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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 23.3 Bahasa Indonesia

In Fact, There Was Nothing Wrong with Stealing a Human (3)

“Okay, I understand.” Mu Heng nodded calmly.

Shi An said, “Then I’ll be leaving.”

He took a few steps, but when he turned his head, he found that Mu Heng was still following behind him: “…”

Shi An couldn’t help but say, “I really don’t want to.”

Mu Heng: “Mm.”

He was still indifferent and aloof, as if he didn’t mind Shi An’s ruthless rejection just now.

…but there seemed to be something strange.

Shi An was speechless.

He was not the type to be very articulate, and he was not good at dealing with complex humans. In the face of humans who went their own way, Shi An could only be in a fluster.

At this moment, the Shi family’s father and son, who had been observing this side from a distance, greeted him.

Shi Zechun asked, “Are you finished with the dog?”

Mu Heng nodded naturally.

“For now.”

Shi An: “…”

What did he mean for now!

He knew that this human did not take his rejection to heart just now!

Shi Zechun asked cautiously, “Since this is the case, do you have time to come to our humble house for a light meal?”

When asking this question, Shi Zechun did not expect Mu Heng to agree at all.

After all, it was Mu Heng!

Apart from missions, he never participated in any communication. Even the most powerful and prestigious family would not dare invite him. This time, it was shocking that he agreed to the invitation of the Ability Academy. Out of the parents who attended the ceremony, who knew how many were trying to build a relationship with Mu Heng. With the status of the Shi family, it was impossible to successfully invite him…

“Okay.” Mu Heng replied.

Shi Zechun: …?

Wait, he agreed? Was he for real?

Shi An was sitting in the back seat, listening to the sound of Shi Zechun’s excitement in front of him.

The other party was calling the house at the moment, and it seemed that he was instructing the chefs and servants to prepare a dinner party of the highest standard.

Mu Heng had his own car, so he didn’t go with them.

He just said that he was going to deal with some chores next, and he would see them in the evening.

Shi Rui, who was sitting in the back seat with Shi An, had an unmistakable friendly smile on his face, and asked Shi An without a trace, “Older Brother, I think you have a good relationship with Chief Mu?”

Shi An glanced at him indifferently.

Giant dragons were a race of vengeance, especially against those dirty manipulators.

Although it was difficult to get rid of him because the other party is too close to him, this did not prevent Shi An from treating him harshly.

What’s more, he was still in a bad mood.

Shi An said coldly, “Who is your older brother?”

Shi Rui didn’t expect that the other party would be so disrespectful. The smile on his face froze involuntarily.

“I didn’t mean that…”

Shi An: “It’s none of your business who I have a good relationship with.”

Shi Rui’s expression couldn’t hold back anymore.

No, Shi An’s attitude towards him was not so bad before, could it be that…

Impossible, there was absolutely no trace of his machinations.

He didn’t dare to talk to Shi An again.

He made up his mind secretly to go talk to Duan Hua again.

After no one disturbed him, Shi An fell back into the listless state he had been in just now.

The insect secretly encouraged him in his sleeve.

“Sir, it doesn’t matter, you did a good job! As long as you don’t agree, I believe that Mu Heng can’t force you to help!”

Shi An replied lazily.


Although it was said…

But he didn’t know why, he just had a feeling.

That shiny human being didn’t seem to be the type to give up so easily.

When the car reached the Shi property, Shi Zechun’s attitude towards Shi An was obviously several grades better than before—it was almost considered pleasant.

“I just asked the servants to pack up your previous room, and you will move in later. Come back and live in the main house, I have to prepare downstairs, you can go upstairs first to familiarize yourself with the environment.”

Shi An: “Moving here?

He didn’t think about it, and refused.

“I don’t want to.”

Shi Zechun’s smile froze, but he didn’t get angry immediately.

“What nonsense, you are also a member of our Shi family anyway, and now you should also go back to the main house. I was too busy a while ago and forgot to make arrangements. .”

Before Shi An had time to speak, Shi Zechun took the lead.

“Okay, I’m going to make some more arrangements.”

He beckoned to Shi Rui.

“Take your brother to his room.”

After speaking, Shi Zechun hurriedly turned and left.

Shi An: “…”

Hey, I want to go back to sleep with the treasure.

Shi Rui did not call Shi An his brother this time.

“Come on, Shi An, I’ll take you to the second floor.”

Shi An lowered his head and followed slowly.

After bringing the other party to the room, Shi Rui didn’t dare to do any more unnecessary things, but just left.

Shi An turned around and looked at the room in front of him.

The lights were not turned on, and an almost chaotic darkness enveloped the empty room. The bed was neat, the flat sheets were wrinkle-free, and there was a thin layer of dust on the table. Everything looked like it had been forgotten in time.

There was a picture on the wall. It depicted someone who looked like Shi An in the past.

There was dust all over the place and it looked like it wasn’t tidy.

Obviously, the servant was not very concerned about the eldest young master who had returned to his room.

But Shi An didn’t mind either.

After all, he wasn’t going to really live back here.

Shi An threw himself on the bed and buried himself face down.


A muffled cry of pain came from the pillow.

Shi An raised his head aggrievedly, and groped under the sheet pressed under him.

“It’s so weird.”

After a few seconds, he took out a small box that looked very old and decrepit.

It was only the size of a palm, and it looked inconspicuous, but there was a hidden trace of magic power on it, which did not seem to be a common product.


Shi An sat up straight and stared curiously at the thing that was hidden by the human who used to live here.

What was this?

He tugged at the lid of the box, but the lid was so fastened that it didn’t move at all.

Shi An frowned impatiently.

A layer of hard scales suddenly coated his fingertips, flashing a sharp cold light in the dimly lit room.


Shi An’s fingertips violently smashed the lid of the box.

Immediately afterwards, a puff of dark smoke gushed out, engulfing the entire room in the blink of an eye.

A sinister, low voice sounded from all directions, saying in the ancient language, “Here again, fresh food—”


The boy raised a pair of dark eyes and pinpointed the opponent’s position in the darkness.

He smiled very novelly.

“Talking to me?”


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