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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 24.1 Bahasa Indonesia

It was a dragon! There was a fucking dragon! AHHHHHH! (1)

A hoarse laughter came from the thick black fog, “Naturally—”

Suddenly, it suddenly realized something, and the voice suddenly stopped, “Wait, can you understand me?”

Shi An smiled and replied in the same language:

“Who else?”

His voice had a peculiar rhythm, the articulation was clear, as if he were singing some kind of long-forgotten song.

The black fog paled in shock.

This was impossible!

The language it spoke in was so ancient that it did not believe an ordinary human being could understand it.

After carefully looking at the human being in front of him for a few seconds, the black fog couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s you?”

Shi An looked slightly doubtful.

“You know me?”

The black fog fell into a deep shock.

The reason it can recognize this human was because… he did a deal with this human.

And now that the transaction had been successful, how could he appear in front of him in such a vigorous manner again?

Shi An showed a thoughtful look, “No, it should be the other one.”

The other one? What did that mean?

Why didn’t it understand?

An overwhelming sense of unease struck the black fog, as if something were beyond its control.

Under the stimulation of fear, the black fog decided to cut through the mess with a quick knife, strangling the threat in the cradle——

Although the other party could understand his own language, the smell on his body was just like a human, with a warm body temperature, flesh, and bones, and since it is flesh and blood, it could definitely become his own food!

“No matter what you say, just die!”

Its voice was cold and evil, echoing in the space like an ice blade.

The amount of turbulent dark smoke in the room suddenly skyrocketed!

All the light was swallowed up in an instant, leaving only the endless darkness, like a slowly rotating vortex, with a strong pulling force that confused people.

The whole room seemed to fall into another dimension in an instant, dominated by an invisible huge force.

Low whispers sounded from all directions, quietly approaching the boy in the dark center.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Fall into eternal slumber, fall into boundless dreams…

Against the backdrop of the huge smoke around him, the human boy looked extremely fragile and small.

As the sound continued, he lowered his head little by little and sat silently in the middle of the darkness, as if he had been successfully captured by a deadly trap.

The black fog breathed a sigh of relief.

It worked.

Although there was no deal and it was impossible to eat the soul of the other party, but he thought it was not bad to change his taste occasionally and eat some bloody food.

A huge mouth opened silently in the smoke, and his throat was like a dark abyss, rushing towards the boy.

In the next second, the black fog felt that he was being strangled by his throat.

It was caught off guard and squeaked miserably.

? ? ?

What happened?

The black fog looked down in horror.

It saw that the finger joints belonging to humans were slender and fair-skinned, and at this moment, they were tightly pinching the position below its mouth.

When did he-?

The young man in front of him raised his dark eyes, and a scorching scarlet fire speckled with gold flashed in the depths of his eyes.

He thought about it and asked,

“This is it?”

The black fog: “…”

Angered by the contempt in the other party’s tone, the black fog let out an angry bellow.

It tried to fight back, but for some reason, its body seemed to be fixed by some extremely powerful force and could no longer move.

Shi An laughed softly.

Immediately afterwards, the black fog felt as if the body he was holding was being burned by flames, and the burning sensation imprinted in the depths of his soul made it uncontrollably scream:

“It’s hot! It’s hot! I’m going to die of these burns!”

With its screams, the darkness surrounding it was instantly diluted and shrunk, slowly revealing the original appearance of the room.

“So you look like this.” Shi An smirked.

The black fog was still trying to struggle, and it shouted fiercely: “You better let me go, or else I’ll—”

Shi An interrupted it, “You should be a soul-type monster, right?”

The black fog was startled.

How could a human who was only eighteen or nineteen know about soul-type monsters?

They had been extinct on the mainland for tens of thousands of years!

Shi An tilted his head, “Then, how about you take a closer look at me?”

The same strange ominous feeling originated in the depths of the black fog’s soul.

The black fog controlled his instinct to retreat, opened his spiritual eyes in fear, and looked at the human in front of him——

The black fog: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

It, it saw…

Those red vertical pupils flecked with gold, the huge and terrifying figure, the breath like hell fire——

It was a dragon! There was a fucking dragon! AHHHHHH!



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