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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 47.2 Bahasa Indonesia

I’ll never hurt you, baby. (2)

Shi An wrapped the sleeping man up tightly in the quilt, then got himself under the one next to him and tucked himself in firmly.

He closed his eyes.

This time, instead of falling asleep, Shi An lay beside Mu Heng and diligently began absorbing the dragon molt’s magical power.

When Shi An opened his eyes again, the sky was glowing with an early rising sun.

Although he had not slept all night, Shi An felt refreshed for the first time.

The dragon molt’s absorption progress had reached sixty percent. As he had guessed correctly, the absorption rate would be much faster and the efficiency would significantly increase when he was at Mu Heng’s side.

He rolled on the bed, his big silver-white tail wagging happily behind him, breaking free from the confines of the blanket.

Sitting up, Shi An caught the tip of his tail in his hand and closed his eyes.

With a flash of light, the shimmering silver dragon tail finally disappeared.

Shi An opened his eyes and reached out impatiently to touch his tailbone.

The skin beneath his palm was smooth.

He almost wept with joy.

At last! It had finally shrunk back!

He didn’t have to worry about his tail getting in the way every time he turned around!

Shi An sighed with relief. The heart he had been carrying since he woke finally was less heavy.

With his most urgent crisis resolved, Shi An’s spirit came to life again.

He shifted forward and looked at the sleeping man in the faint morning light outside through the window.

Unaware that he had been used as a tool for the night, Mu Heng slept deeply, with his face slightly tilted to the side, half of his face in shadow, his silvery white eyelashes drooping quietly. His long hair of the same color lay unbound and gently spread out on the pillow, shimmering in the half-bright morning light.

Shi An buried his head and rubbed his cheek against them.

It was ice-cold and soft, like smooth satin or lukewarm flowing water.

It had a fresh, distant smell that reminded Shi An of the icy wastelands he had once flown across on wings.

After enough tossing and turning, he finally sat up.

Shi An thought for a moment and reached out his hand.

His fingertips were covered with the cold glint of dragon scales and the tips of his nails shone with a bit of metallic sharpness. He sneakily picked up a lock of silver hair, which dropped into his palm with a flash of cold light at his fingertips.

Shi An took the lock of silver hair and looked at it, left and right, in the shadows and under he morning light.

But for some reason, although the silvery light shone just as brightly, it didn’t feel right as if something was missing. However, Shi An couldn’t say what it was.


He stared at the silver hair in his palm in deep thought.

Could it be that it had more to do with the person than the color?

Shi An lifted his eyes and looked down toward the sleeping Mu Heng on the bed.

When his gaze reached the other man, he felt his dragon’s innate radar go off precisely. The familiar desire to plunder and collect began to work, stirring in his heart – so much so that he wanted to snatch him home, turn him into a specimen, and keep him at his claws for all eternity.

However, that intense desire immediately became muted when Shi An lowered his head and looked at the silver hair in his hands.

Indeed, the main reason for this was this human.

At that moment, Shi An suddenly realized that, unconsciously, most of his body had leaned over, half lying on the man’s chest.

The other man’s quilt had fallen apart in his earlier movements, revealing cold white skin, well-defined collarbones, and beautifully smooth lines of muscle half-hidden beneath an open collar.

Although the distance between them was not too close, he could still clearly feel the heat radiating outwards from the skin that passed through it.

Shi An tentatively placed his fingers on it.

His body temperature was already low and the other man’s chest was a little hot for him, rising and falling gently in rhythm with his breathing, and he could feel the heart beating strongly in his chest cavity.

The feeling in his hand was genuinely new and odd.

Shi An pressed his palm against it, moving curiously and slowly upwards, his fingertips landing on the other man’s neck.

He could feel the apparent protrusion of the throat bone beneath the thin skin and slowly moved his fingertips along the knot to the side of the throat, where he could feel the artery, the warm blood rushing through the vessel, with its throbbing pulse.

The young man’s fingertips rested gently against the vital spot.

With a single stroke…

The strongest man in the human race would be killed on the spot.

Shi An’s eyes drooped and those dark eyes beneath his long black eyelashes turned into crimson vertical pupils, like a blazing fire in the darkness, with inhuman evil and greed.

As if sensing the impending danger, the man’s sharp eyebrows furrowed slightly in his sleep, his eyeballs rolling under his eyelids as if struggling under a magic spell, trying to escape the grip of sleep.

Shi An was a little surprised.

As the founder, he knew very well the power of his magic spell. Even he could sleep for a hundred years under the effectiveness of this magic spell, whereas a mere human could actually perceive danger in his sleep and even try to fight against the magic spell was something he never expected.

But it was not like he was going to do anything about it.

Shi An gently let go of his hand and plopped back down on the man’s body again.

The young man’s face was fair and his countenance well-behaved.

He nuzzled against the other man’s hot neck as if he were a clingy kitten, curling a lock of hair around his slender fingers and playing with it innocently and harmlessly. His clear, dark eyes raised slightly, gazing intently and cherishingly at the sleeping human in front of him with a sense of pure affection.

Don’t worry. I’ll never hurt you, baby.

–You are my most precious treasure.


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