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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 30.3 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 30.3

The man was wearing a long, jet-black coat. He was tall, with a strong and straight back. The most eye-catching thing was his long silver-white hair like a waterfall.

Wang Li was startled and subconsciously stopped his footsteps.

Impossible… was he really the one?

How could Chief Mu Heng appear here?

At this moment, Wang Li suddenly remembered the scene where Mu Heng and Shi An had a whispered conversation at the entrance ceremony that day.

Did the two of them actually know each other privately?

Thinking of this, Wang Li stepped up and stepped forward, saying, “Chief Mu!”

The man walking in front stopped and turned sideways.

The deep eyebrows were hidden in the blend of light and shadow, and a pair of silver-blue icy eyes lowered slightly, looking towards him.

A kind of invisible pressure poured head-on in an instant.

Wang Li subconsciously held his breath and said in a cautious and respectful manner, “Hello, may I ask… Are you here to find Shi An?”

Mu Heng: “Yes.”

His voice was deep, with a bit of cold sharpness in his magnetic tone.

He sounded a little familiar?

Wait… wasn’t that the sound of the caller just now!

Just as Wang Li was shaking his head, Mu Heng continued to ask, “What happened?”

Wang Li came back to his senses immediately.

He glanced at the closed door of the ward not far away. Wang Li felt that he was not a very nosy person, but…

For some reason, Shi An’s slender figure and his previous conjectures all appeared in his mind.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just an improper diet.” Wang Li said respectfully, “Speaking of this incident, I was careless for a while—”

He sighed, “I just really didn’t expect that, as the son of the Shi’s, he had never tasted ice cream.”

Although there was still not much change on Mu Heng’s face, his brows were slightly furrowed.

Wang Li knew that there were some things that were better left unsaid.

He said, “Since you are here, I won’t bother you.”

Mu Heng: “Hm.”

Wang Li gave him a salute, then turned and left the hospital.

Mu Heng fixedly glanced at the place where Wang Li disappeared, then withdrew his gaze, turned, and walked into Shi An’s room.

The door was pushed open silently, and Mu Heng stepped in.

The room was very quiet, everything that could be seen was pale, and the air was filled with the tingly, sharp smell of disinfectant.

After taking the medicine, Shi An had fallen into a deep sleep.

Half of his face was buried in the soft pillow, and his soft, short hair was spread out on the pillow, revealing a clear jawline.

Even when he was asleep, the other party curled up subconsciously, a small ball under the quilt.

It was a very insecure sleeping position.

This reminded Mu Heng of what the person he met outside the room just now said. His blue eyes darkened slightly, like the distant sky before the storm.

Seemingly feeling the gaze, Shi An moved under the sheet and tightened again.

The neckline and quilt spread out with the movement, and a small half of the neck and the clavicle that was deeply sunk due to the sleeping position were particularly eye-catching.

After a few seconds, Mu Heng realized where he was looking.

He frowned, looked away, reached out, and grabbed Shi An’s quilt to pull it up until it reached the other’s chin.

After the dazzling white skin was covered, Mu Heng’s brows loosened slightly.

But the next second, the boy on the bed let out a soft, vague grunt, frowned unconsciously, then turned over, reaching out and hugging the thing that had disturbed his sleep in his arms.

Mu Heng froze all over.

Although he was wearing gloves, the skin of his wrist was inevitably touched, and an instinctive sense of resistance rose in the bottom of his heart.

However, before he could immediately pull his hand out, Mu Heng suddenly discovered—

Perhaps it was because of the cold, Shi An seemed to be trembling.

Mu Heng’s movements couldn’t help but pause.

He maintained his awkward posture and looked down.

Under the effect of the medicine, Shi An did not open his eyes. His long eyelashes drooped, casting a deep shadow on his pale face.

He seemed to be sleeping peacefully, but his brows were wrinkled.

As a cold-blooded animal, and a cold-blooded animal who ate eight cups of chocolate parfait and caught a cold, Shi An pulled his body into a tight ball to preserve heat, shivered, and instinctively approached the warm source.

Even through layers of cloth, the temperature radiatig from the human body was still so clearly warm and hot.

Shi An tightened his grip to prevent the heat source from escaping.

In the drowsiness, Shi An dreamed of a dry, spacious nest, full of treasures, dark and warm eggshells.

He pressed his forehead against it and rubbed it dazedly.

In his embrace, the muscles on his arms seemed to suddenly tighten.

While half asleep, Shi An seemed to realize that something was off. With difficulty and drowsiness, he propped his heavy, lead-like eyelids and looked at the blurry, shaking scene.

A dazzling silver light glowed brilliantly against the dim background.

“…Parfait.” Shi An mumbled in his sleep.

And shiny.

He snuggled up contentedly and then fell back into sleep again.


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