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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 307: Despair Bahasa Indonesia

Jeremias’ entire body was sliced in half and then exploded!


Chaos, Miasma, and Negative Energies within his entire body dissipated, as the power of my attack spread out a shockwave of Spiritual Essence that started to beautifully heal our surroundings.

An air of tranquility suddenly hit all of us, as the Miasma surrounding us started to dissipate once and for all. The Root Forest began to regain its health, my attack not only brought a powerful attack but it also combined with other attacks, began taking over the surrounding and converted them all into my Terrain.

The effects accumulated, and most of the Miasma remaining began to dissipate. Most of our friends calmed down after that, but I remained cautious.

“Hahh… I-Is it over?” Asked Achlys. “I exhausted all my power there…”

“Yeah… It was very tiring.” Sighed Nieve.

“Is that it?” Acorn timidly wondered.

“I don’t see anything anymore, right? It must be done with already, I hope…” Sighed Titania.

“We don’t really know for sure though…” Said Lily.

“Looks like it’s over, we even got EXP.” Titan said with a nod.

Titan was right…


[You have slain [True Chaos Demon: Jeremias: Lv70]!]

[You earned 450000 EXP]

[You gained 100000 Gold]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 54 to Level 57!]

[All your Stats have increased]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points]

“Maybe it’s really over… Phew, that was so tough…” I sighed, relaxing, and resting over the floor.

“Well, I am starving, maybe we should-“


A tenebrous voice suddenly echoed across the entire underground.

We all were left paralyzed by the presence alone.

As if it was something completely out of this world.

The entire temperature of the room turned completely below zero, we couldn’t even breathe properly, and it felt like our strength was being drained with each passing second.

This voice… I recognized it.

Suddenly, right behind Titan, we noticed a mass of black slime emerged from the ground, gathering from all the Miasma left behind everywhere, into a moving mass of blackness.

It slowly began to take a large, shapeless form that became as big as over ten meters, countless red eyes emerged in each part of that monstrous and amorphous body, as countless tentacles appeared, alongside jaws everywhere…

Titan couldn’t even turn behind him, as the powerful presence had completely paralyzed him from behind. Even if we wanted, we couldn’t move.

“The Gods have truly created a powerful Player this time… However, this changes now.”


A wave of darkness reached us all, it was very slow, but it felt as if our entire bodies were being drained out of their very lives.

“You persisted enough, isn’t it time to sleep?”


Suddenly, I heard another voice, the Great Spirit.

She emerged from within my soul, confronting the darkness incarnate.

The Demon King of Miasma.

“Hm? Oh, the Great Spirit that has been meddling with the Players…” The Demon King spoke calmly.

“How… We killed your vessel!” She roared furiously.

“How, you ask? That Vessel… was a Sacrifice. I needed a powerful Soul, a very powerful one to be able to use as the Sacrifice of the ritual, a ritual to Evolve.”


“The sphere of chaos was not a mere concentration of Miasma; it was an egg for my rebirth in this continent! It is too hard to move my real body here, so I simply decided to create a brand new one…”


“The boy had a strong soul since the beginning, I simply made it bigger and stronger, I made him fat enough… Then, it was ready for the picking. That you killed him… was within my plans. Someone powerful enough to kill him, all of that rich, delicious spirit energy your vessel used, it was the ideal necessary input to boost the egg’s power enough to hatch! I’ve never felt so youthful and refreshed before… Hahahaha! BWAHAHAHAHA!”

The monstrous entity laughed; the entire forest began to suffer his very presence. I heard the screams of all the trees everywhere, they were turning black, drying out… the beautiful green grass was dying, the flowers disappeared, the animals mutated in agony.

“Now, I shall pick each one of you. Hmmm~ Who should I start with? Such delicious looking snacks! Oh, this one right here…”

The Demon King slowly moved towards Titan, as his tentacles pierced his chest.


“Unnggh…!? Aaagh… AAAAAGGHH!”

The tentacles horribly began to suction his HP and MP, and even his own Satiation Stat. His screams of agony were not something normal, if this was a game… why was he feeling so much pain?!

“Unnggh..! It hurts…! AAGGH…! STOP…! STOOOP!”

What is going on?!

What… is this?!

“Bwahhahahaha! Did you thought that because you were Players you could not die?! Once I have broken the boundaries of the System like now, I can finally do as I please! Absorbing your body… and your SOUL! I can kill you all, I WILL KILL YOU. It will serve as an example to the Gods!”



His eyes looked straight towards mine, as the light on them began to slowly fade away.


This is a game…

It can’t be real.

It can’t… be…


I tried everything I could but…

[$%592030 ERROR]


[Soul Synapsis not found.]

[Soul Data Transfer interrupted by Foreign Force.]






Why can’t… we log out?!

This doesn’t make any sense!

“Plan… ta…!”


“Planta! Move!”



Mark… No…



When I was called by that name I suddenly woke up. The power of the Demon King of Miasma wasn’t so strong, I was suddenly able to move!

The Great Spirit’s Essence began flowing across my body, it felt completely different than before! What is this…?

No, I don’t have time to think about it!


I ran forward with all my strength, raising my weapon and then imbuing all the Spiritual Essence I could!

“Leave… him… ALONE!!!”



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