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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 40.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Shi An looked towards the black fog eagerly: “Can you…”

The black fog’s face soured, and it said pitifully, “My liege, I can’t, I really can’t!”

It was very sure of its own (in)abilities.

Tricking weaklings like Shi Rui was fully within its grasp, but it really didn’t have the ability to face those battle-hardened Bureau members.

Not to mention Mu Heng…

It would rather prefer a quick death now.

Although Shi An already knew this, hearing it confirmed made him even sadder.

He lowered his head to look at his claws and his flightless wings.

Not being able to change into a dragon was bad enough, so when he changed, couldn’t he have changed into a strong one.

If that were the case, maybe he would have put the Mu Heng kidnapping plan into effect earlier.

But now, he couldn’t even fly, not to mention steal anyone.

Shi An closed his eyes dejectedly and thumped his whole body into the pillow, playing dead

The demon insect landed on one of the corners of the pillow and said encouragingly, “My liege, don’t give up. How about you think back to how you changed forms in the first place? Maybe you can use the same method to turn back?”

“… I didn’t give up.”

The little dragon snuggled its head back into the pillow and grumbled, “Also, I already tried that.”

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t unabsorb the balls of light.

Just like his dragon transformation couldn’t be undone.

Shi An thought of something, raised his snout, and sat up in a tumble.

What if… he completed the whole process?

Shi An shut his eyes, earnestly trying to absorb that 70% of light left.

The power gradually spread throughout his whole body, and he felt that he had ascended into a floaty, hazy state.

The moonlight streamed into the room, reflecting on his dragon scales as if it were attracted to it. He was enclosed in a layer of dazzling light, seeming to glow in the darkness.

The insect and fog watched Shi An anxiously, so much so that they forgot to draw breath.

At this time, the doorbell rang downstairs.

The insect balked, then flew to the window to see.

Damn! People from the Bureau were here!

The crescent moon glowed above the scattered clouds, emitting beams of silent light.

A tall, slender man disembarked from a car, his silver locks disturbing the tranquility of the night scene.

The insect felt lightheaded.

The worst case scenario happened.

That superhuman Mu Heng, the pillar of the Bureau? Why was he so free on time? Every time they interacted with the Bureau, he would be there!

Mu Heng raised his eyes to glance at the Shi manor in the distance.

He didn’t know that Shi An was transported here after the other fell into unconsciousness. On the way over just now, Fu Zhou had called him and said that Shi Zechun had brought Shi An into the manor for better treatment.

When Fu Zhou told him this, Mu Heng thought of the scene he had overheard outside the hospital.

Someone who had never eaten ice cream in his whole life… well, it was obvious what type of treatment they got at home.

In conjunction with all the rumors that had even spread to his ears…

Mu Heng squinted, his ice cold eyes glinting.

Shi manor had already caught wind of his arrival and was welcoming him grandly.

Shi Zechun smiled and walked forward.

The man in front of him scrutinized him. Although Mu Heng’s eyes didn’t show any emotions, but Shi Zechun still unconsciously held his breath, and the smile froze on his face.

“Shi An still hasn’t woken up?” Mu Heng asked lightly, casting his gaze away. He strode towards the property, not waiting for Shi Zechun to lead him or even catch up.

Shi Zechun: “Er…yes.”

He hurriedly caught up with Mu Heng and simpered insincerely, “Shi An hasn’t woken up for so long, as his father, I have been so worried. I’m so thankful that you came, or else I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

The two men had already reached the living room.

Shi Zechun finally noticed Shi Rui standing in the corner and said, “Oh yes, recently, it has always been little Rui watching over Shi An. This child is super kind, and has been nothing but thoughtful and hardworking during this time…”

Mu Heng’s eyebrow creased severely.


This man let his bastard son watch over his unconcious firstborn son?

Shi Zechun thought of something, beckoning frankly,

“Come here, little Rui, bring Mu Heng to see your brother…”

Mu Heng felt disgusted to the extreme.

Shi Rui originally plastered a smile on his face, but under the extreme glare from Mu Heng, his footsteps faltered.

…The look in the other’s eyes was too scary.

It was a look of a man who waded through corpses and blood to train himself. The glacial pale blue eyes looked down on him, and the heavy pressure in them seemed to differentiate them as species, making Shi Rui feel like a termite.


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