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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 32.1

The high canyon tip was hidden in the blizzard, but the dark and steep rock walls were piled with thick snow. The sky was dark and the visibility was extremely low.

The passage below the canyon was slender and rugged, and it was also covered in heavy snow.

The wind shrieked as several people trudged through the snow with difficulty, leaving footprints that were swallowed up in just a few seconds and disappeared into the vast snowy night.

They didn’t use any light sources.

After all, in the frozen valley in the middle of the night, it was not only the low temperature that was dangerous.

Shi An shrank into himself in his thick snow suit, and his whole body was tightly wrapped.

The fluffy rabbit earmuffs on his head didn’t protect his whole face, flushing with cold. The long eyelashes had condensed snow melting on them, and when he blinked, a little half-melted ice drop fell.

It was so cold…too cold…

Shi An’s head felt a little sluggish from the cold. Although the pace under his feet was still moving, it was more like a subconscious mechanical movement, making a regular creaking sound.

At his strong request, everyone had dinner in the hotel.

But the heat stored then was so insignificant that there was nothing left after being dissipated by the severe cold shortly after entering the canyon.

——That elf treasure better be a lot!

Shi An thought fiercely.

At this time, a shadow suddenly passed over the high sky above, and the stinky breath belonging to a monster wafted through the air.

“Prepare to fight.”

Wang Li lowered his upper body cautiously and whispered to the other team members.

A group of bird-like monsters flew low above their heads, the sound of their wings flapping echoed in the empty valley, and their scarlet eyes looked eerily in the darkness.

Everyone became vigilant and pulled out their weapons.

Shi An was frozen into a trance and subconsciously raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the sound.

The sound of flapping wings suddenly became chaotic.

There was a commotion in the group of monsters, and a few monsters chirped. Then, they turned around direction in a panic and flew into the distance as if they were fleeing.

It looked like they were being chased by ghosts.

The people below who were ready to fight: “…”

? ? ?

What happened?

We haven’t even fought yet, why did you run away?

Watching the direction in which the monsters disappeared, Wang Li was silent for a while, then guessed, “Maybe… they saw food elsewhere?”

The other three: “…”

In this windy and snowy day, besides them, where else would there be other better food?

But apart from this, they couldn’t seem to think of any other explanation.

“Let’s go.” Wang Li withdrew his weapon.

At this moment, he felt his cuff suddenly being pulled.

Wang Li was startled and turned his head.

He saw Shi An standing behind him, tugging at the corner of his sleeve with a hand with thick fluffy gloves. The tip of his nose was frozen red, his skin became more and more white, and his eyes were dark.

He sniffed and asked pitifully, “Um, can we light a torch?”

Looking at the hopeful young boy in front of him, Wang Li couldn’t help but soften.

But he still sighed, shook his head, and said, “It’s too dangerous to light a torch in the canyon at night, it makes us a living target. We’re not only guarding against monster attacks.”

Shi An lowered his eyes in disappointment.

Wang Li couldn’t bear his pitiful slumped shoulders and comforted,

“Don’t worry, the journey is not far. At our speed, it should take at most six hours.”

Shi An raised his head with hope: “How much longer will it take?”

Wang Li: “…Five and a half hours.”

“…” Shi An’s eyes darkened instantly.

What? We have only been walking for half an hour? !

The demon insect was hidden in Shi An’s sleeve, and was also shivering with cold. It encouraged Shi An, “Sir, come on! You can do it!”

Shi An replied angrily, “It’s easy for you to say, I also want to be smaller and carried around in my sleeves!”

Aware of Shi An’s grievances, the insect dared not speak.

It sighed and shrank itself against Shi An’s jacket. Who would have thought that Shi An’s body temperature would be so low? It was still cold even when hidden in the sleeves!

For the first time, the insect actually envied the black smoke left behind at home.

Shi An reluctantly followed Wang Li’s footsteps and asked,

“Then, if I encounter monsters, what if I set them on fire? That shouldn’t matter, right?”

…Why was this description so strange?

Wang Li thought for a while and said, “There’s no other way. After all, our lives are more important than our whereabouts. If that happens, we will naturally use all means to ensure our survival.”

Shi An raised his eyes in regret and looked in the direction where the group of bird monsters disappeared just now.

… Ao angry! !

Live firewood! Just ran away!

In the next part of the journey, Shi An held his breath a lot, hoping to meet a few monsters who didn’t sense.

However, for some unknown reason, for the next two full hours, not a single shadow of a monster was seen.

Shi An followed listlessly at the end of the team, and he had already started a losing fight against his eyelids.

Affected by the habits cold-blooded animals, Shi An was prone to drowsiness when he was cold.

Little by little, his head bobbed subconsciously.

Ah… I really want to hibernate.

Now, his only driving force was the legendary elf treasure.


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