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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 315: Don’t Hesitate And Do It! Bahasa Indonesia

With Acorn’s Divine Beam and Belle’s Divine Thunder, the Demon King was impacted with two powerful Divinity-imbued attacks at once!



The Demon King gave a pitiful scream. Both attacks at the same time made the creature paralyzed on the spot. The Miasma that made up his body also began to deteriorate, evaporating!


He was being boiled alive!


He was really having the pain of his life there!

We have to use these few seconds to our advantage!



Silver quickly flew in front of Belle as I left my loyal Goat unleashing her lightning with all the MP she had left, while we flew towards the Demon King.

The impact of both the Divine Beam and the Divine Thunder created a vortex within his enormous body, an opening that led to a large, and spherical shiny black gem inside of his body!

“That’s the core! Let’s go!” Titania flew alongside Nieve, as I was brought inside by Silver.

“Loki! Saphee! Terra! Support Belle and attack the Demon King from outside!”




The three beasts quickly jumped off Silver’s back and unleashed a barrage of magical attacks. Loki generated a storm of slicing leaves and grew enormous sharp woods from the underground to pierce through the Demon King’s body.

Saphee conjured a downpour of acid and poison and made it explode all over the Demon King’s body, blowing away large pieces of mass off its body. And then Terra conjured enormous boulders of earth, hitting the Demon King like meteors.


“They’ll hold off for a bit longer, let’s do this!”

We rushed inside the body of the Demon King, was we found ourselves traversing across the interior of an endless sea of Miasma, the tunnel was getting thinner and thinner as the Demon King realized we were trying to get inside his body!

“Y-You…! Whatever you’re trying to do…! IT WON’T WORK!”


Suddenly, countless of black tentacles emerged around the tunnel, aiming at us! At the same time, red eyes opened, glaring at us fiercely.


Titania decided to fight as she swung her pink-colored crystal rapier. Rapid swings and rays of light emerged from her blows, the tentacles began to be sliced apart and then evaporated in seconds.

That sword she had was made by the crystallization of her soul and her tears, similar to the previous one that was stolen by that Dwarf Player, she said it was weaker than that one, but it was already very mighty!



The Demon King was suffering by her slashing attacks, which made his tentacles explode into particles of light in the shape of countless butterflies!


As the explosions continued to happen, Silver got slightly nervous, looking around while swallowing saliva in concern.

“GRAAAH!” She cried.

“Continue flying forwards Silver, we’ll protect you! Don’t worry dear, everything’s going to be alright! Trust me!” I told her.


Silver’s eyes shone bright blue, as she suddenly boosted her speed and began flying faster and faster through the gargantuan body of the Demon King.



The Demon King began to free itself from the attacks of Acorn and my Familiars, as his body tried to shapeshift around to devour us and close the gaps left inside his body.


“Damn it, it’s closing!”

Titania cried, pointing behind us.

Silver was already using all her MP to fly as fast as possible, but it was becoming an impossible mission!

“I won’t let this end!”

Nieve quickly acted, her Magic Ice Rapier named Skadi shone brightly with an aura of spiritual water and ice.

“Eternal Ice Cage!”


An aura of ice emerged from her rapier as Nieve gave hundreds of swings in a mere second, the gust of icy winds took over all our surroundings, as the interior of the Demon King’s body froze solid!


“G-GRAAAH…! My body’s freezing?! T-This is Divine Power?!”

The weapon that Nieve received ended being more than we expected, with that power and her natural Ice Spirit Magic, we froze the interior of the Demon King’s body as we made our way through the internal tunnel, now frozen.

“There! The core!”

Titania pointed at the distance, right in front of us, the core was frozen right there, so the Demon King was unable to move it away while it was frozen in the spot.

“D-Don’t you dare!” The Demon King complained.

“Oh yeah, we’ll dare!” I roared, quickly jumping forward using Spiritual Leap and reaching his Chaotic Core!

I raised my weapon and then shaped it into a sharp… pickaxe!

His core was like a crystal, a jewel, an ore! I could easily use the Mining Skill at Level 10 to decimate it!

“Take this…! Spiritual… ATTACK!”

Combining Spiritual Attack with Mining at Level 10 transformed my weapon into a sharp pickaxe. Overflowing with enormous quantities of Mana and Spiritual Essence.

“Great Spirit!”

“Got it!”

She quickly emerged to aid me, infusing her power into my body to give me the power to give that last push.



The pickaxe hit the Miasmic Core with all my strength, an explosion of Spiritual Essence surged within the interior of the Demon King’s body!



However, everything suddenly got still.

The Miasmic Core didn’t gained a single scratch, it was too hard!

“It is useless, you fools!”

Crack… crack!

The ice surrounding us began to shatter apart, as Nieve was losing more and more of her MP to maintain it.

“I can’t maintain it for too long!”

Nieve struggled, as I found myself shocked because the Miasmic Core was too tough!

“Just keep smacking at it, Planta!”

The Great Spirit guided me.

“You’re right… If the first time it doesn’t work, then we do a second, third, and fourth time!”

I loaded my pickaxe with all the energy I could and began hitting the Miasmic Core with great intensity!


“Come on…!”




“At least give me a little crack!”



“There! Titania, NOW!”


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