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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 18.3 Bahasa Indonesia

“Er, it was the Chief who carried you outside…” (3)

However, in the third round of true combat, there was a completely unexpected situation. The abyss rift interfered with the test proctoring, and all the students were trapped in the true combat arena.

Of course, during this period of time, there must have been conflict, and some students’ points must have increased.

But no one’s points had increased as outrageously as Shi An’s!

He went directly from 0 points in last place to 130,000 points in first place! !

How the fuck was this possible? !

All the proctors guessed that there must have been a problem with the student’s wristband, but when they carefully asked Mu Heng if he saw the other party’s wristband when he brought Shi An out of the danger zone, they got the other party’s understated reply:

“Yes, my foot broke it.”

Everyone: “…”

This was fucking awkward.

If the freshmen were ranked according to the points before the abyss rift appeared, it was very unfair to the students whose points rose when they were trapped, but if the ranking were based on the current points…

Thinking of Shi An’s 130,000 points, all of the proctors felt faint.

Looking at the score sheet in front of them and then looking at each other, they saw the same headache and pain in each other’s faces.

Fuck, was this a test for the students or test for them?!

Due to the particularity of the school, the Ability Academy was very advanced in terms of medical treatment. Other schools may only have a simple infirmary, but the Ability Academy built a hospital on the campus.

Although he fell from a very high place, some of his scales that hadn’t yet faded away protected him. Shi An only had flesh wounds, which healed quickly due to the combination of magic and technology, but the doctors were worried about the poisonous mist. Because of the follow-up effects, they decided to keep him under observation for a few days.

Shi An had no opinion on this.

After all, no matter where he was, he happily ate snacks and played video games.

Lin Yanming couldn’t stand it any longer, so he forcibly confiscated his game console.

“If you stay like this and play games every day, your eyes will be damaged, and even if the damage doesn’t show up now, the root of the disease will remain.”

Lin Yanming nagged and looked at Shi An with a strangely motherly expression on his face, “At least go out for a walk, be active, bask in the sun.”

Shi An eagerly looked at the game console in the his hand.

“I don’t wanna……”

Lin Yanming resolutely said, “No! You have to go out for half an hour, and I will return the game console to you when you come back!”

Shi An reluctantly walked out of the ward.

He strolled downstairs slowly, but when he passed the front desk, he was suddenly stopped by the nurse behind the stage.

“Hey, are you Shi An?”

Shi An nodded.

The nurse rummaged on her desk for a while, then handed a card to Shi An:

“The management bureau entrusted it to you.”

She tapped the phone number on it, continuing, “They told me to pass it on to you and tell you to call this number as soon as you recover.”

Shi An was a little confused and asked, “Who gave it to you?”

The nurse thought for a while and said, “A brown-skinned girl, I heard someone call her Leader Wen. Very good-looking and neat, she looks like a very important person in the Administration. Her style is super cool. “

Shi An thought for a while and found this person’s information in the corner of his mind.

Wen Yao.

In the villa that day, she was the one who took him out, wrapped him in a blanket, and handed him warm milk.

Shi An had a good impression of her.

He smiled at the nurse and said, “Thank you.”

The nurse looked at the young man’s retreating back with kindness in his eyes——

This child was good-looking and well behaved… he was too likable.

Shi An looked down at the piece of paper in his hand.

There was only a string of numbers on it.

Just as he was thinking about it, a hysterical scream came from one of the wards not far away.

“Shi An! It must be him! Himmm!”

Hearing someone inexplicably calling his name, Shi An looked in the direction of the voice.

He saw two doctors standing at the door of the ward, frowning and talking carefully:

“He’s still shouting?”


“Has the cause been found?”

“No, he kept shouting that he’s burning up, but we did a very careful inspection, and all his vitals were fine.”

“Then what’s the matter?”

“It may be caused by some stimulus. After all, the previous incident will probably leave a psychological shadow.”

“Let’s observe him for a few more days. If there’s no improvement, we should turn him over to the psychiatry department…”

Shi An felt the voice was a little familiar.

He took a few steps forward and peeked into the ward.

He saw Duan Hua tightly bound to the hospital bed. His pupils were dilating, his hair was matty, and his expression was haggard and crazy. He shouted hysterically, “Devil! He is a devil!”

The devil himself stood in the doorway, trying to recall who this patient was. He suddenly realized.

Oh ya…

It’s you, I almost forgot about you!


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