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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 34.1

“Report, sir, the trapped students have been rescued successfully!” Wen Yao reported.

Behind her were Wang Li and the others.

They looked particularly embarrassed, and their clothes were still splashed with frozen blood clots, but fortunately, they were only a little frightened and not injured.

Mu Heng walked forward with a cold air in his body, his blue eyes with no warmth slightly lowered, and his gaze fell on the four people in front of him.

An invisible pressure pressed heavily on the shoulders of the students in front of him.

They swallowed involuntarily and had difficulty breathing.

Even though they were trapped in the heartland of mercenaries just now, they didn’t feel so powerless.

This… was this what it felt like to be caught?

Suddenly, Chen Meng exclaimed in a low voice, “Shi An!”

The rest of the people were stunned and looked up.

The young man stood not far from Mu Heng, his face flushed red from the cold, looking pitiful.

Of course it was nice to have a missing companion safe and sound, but…

. . . How many pieces of clothes did a person have to wear to wrap himself in a ball?

Several people slowly showed the same delicate expression.

“Tell me.” Mu Heng’s voice was low and light, “Why did you guys go up the mountain this season.”

The four looked at each other and were speechless for a moment.

Chief Mu is different from those mercenaries. The school year trip or something similar was a lie that could instantly be shot through in front of the other party.

But…did they want to tell the truth?

Wang Li gritted his teeth and fell silent.

Unexpectedly, Mu Heng did not press them for answers.

He beckoned to Wen Yao, “Assign them a tent, provide dinner, and let them rest for the night.”

However, before waiting for the team to breathe a sigh of relief, Mu Heng continued, “Early tomorrow morning, send them down the mountain.”

Wang Li was startled: “But…!”

He raised his head to meet Mu Heng’s gaze, and swallowed the second half of the words stuck in his throat.

Mu Heng retracted his gaze: “Go out.”

No matter how reluctant they were, the four of them could only bow to Mu Heng, and then followed Wen Yao out.

Shi An crept up to keep up, preparing to take the opportunity to sneak out with them.

But before he took a few steps, he felt that the collar of his clothes was being grabbed.

Shi An: “…”

He turned his head, and what caught his eyes was Mu Heng’s calm face and his silver-white eyelashes. He asked coldly,

“What are you doing with them?”

Shi An: “…………”

The figures of Wang Li and the others have disappeared from sight, and only he and Mu Heng were left.

Mu Heng lowered his eyes and looked at Shi An, who hung his head in a guilty conscience, as if he had been caught for doing something wrong.

“Why did you follow them in?” He frowned and looked cold.

Shi An raised his head: “?”


This sentence sounded like the other party felt that he was being tricked over…?

The young man raised his head, his dark eyes were puzzled, and he seemed extraordinarily ignorant and innocent.

Mu Heng’s gaze stopped for a moment on the plush rabbit earmuffs the other party was wearing, and his original question stopped at his mouth.

“Are you feeling better?” he asked.

It took Shi An a few seconds to realize that the other party was talking about his previous hospitalization.

Although he didn’t know why Mu Heng suddenly changed the subject, he still answered obediently, “It’s better.”

Mu Heng glanced up and down at Shi An, and landed on the three layers of the boy’s body, wrapping himself tightly on the padded coat.

Suddenly, he subconsciously remembered that the other day in the hospital, the other party was shivering and holding his arm and not letting go.

Mu Heng: “You’re so susceptible to the cold?”

Shi An nodded honestly.

“Then what are you doing in the mountains this season?” Mu Heng raised his eyebrows, his expression still cold.

Shi An: “…”

If it weren’t for the treasure, he wouldn’t have come to this cold and frozen wasteland!

At this moment, Wen Yao opened the curtain and walked in.

She said, “The students’ living quarters have already been arranged, and the mercenaries who have escaped have also been captured. One of them seems to want to be able to talk you. It seems that he has the information you need.”

Mu Heng nodded and walked out.

After taking two steps, he stopped, took out a palm-sized ball from his pocket, and threw it to Shi An.

Shi An hurriedly caught it.

The ball was heavy in his hand, and even through the thick fleece gloves, he could still feel a constant and steady heat radiating into his palm.

He looked down.

It was a light red sphere, shining brightly in the dark, looking warm and round.

This, this was… a fire gem!

Shi An held the gem in front of him, and his eyes slightly widened.

Legend has it that a precious gem containing the ancient fire element, even a small piece, could radiate heat constantly.

Even in the past, Shi An only had two pieces in his cave, and they were all about the same size as the one in his hand.

Almost instantly, Shi An felt a warm tingling in his frozen fingers.

He blinked, looked up at Mu Heng’s back, and asked hesitantly,

“For me?”

Last time, Shi An thought that the shiny silver bracelet was for him.

But in the end, he found out that it was actually a testing instrument, which disappointed him for a long time.


Mu Heng paused, and said lightly, “Keep it.”

After speaking, he opened the curtain of the tent and walked out.

Wen Yao followed Mu Heng’s side and couldn’t help but turn her head to look behind her.

The curtain of the tent fell, covering the figure of the young man.

After all, she still couldn’t hold back and hesitantly said, “That…sir, isn’t that gem a gift from the governor of this Aiwen area?”

Mu Heng was in a hurry this time, so except for a few trustworthy juniors, he didn’t bring many people. All the materials and equipment were provided by the Aiwen Regional Administration.

Due to Mu Heng’s status, the others naturally tried to please him in every possible way. In addition to the necessary action materials, a lot of rare treasures were given to him by the leaders of the territory to avoid the cold, and this fire gem was one of them.

——Except for this gem, Mu Heng took nothing, and directly returned the other gifts to the original owners.

Mu Heng glanced down at Wen Yao and said lightly:

“I don’t need it.”

What Mu Heng said was the truth.

Contrary to his cold and indifferent appearance, his body temperature had always run high, and he almost never felt the cold. Even though he came to this canyon for a mission, he was only wearing a slender windbreaker.

Wen Yao endured and swallowed the doubts in her heart.


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