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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 20.1 Bahasa Indonesia

As if A God Descended (1)

“You haven’t?!”

Zhuo Fu’s voice raised an octave, and he looked at Mu Heng in disbelief.

“How is that possible? Did you give him your number?”

Mu Heng glanced coldly at Zhuo Fu.

He was silent for a few seconds but still reluctantly replied, “Yes.”

Zhuo Fu suddenly realized something and asked, “Tell me, how did you give it?”

“Wen Yao sent to the hospital and asked the front desk to help convey it to him.” Mu Heng said.

Zhuo Fu: “…”

He took a slow deep breath and massaged his temples.

Mu Heng’s eyebrows creased imperceptibly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you tell Wen Yao to put down her name?”

This time, Mu Heng was silent for a longer time.


“On a blank piece of paper, there is nothing but a phone number. It doesn’t say from who or to who or why. Who would call this number?”

Zhuo Fu continued to massage his aching forehead and said sadly, “It seems more like a scam or a prank than a legitimate government summons.”

Mu Heng: “…”

“He’s probably already forgotten all about that note, so now you can only directly call him.”

Saying that, Zhuo Fu pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a series of numbers on it, murmuring “Well, this is the internal line of the hospital. After calling it, you can transfer the call to Shi An’s ward.”

Mu Heng pinched a corner of the note to examine it. His eyebrows quirked, again imperceptibly.

“Internal line? How do you know this?”

Zhuo Fu pat the back of his own head and smirked frivolously.

“I dated the nurse there for a few weeks.”

Mu Heng: “…”

Zhuo Fu coughed delicately and suddenly became serious.

“You know, according to our current information, Shi An may be the only human who has had close contact with the fantasy species. He may help us study the habits of dragons and even track their whereabouts. Now, the fantasy species is in this world. This kind of thing must be kept strictly confidential, so we cannot ask for his cooperation in the name of the authority. It has to be a personal favor.

But it should be fine!”

Zhuo Fu returned to his charming playboy persona and winked at Mu Heng.

“Anyway, aren’t you still someone’s lifesaver as the saying goes, a life-saving grace can’t be repaid, so you should—”

Mu Heng expressionlessly raised his head a quarter inch.

Beneath the silver-white eyelashes, his cold gaze was like the edge of a sharpened blade, piercing through Zhuo Fu with a murderous aura.

Zhuo Fu skillfully dropped his train of thought.

He coughed dryly and excused himself to slip away: “Well, I still have things to do in my research lab, so I’ll be going.

—Don’t forget to get in touch!”

Zhuo Fu’s voice diminished in volume the farther he got.

Mu Heng’s office door closed.

Without Zhuo Fu’s chattering, the office became extremely quiet.

Mu Heng lowered his eyes, and his gaze fell on the note. There was a rare line of hesitation between his brows.

He frowned slightly and lightly tapped the table with his fingertips, a habit he still hadn’t been able to break himself of.

Even though it had been proven many times that Shi An himself was fine, but…

He didn’t know why every time he thought about that person, Mu Heng had an indescribable feeling of doubt and irritability.

In other words, a vague sense of loss of control.

Very troublesome.

And Mu Heng didn’t like trouble.

Rustle, rustle.

After a few seconds of silence.


The insect was awakened again by the movement of Shi An turning over, and it couldn’t bear it any longer:

“I beg of you, My Liege, why are you still not sleeping?”

Shi An stopped.

He whispered aggrievedly, “I can’t sleep.”

This was the first time in his life that he felt insomnia.

Although his injury was not deep, the wound area was not small, and it was in the critical recovery period. The wound was strangely itchy. It was fine during the day but became unbearable at night.

Under the protection of his scales, Shi An had never been hurt before, let alone suffered such a travesty.

Shi An couldn’t help but want to reach out and scratch, but he was too afraid of the pain. The more he resisted scratching, the more he wanted to, so the more he couldn’t sleep.

The insect sighed wearily, planted itself on Shi An’s pillow with its six legs facing the sky, and let itself go.

If it went on like this, it would grow dark circles under its eyes.

The insect turned its head and looked at Lin Yanming on the next bed.

Although Shi An tossed and turned and rustled around every night, the other party didn’t seem to hear it and slept soundly, like a dead pig.

The insect never imagined that one day it would be so envious of a human being.

Shi An said sadly, “I want to sleep too.”

Insect: “…”

Shi An buried his face in the soft pillow and said in a muffled voice, “I miss my old bed so much.”

“The bottom layer was gold, at least five hundred tons of it, enough to cover the entire cave.

Further up, there were pearls, amber, diamonds, all kinds of handicrafts of various species, glamorous and shiny. I could bury myself deep inside the piles of treasure and roll around…

And then a layer of silver ornaments…

Further up was-”

The insect’s face was full of suffering.

I beg of you, stop whining.

Finally, as if it had finally made up its mind, it took a deep breath and said, “Alright!”

The insect turned over and said solemnly, “I was going to tell you after you recovered, but now it seems that it is impossible not to tell you.”

After all, I’m going to be bored to death if I don’t do something.


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