”

“I have the Crafting Skill!”

“I have the Carpentry Skill as well; I can do something with it!”

The chief and the twins stopped fighting and were able to take a breather for one, as they saw the Treants being dealt with.

“W-We are saved…”


The twins sighed, dropping the grimoire over the floor out of exhaustion, their MP completely gone.

“Hahhh… So Lady Planta saved us again…”

The chief sighed in relief, as he suddenly smelled the delicious smell of freshly cooked stew.

Some Mushroom Brigade members used their newly acquired Inventory thanks to their Player Titles to bring freshly made food and distribute amongst everyone.

“What is exactly happening?” Wondered the chief as he was given a bowl with soup and noodles, something they named Ramen. “Why are the trees… becoming monsters?”

“Not even we know that.” Sighed a member of the Mushroom Brigade. “But we must trust our Lady that she must be dealing with that at this moment! We must never lose hope. Now eat up, you can’t fight or move with an empty stomach!”

“I see…” The Squirrel-kin chief sighed, hoping for Acorn and Planta to be well in this chaotic night.


The second Giant Miasmic Treant was slain, as his enormous body fell off into the soil.

Hunter stood over its dead bark as he looked into the distance.

“I hope Sporegon and the rest made it in time…”

Meanwhile, as the Mushroom Brigade protected the two smallest and weakest villages of the Forest of Beginnings, the fairies, without receiving any help, were fighting against countless of Treants emerging from all around their country.

Their walls were strong and Treants couldn’t fly, so even if their magic barrier was shattered, they still had their strong walls to protect themselves. The fairy queen Titania was commanding her troops from the sky, all while multi-tasking to aid Planta in fighting the Demon King.

She had told everything to her subjects right away, and everyone was putting their all to fight the new army of the Demon King, made of the very trees of this forest. Thankfully, in this little time since the snake queen’s invasion, most of the golems were repaired already and there was an army of over fifty golems piloted by the fairies fighting all the Treants.





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